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  1. During the initial airborne landings on D-Day, paratrooper John Steele got stuck on a church tower. He played dead for two hours dangling on the side of the church, was later captured and promptly escaped, fought for the entire day and was awarded the Bronze Star and the Purple Heart.

  2. Barbie's original design was based on a German cartoon character named Lilli who was a saucy high-end escort. Lilli dolls were marketed to men who gave them as a gag gift at bachelor parties, dangled them from the rearview mirror, or gave them to girlfriends as a suggestive keepsake.

  3. A man attempted to board a cruise ship by bungee jumping off a bridge as it sailed below. He miscalculated the speed and suffered minor head injuries when he bounced off the ship’s tennis court, volleyball net and a deck railing before being left dangling in mid-air as the ship sailed away.

  4. Newborn babies can support their own weight for up to two minutes when hanging from a bar. This was discovered by a man named Dr Robinson in the late 1800's, when he made 60 babies dangle from a walking-stick.

  5. In 1972, Col. John Ripley under intense unrelenting enemy fire, dangled for 3 hours under the Dong Ha bridge in order to attach 500 pounds of explosives to the span, ultimately obliterating it. His action, under enemy fire, thwarted an onslaught by 20,000 troops

  6. Herons are excellent flyers that can reach the speed of 30 miles per hour. During the flight, their neck is curled in S-shape, while legs dangle behind the body.

  7. The little dangling pieces of skin on the underside of your tongue serve no purpose whatsoever.

  8. As Adele was shooting the music video for her song "Hello", she had such a hard time looking into the camera. The camera guy then dangled a cute stuffed toy above the lens so she could not help but look at it.

  9. The mouth also contains a couple of other objects, such as the uvula (the dangling thing at the back of your throat), the tongue, the tonsils (look like little pillars holding up the back of the throat, by the uvula), and the palate (the roof of the mouth).

  10. Time magazine did not praise Hitler by naming him man of the year in 1938. Time's cover shows Hitler as an organist playing an "hymn of hatred" while his victim's bodies dangle from the organ.

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Front dorsal fin of spotted handfish is modified into long filament (called illicium) with worm-like, fleshy structure (called esca) which dangles above mouth. Spotted handfish uses esca to lure the prey. When prey approaches close enough, spotted handfish swallows it in a blink of an eye.

In the process of mating, male anglerfish fuse to the females, losing eyes and internal organs. They basically become a lump of flesh dangling off the belly of the female, providing sperm in exchange for food.

The legend of Pope Joan, a woman who became pope. New popes were subjected to an examination whereby, having sat on a chair containing a hole, a cardinal had to reach up and establish that the new pope had testicles, before announcing "He has two, and they dangle nicely"

Leka Zogu, son of King Zog of Albania escaped a kidnapping in Gabon by dangling himself out of a plane with a bazooka in hand

The Maya found crossed eyes attractive and dangled objects over the eyes of babies to achieve the look

Clint Eastwood actually dangled from a mountain on the end of a cable making the film The Eiger Sanction - He snuck into a preview and overeard the woman in front of him say to her friend, 'Gee, I wonder how they did that?' and her friend said, 'Special effects.'

There was a trend in 1930s London to dangle babies in “baby cages” outside of windows. The idea was that babies would be “purified” by the fresh air, and the fact that many families lived in cramped apartments in cities meant they were saving space by putting them outside

Leopard slugs mate by hanging together from a mucus thread and dangling their hermaphroditic penises, which intertwine into several different complex shapes while exchanging semen.

Suge Knight (Death Row Records, Straight Outta Compton) made his first big pay day off Robert Van Winkle's (aka Vanilla Ice) "Ice Ice Baby" by dangling him off a hotel balcony threatening to drop him unless he signed over the songs royalties.

Actor Thomas Lennon (played Lt. Jim Dangle on Reno 911!) is a successful film writer. Movies written by Lennon and partner Ben Garant have earned over $1.4B at the worldwide box office and include the Night At The Museum films

"Roy, come and get this goddamn cat" was the first in-flight radio transmission. In the end, the cat found itself stuck on the ship after a failed retrieval attempt in a canvas bag dangling from a rope.

Contrary to popular belief, piranhas aren't that aggressive and don't attack humans without provocation. To prove this, a fish expert once entered the pool full of piranhas carrying a piece of meat dangling from a fishhook. Piranhas immediately attacked the meat, but didn't bother the man.

Zeppelin's were a stealth platform, flying above the clouds while dangling a 'spy basket' below the cloud layer. It was not the safest of jobs.

The people who work on skyscraper antennas often free climb to the top, while a 30 bag of tools is attached to their body dangling below them.

In Australia, there are several “crocodile jumping” tours. Guides dangle steak on the end of sticks and entice the crocodiles to jump several feet in the air to get their grub. They even snatch sea eagles out of the air.

The Great Antonio, a strongman whose feats included lifting a telephone pole, off of which a dozen men dangled, and who pulled trains, and multiple busses filled with people -- often with his own hair.

About Movie 43, where Hugh Jackman plays a single man who has testicles dangling from his neck,

The ‘Gong farmer.’ It was the their job to remove human waste from a pit underneath a castle. The Gong farmer was dangled from a rope tied around his waist, while he emptied deep pits filled with human excrement.

The disgusting orange tentacle monsters dangling from juniper trees are rust galls, a fungal parasite whose life cycle takes them back and forth over the seasons between cedar or juniper and apple or hawthorn trees.

Adult opossums do not hang from trees by their tails, as sometimes depicted, though babies may dangle temporarily.

Thomas Jefferson designed a clock with weights dangling from it that would indicate what day of the week it is.

When Apple Computer debuted in 1976, co-founder Ronald Wayne designed the first logo, which resembled a Jethro Tull album cover—a woodcut of Sir Isaac Newton, with an apple dangling over his head and the tagline: “A mind forever voyaging through strange seas of thought…alone.”

"Sulphur Cave's ceiling is dotted with snottites, dangling blobs that look like thick mucus and drip sulfuric acid strong enough to burn holes through T-shirts. And the whole place is covered in slime."

Sean Penn dangled a photographer over a nine-story building, was charged with attempted murder, broke out of jail, and then escaped on a jetfoil to Hong Kong

This man was left dangling in his car after the Tasman Bridge collapsed