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  1. When President Ronald Reagan has been admitted to a hospital in 1981 due to being shot by John Hinckley Jr., he joked "Please tell me you're all Republicans." To which a surgeon who was a liberal democrat himself replied, "We're all Republicans today."

  2. Republicans are called the right, and Democrats are called the left, because of seating arrangements of various legislative parties in France in the late 1700’s. Supporters of the king sat on the right of the Speaker, and supporters of the revolution on the left.

  3. The League of Women Voters used to run presidential debates that gave every nominee a equal amount of time to speak, Republicans and Democrats joined together to make the Commission for Presidential Debates, making it harder for third parties to be fairly represented

  4. When President Harry S. Truman visited Disneyland in 1957, he refused to come aboard the popular Dumbo attraction. Truman, a Democrat, didn’t want to be seen riding in the symbol of the Republican Party.

  5. The Speaker of the House during Watergate could have stalled the VP confirmation and impeached Nixon which would have made himself POTUS, but he concluded that, as a Democrat, he had no right to a Presidency that the American people had entrusted by election to a Republican.

  6. When Republican senator, Jesse Helms submitted a 300 page packet to the Senate alleging Martin Luther King Jr. had ties to Communists in an effort to oppose establishing MLK Day, Democratic senator, Daniel Moyniham responded to the "packet of filth" by stomping on it in front of the Senate.

  7. Abraham Lincoln, who ran as a Republican during the era of Whigs and Democrats, was America’s last third-party candidate to successfully win the presidency.

  8. Ronald Reagan, idolized by the Republican party, was actually a Democrat until he was 52 years old (1962)

  9. In the 2nd U.S. Presidential election, both major parties, the Federalists and Democratic-Republicans, nominated George Washington as their candidate.

  10. Michael Jordan was once asked why he wouldn't endorse black democratic candidate Harvey Gantt in a North Carolina senate race, to which Michael Jordan responded, "Republicans buy shoes too".

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democratic republican fact data chart about The transition of the U.S. South from Democratic to Republic
The transition of the U.S. South from Democratic to Republican

democratic republican fact data chart about Since 1950, successful Republican Presidential candidates ha
Since 1950, successful Republican Presidential candidates have been an average of 6.6 years older than their Democratic opponents, and successful Democrats have been an average of

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The last US President elected from outside the Republican and Democratic parties was technically Abraham Lincoln who ran under the National Union name

The organization that runs U.S . presidential debates is independent of the government and owned by the Republican and Democratic Parties. It has been criticized for negotiating secret contracts between candidates, excluding third parties, and "perpetrating a fraud on the American voter."

Prior to Ronald Reagan's surgery after his assassination attempt, he removed his oxygen mask to joke, "I hope you are all Republicans." Joseph Giordano, a liberal Democrat, replied, "Today, Mr. President, we are all Republicans."

There hasn't been a US President who wasn't a Republican or a Democrat since 1853

In 1873 a war broke out between Republicans and Democrats after both sides claimed they won the state election for Governor. Louisiana Democrats formed a "shadow" government, their own paramilitary force called the White League, and massacred more than 150 African Americans.

More Americans identify as Independent than as Democrat or Republican

In the Roosevelt Roosevelt Room in The White House, Democratic administrations would traditionally hang a portrait of FDR, who was a Democrat, over the mantel, while Republican administrations would in turn hang a portrait of Teddy, a republican, there.

Michael Jordan once refused to endorse a Democrat against a Republican because "Republicans buy sneakers too."

The state of Minnesota has two constitutions as the Republicans and Democrats refused to sign the same document. The two documents are not identical and have slightly different wording and grammar.

After the War of 1812, America went through the "Era of Good Feelings". During this period America experienced national unity and had only one political party, the Democratic-Republicans.

Democrats were red and Republicans were blue until the year 2000

Pepsi's biggest demographic is 65 years old and over, while politically soda brands are split with Republicans preferring Coke and Democrats preferring Pepsi

When President Harry S Truman visited Disneyland in 1957, he refused to come aboard the popular Dumbo attraction. Truman, a Democrat, didn't want to be seen riding in the symbol of the Republican Party.

Once a year since 1909, congress plays a baseball games on party lines. Some have hit homeruns out of MLB regulation parks in their 70's. Wins: Democrats 39, Republicans 41, Ties: 1

In 1856 a Democrat beat a Republican nearly to death with a cane on the floor of Congress

Democrats used to be "red" (the color associated with socialism) and Republicans used to be "blue" (the color associated with the Union Army). It changed in the 1984 election because "Reagan", "Republican" and "Red" all start with "Re".

As of October 2017, Gallup polling found that only 31% of Americans identified as Democrat, only 24% identified as Republican, while 42% identified as Independent

Before the civil rights act in 1964, the southern states were all democratic. It was only until LBJ decided to promote racial integration that the democrats and republicans switched their views dramatically to what we know today.

The only reason Hunter S. Thompson lost the election for sheriff of Pitkin County, Colorado was because the Republican and Democratic parties conspired together to maintain their oligopoly on government.

Although a Republican, Dulles served under Democrat President Woodrow Wilson as legal consul for the United States" delegation at the Versailles Peace Conference.

It was only after the 2000 election that the colors red and blue became associated with the Republican and Democratic parties, respectively.

Opposition to the bill was more along geographic than political lines with a majority of both southern Democrats and Republicans voting "nay."

Although Frances" parents were Republicans, she would become a lifelong Democrat.

When Jefferson's term was almost up in 1808 James Madison was nominated by the Democratic-Republican caucus.

As with the Civil Rights Act of 1964, the opposition in the House and Senate was more along geographic than party lines with both Republican and Democrat southern congressmen opposing the bill.

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democratic republican fact infographic about In the last 49 years, Republicans have created 32,341k jobs
In the last 49 years, Republicans have created 32,341k jobs in 29 years in office (avg 1,115k jobs per month) and Democrats have created 44,211k jobs in 20 years in office (avg 2,2

democratic republican fact infographic about Pairwise Plots of Total, Democratic and Republican Party Cos
Pairwise Plots of Total, Democratic and Republican Party Cosponsors for 1,965 Senate Bills Introduced Between Jan 7, 2003 - Feb 14, 2019 - Data was obtained using Propublica Congre

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