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  1. The Crittenden Compromise was introduced to Congress on December 18, 1861.

  2. In North Korea, people do not celebrate birthdays on July 8 and December 17 because these were the dates of the deaths of Kim Il-sung and Kim Jong-il, respectively. More than 100,000 North Koreans celebrate displaced birthdays on July 9 or December 18 to avoid these dates.

  3. In December, 2013 during the “Yeezus” tour, Kanye West, Kendrick Lamar, and Tech N9NE played the Sprint Center in Kansas City which holds 18,500 attendees. Only 4,500 people showed up.

  4. Black December which refers to at least nine shark attacks on humans causing six deaths that occurred along the coast of South Africa, starting on December 18, 1957. As a solution, the Navy dropped depth charges to kill sharks but ultimately only attracted more sharks.

  5. Charlie Weis is still on the Notre Dame payroll and will collect $18,966,867 - after - being fired in 2009. His last payment is due December of this year. He will be paid an additional $5.63 million from Kansas through 2016, where he was fired last year.

  6. There were several leaks prior to the December 2nd deadly leak. One occurred in 1976 when employees noticed pollution indoors in the plant; one incident occurred in 1981 when an employee removed his gas mask after being splashed by phosgene and died 72 hours later; one leak occurred in 1982 when 24 employees were exposed to phosgene; one incident occurred in 1982 when MIC leaked and exposed 18 employees; one leak occurred in 1982 when 30% of an employee's body was burned by an MIC leak; one more occurred in 1982 when three employees were exposed to an MIC leak; and there were several leaks of MIC and other dangerous gases and chemicals in 1983 and 1984.

  7. A popular New Year’s Eve tradition in Germany is to watch a relatively obscure 18 minute British short called Dinner For One (1963) with 17 million people tuning in on 31st December 2016.

  8. The $100,000 bill was printed at the height of the Great Depression on December 18, 1934. These bills were only swapped between Federal Reserve banks and fell out of circulation after wire transfers were invented.

  9. The longest time game designer Josh Sawyer worked for on a game was on Fallout: New Vegas; the game had a rushed development time of 18 months, with Sawyer releasing a patch that December to fix the rushed elements of the game.

  10. In December 1907 coal miners in Pennsylvania who were put out of work by the Naomi Mine Explosion, found work at the nearby Darr Mine, only to have that mine explode 18 days later.

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The US Public Debt will hit $18 Trillion on December 9th, about $124,275 per U.S. household

George Clooney owned a pet pig named Max for 18 years. Max died December 1, 2006

North Koreans don't celebrate Jul 8 and Dec 17 birthdays because it's the date of death for Kim Il-sung and Kim Jong-il. Instead, more than 100,000 North Koreans Celebrate birthdays on July 9 or December 18 to avoid these dates.

A meteor exploded in the atmosphere on December 18, 2018 that was 10x the energy of an atomic bomb

Chris Farley has been gone for 19 years. December 18, 1997. RIP.

A December 2016 survey found that 18% of respondents found The Onion to be a credible news source... 1% less than Breitbart and 1% more than Info Wars

Popular Design News of the Week: December 18, 2017 – December 24, 2017

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"Dating Relationship Love Chat Friendship Wedding" article of the day for December 18, 2016

Thom Yorke (Radiohead) lost his wife the same day I introduced the band to my girlfriend. (18 December 2016)

A survey in December 2016 found that 18% of respondents considered The Onion to be a credible news outlet... 1% less than Breitbart and 1% more than Info Wars.

Hi, MaxMunus is going to start a new batch @ IBM QRadar from 12th December'18

the second largest recorded meteor to ever impact Earth recently occurred on December 18 and it hit with the impact energy of 10 atomic bombs.

The last naked-eye observations were reported in December 1997, which meant that the comet had remained visible without aid for 569 days, or about 18 and a half months. The previous record had been set by the Great Comet of 1811, which was visible to the naked eye for about 9 months

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David Alexander Johnston (December 18, 1949 – May 18, 1980) was an American United States Geological Survey (USGS) volcanologist who was killed by the 1980 eruption of Mount St. Helens in Washington. A principal scientist on the USGS monitoring team,[1] Johnston was killed in the eruption while mann

18 year old Charles Starkweather with his 14 year old girlfriend Caril Fugate killed 11 people between December 1957 and January 1958

On December 18, 2011, the emo / pop-punk band My Chemical Romance appeared on the Nick Jr. show "Yo Gabba Gabba".

The Viacom V of Doom logo was reused in a widescreen version for episode of WWE Monday Night Raw, episodes of WWE Smackdown X, episodes of WWE Smackdown, episodes of WWE Superstars, and WWE NXT episodes from January 18, 2010, February 23, 2010 until December 24, 2012.

Born on December 18, 1879, in Gori, Georgia, Joseph Stalin rose to power as General Secretary of the Communist Party, becoming a Soviet dictator upon Vladimir Lenin's death.