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  1. In 2014, an 89 year old WW2 veteran, Bernard Shaw went missing from his nursing home. It turned out that he went to Normandy for the 70th anniversary of D-Day landings against the nursing home's orders. He left the home wearing a grey mack concealing the war medals on his jacket.

  2. Christopher Columbus, when he heard that one of his men had sighted land in the Americas (earning a lifetime pension for it), claimed that he had seen it the day before but simply not bothered to mention it, and was given the pension instead.

  3. Despite having a heart condition and arthritis that forced him to use a cane, Theodore Roosevelt Jr. led the first wave of landings at Utah Beach on D-Day, becoming the only general to land with his soldiers that day.

  4. Sarah Rector who in 1913 at age 10 was known as "Richest Colored Girl in the world". After being given a land grant that unknowingly produced 2,500 barrels of oil a day. Soon she received a daily revenue of $300 (approx $2.6 million annually today) and marriage offers worldwide at age 12

  5. During the initial airborne landings on D-Day, paratrooper John Steele got stuck on a church tower. He played dead for two hours dangling on the side of the church, was later captured and promptly escaped, fought for the entire day and was awarded the Bronze Star and the Purple Heart.

  6. Whilst filming the movie Entebbe, about a plane being hijacked, a plane was hijacked and landed at the airport on the day of the filming. They then filmed the real hostages being released and edited it into the movie. The producer called it a "blessing from the sky on a day of bad acting."

  7. The 1,213 warships involved in D-Day, only 200 were American and 892 were British; of the 4,126 landing craft involved, 805 were American and 3,261 were British

  8. Juan García, deliberately became a double agent against the Nazi's during WWII. He was so good he was awarded medals by both sides in the war. He convinced the Nazi's the D-Day landing was a diversion for an attack in Pas de Calais, so they kept large forces there before and after the invasion.

  9. Theodore Roosevelt Jr was the only general to land on the beaches during D-Day. Although he was the oldest man on the beach and walked with a cane, he was the first man out of his landing craft. He recited poetry and joked with his men to keep them calm. He was awarded the Medal of Honor.

  10. East China Sea parts every year and exposes a narrow 2.9km long strip of land allowing thousands of people to cross from Jindo island to Modo island of Korea. This land is exposed about an hour each day for approximately 4 days every year.

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On April Fools Day in 1989, billionaire Richard Branson designed a hot air balloon to look like a UFO, and hired a dwarf in an E.T. costume to come out and scare whoever was near it when it landed.

On April Fools Day in 1989, billionaire Richard Branson designed a hot air balloon to look like a UFO, and hired a dwarf in an E.T. costume to come out and scare whoever was near it when it landed.

In 2009, a hard ground ball hit Adrián Beltré in the crotch which landed him on the 15-day disabled list. In his first game back from the DL, teammate Ken Griffey Jr. conspired with those responsible for the PA system to have Beltré's at-bat intro music be the waltz from The Nutcracker Suite

On September 11 2001, Delta flight 15 had to land near Lewisporte, Newfoundland (pop. 4000). The town took care of 800 passengers for 3 days with homemade food, toiletries and fresh blankets daily. Since then, Flight 15 Fund has raised 1.5 million dollars and has presented 134 scholarships.

When the D-Day forces landed, Hitler was asleep. None of his generals dared send re-enforcements without his permission, and no-one dared wake him.

Theodore Roosevelt Jr., the son of the famous president, was the only General to land in the first wave of the D-Day landings, despite having a heart condition that forced him to walk with a cane. He succumbed to a heart attack a month later, and was awarded a posthumous Medal of Honor.

The BBC ran a contest asking vacationers for pictures of French beaches prior to D-Day to help gather intelligence and determine whether the beach was suitable for an amphibious landing.

When ships pass through Point Nemo in the Pacific Ocean, the nearest land mass is 1677 (2,700 kms) miles away. This means that at certain times of the day, the nearest humans are on the international space station (ISS) 258 miles (416 kms) up.

H. L. Mencken when writing about the US Presidency predicted that "On some great and glorious day the plain folks of the land will reach their heart's desire at last, and the White House will be adorned by a downright moron."

In 1980 the Supreme Court awarded the Sioux tribe 106 million dollars as compensation for land that was taken from them. The Sioux refused to accept the payment, and the money remains in the US Treasury to this day, accruing interest.

On 9/11, passengers of Delta 15 were forced to land in Gander, Canada, where they stayed for more than 2 days. In appreciation of the hospitality shown by the locals, passengers created a scholarship fund for students of Gander.

The D-day landing scene in Saving Private Ryan was so violent the film should have received an NC-17 rating, however received an R rating due to the "masterpiece exception."

Sarah Rector, a young black girl, became a millionaire at the age of 11 in 1913 when the land she had been deeded under the Dawes Allotment Act produced a ‘gusher’ that brought in 2500 barrels of oil a day

During the second northern war, a historically cold winter froze the water in between Sweden and Denmark. Denmark assumed Sweden would wait for spring to attack. Instead, the Swedes marched their army across the frozen ocean and crushed them, taking a lot of land that they still own to this day

The Navajo weren't the only American code talkers during World War II. 14 Comanche code talkers landed on Normandy on D-Day. Their coded name for "Adolf Hitler" was "crazy white man."

4% of the sand on Normandy beaches are still made up of metal particles from D-Day landings

The Vikings were the first Europeans in North America landing in modern-day Newfoundland in Canada, beating Christopher Columbus by 500 years.

At age 77, Aaron Burr married a wealthy widow. Soon after, she realized her fortune was dwindling due to Burr's land speculation losses, so she separated from Burr. For her divorce lawyer, she chose Alexander Hamilton Jr. The divorce was completed on the day of Burr's death.

On the morning of D-Day, J.D. Salinger landed on Omaha Beach with six chapters of his unfinished novel Catcher in the Rye in his backpack.

Within 10 minutes of Allies landing on Omaha beach D-Day 1944,every Officer of the first wave Alpha Company had been killed. 30 minutes later the entire first wave Alpha company had a 96% casualty rate

Hitler did not learn of the allied D-day landings as they happened but only until he woke up at noon the next day. His staff did not dare wake him up because he had been up til 3am chatting with friends at his residence.

The day after German WW1 ace Oswald Boelcke died from a crash landing following a midair collision, British pilots dropped a wreath at his airbase which read: "To the memory of Captain Boelcke, a brave and chivalrous foe."

Paricutín. A volcano that emerged suddenly on 1943 from a farmer's land in a matter of day. Now peaking at 9200ft, it's still the first ever volcano whose birth has been witnessed by human eyes.

Louis Zamperini was an olympic athlete, and a bombardier in the US Air Corps. He survived two crash landings, was afloat on a raft for 47 days in the ocean, survived 'Execution Island' in Japan, and was horribly abused in a POW (Prisoner of War) Camp. Louis lived for 97 years, and died in 2014.

A helicopter pilot landed on the summit of Everest then did it again the next day to prove it wasn't a fluke