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  1. Julia "Butterfly" Hill, on December 10, 1997, ascended 180 feet (55 m) up the redwood tree Luna to stave off Pacific Lumber Co. loggers who were clear-cutting. Hill lived on two 6-by-6-foot (1.8 by 1.8 m) platforms for 738 days until a resolution was reached with the logging company.

  2. Gary Webb, an Investigative Reporter for the San Jose Mercury News, wrote a series of articles about CIA involvement in cocaine trafficking into the US. On December 10, 2004, Gary Webb was found dead in his apartment from two gunshot wounds to the head. His death was later ruled as a suicide.

  3. On December 10, 1987, a squirrel chewed through power lines and shut down the Nasdaq for 82 minutes, preventing the trading of approximately 20 million shares.

  4. Mating season of chinstrap penguins takes place during November and December. They construct round nest where female lays 2 eggs. Both parents participate in the incubation of eggs (shift usually lasts 5 to 10 days) during a period of 37 days.

  5. On December 10, 1823 she found the first complete Plesiosaurus and in 1828 the first pterosaur.

  6. The Prince of Wales was sunk by the Japanese just a few months later on December 10, 1941 by the Japanese in the South China Sea. She was the first battleship to be sunk by aircraft and the only British battleship lost in the Pacific Theater.

  7. April 4, June 6, October 10 and December 12 will all fall on the same day of the week in any yearThese days are called doomsdays, and are meant to help calculate the day of the week of any given date. In 2015 doomsdays are all on Saturday.

  8. The Roman calendar originally had 10 months - the last month of the year, December, literally means 10th month. The months of January and February were added as part of the reform of the calendar into the Julian calendar, and subsequently the Gregorian calendar as we now know it.

  9. He finally received his medal from King Gustav V of Sweden on December 10, 1946.

  10. White Friday in December 1916, during World War I, when an avalanche killed 270 soldiers in a month when avalanches killed a total of 10,000 soldiers on both sides—the most deaths caused by avalanche in history

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April 4 (4/4), June 6 (6/6), August 8 (8/8), October 10 (10/10) and December 12 (12/12) all fall on the same day of the year. Also, 5/9, 9/5, 7/11, and 11/7. For this year, that is, Saturday.

Nick News' had its final episode in December 2015 after 25 years on the air; a 10-year old who saw the first episode would now be 35

Every year on the first sunday of December in Osaka-jo hall is held a gigantic concert where 10 THOUSAND ppl will sing Ode to Joy in German

On this day, 10 December in 1845, Robert W. Thomson, one of Scotland’s most prolific, but now largely forgotten inventors, patented the pneumatic tyre. His invention lay dormant until fellow Scot John Dunlop “re-invented” it in 1888. Dunlop’s patent was ruled invalid two years later.

Exactly 40 years ago, 10 December, 1974, Friedrich Hayek was awarded the Prize in Economic Sciences in Memory of Alfred Nobel for his work on the theory of money. Five years later, Margaret Thatcher, following Hayek’s ideas, began ‘rolling back the state’, changing the UK forever.