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  1. On December 28, 1973, after having worked for 16 hours a day without breaks for six weeks, the crew of the Skylab space station mutineed and shut off communications with ground control for a day

  2. On December 15 and 16, Burnside was able to successfully lead the remainder of the Union troops on their retreat out of Fredericksburg and into Stafford Heights. The bridges over the Rappahannock were dismantled as they went.

  3. Furcadia is the longest running mmorpg. It has been up since December 16 1996

  4. National holidays in Mexico include Independence Day (September 16), Día de Nuestra Señora de Guadalupe, Las Posadas (December 16 to December 24), Noche Buena (December 24), Navidad (December 25), Año Nuevo (December 31 to January 1), Twelfth Night of Christmas (January 5), and the Day of the Dead (November 2).

  5. Kazakhstan overwhelmingly voted to preserve the Soviet system. 89.2% of the population participated in the vote, of which 94.1% voted in favour. The Soviet government in Kazakhstan declared independence on 16 December 1991 as the last republic to declare independence

  6. 259 journalists jailed worldwide as of December 1, 2016; 81 were in Turkey, 38 were in China, 25 were in Egypt, 17 were in Eritrea, and 16 in Ethipoia.

  7. Windows 1.0 was supported for 16 years - From November 20, 1985 to December 31, 2001.

  8. The deadliest rocket attack during WW2 occurred when the Cine Rex cinema in Antwerp, Belgium was hit by a V-2 rocket on 16 December 1944. 567 people were killed and 11 buildings were destroyed by the explosion.