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  1. There is a town in Peru where men, women and children fistfight each other on December 25 to settle old conflicts and begin the new year with a clean slate. "Takanakuy"

  2. No one really knows when Jesus was born. December 25 was chosen by the church because it aligned closely with a major pagan festival, which allowed the church to claim a new celebration for Christianity.

  3. In A.D. 350, Pope Julius I, bishop of Rome, proclaimed December 25 the official celebration date for the birthday of Christ.

  4. Not so long ago Japanese women who remained unmarried after the age of 25 were referred to as “Christmas cake,” a slur comparing them to old holiday pastries that cannot be sold after December 25.

  5. Santa Claus (St. Nick) used to give gifts on his saint day, December 6, but this eventually moved to December 25 after the Protestant-created reactionary figure Christkindl (a baby Jesus gift-giving figure) gave the gifts on Christmas Day instead

  6. National holidays in Mexico include Independence Day (September 16), Día de Nuestra Señora de Guadalupe, Las Posadas (December 16 to December 24), Noche Buena (December 24), Navidad (December 25), Año Nuevo (December 31 to January 1), Twelfth Night of Christmas (January 5), and the Day of the Dead (November 2).

  7. Exactly 25 years ago today, 25 December 1989, Nicolae Ceaușescu, the last dictator of Romania, together with his wife, was executed by firing squad after a two-hour trial.

  8. The band “Earth,Wind and Fire” made a near identical sequel to their hit song ‘September’ called ‘December’. The difference? The words September 21 are replaced with December 25

  9. 259 journalists jailed worldwide as of December 1, 2016; 81 were in Turkey, 38 were in China, 25 were in Egypt, 17 were in Eritrea, and 16 in Ethipoia.

  10. Early Puritan settlers in America banned Christmas for a generation and decreed December 25 should instead be a day of “fasting and humiliation”

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On December 23 1944, 25 German POW's escaped a POW camp. Two prisoners decided to give up. They went to a house and asked a kid alone to let them in the house until the police came. The kid let them in and the POW's shared chocolate and talked until the parents called the police.

Nick News' had its final episode in December 2015 after 25 years on the air; a 10-year old who saw the first episode would now be 35

Between June 25 1941 and December 1942 97,000 people died as a result of Carbon Monoxide poisoning.

On December 25, 2014, in Clark, NJ, someone altered the Garden State Parkway Exit 135 sign for "Clark / Westfield" to read "Clark Griswold."

The birthday of Jesus was highly debated in 200 C.E to either be on December 25 or January 6. The modern day Armenian church still celebrates on January 6

In 45 BC the New Year was moved from March 1 to January 1. But it was abolished making December 25 as the beginning of the New Year. Then it was changed to March 25. Between 1582 and 1752 there where two calendars. Gregorian then replaced the Julian Calendar and Jan 1 became the legal New Year.

There is a tradition in Perú called Takanakuy, where on December 25, community members will fight to settle old conflicts or simply to display their manhood.