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What is Demonize?
  1. Actress Mercedes McCambridge who dubbed the voice of the demon in The Exorcist swallowed raw eggs, chain smoked and drank whiskey to make her voice harsh. She was bound to a chair during recordings and requested no credit for the film.

  2. In one 13th-century version of the King Arthur myth, Merlin is the spawn of a demon and a mortal woman and was intended by Satan to be the Antichrist, but was baptized by a priest shortly after birth which nullified Satan's plan, and now uses his demonic powers of magic and prophecy for good.

  3. Cockroach infestations can be so bad that the house needs to be burned to the ground surrounded by a ring of fire to prevent any of the little demons from escaping.

  4. There's a festival in Japan called 'Kanamara Matsuri' or 'festival of the steel phallus'. Legend has it a woman with a demonic vagina destroyed all this towns penis's until a blacksmith made a steel penis that destroyed the vaginas teeth. Now once a year they celebrate everything penis like.

  5. For millennia Autism and other sudden disabilities was explained by the Changeling folklore. A fairy or demon would steal a normal baby and replace them with their own child in disguise. The Changeling would cry, scream, not display social behavior, or just become completely unresponsive.

  6. The demon core was a palm sized orb of plutonium responsible for the death of scientists on two separate occasions. Both incidents included a slip of the wrist, resulting in a millisecond long burst of radiation. Blue light was emmited in the second incident.

  7. Jehovah's Witnesses teach that Satan and his demons were cast down to earth from heaven 100 years ago today: October 1, 1914

  8. In Wolfenstein RPG's last level,the Nazis summon the Harbinger of Doom. BJ rips off the demon's hand and leg and sends it back to hell,where it promises to return and haunt BJ's descendants.The demon returns with metal arm and leg in DOOM ,who's protagonist is thought to be a descendant of B.J.

  9. Some christian groups criticized Dungeons and Dragons for promoting the veneration of demons, murder, and satanism, even though the creator of D&D was a committed christian.

  10. Cats were demonized in Europe during the Middle Ages. Many were killed off in an attempt to ward off evil, an action which ironically helped spread the plague.

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Penguins were found in the arctic, but only from 1936-1949. They were introduced to replace the great auk, which had been hunted to extinction. The penguins survived the conditions well, but were also hunted to extinction. One was beaten to death by a local woman, whom mistook it for a demon.

Due to the murder rate skyrocketing, in 2015 the Catholic Church performed an exorcism on the entire country of Mexico in order to help purge them of their demons

The "Demon Duck of Doom," an extinct flightless bird that lived in what is now Australia. It stood over 8 ft tall, and had a skull larger than that of some horses. Despite the nickname, it was more closely related to the chicken.

A Sesame Street special in 1983 in which Big Bird helps a cursed 4,000 year old Egyptian child prince defeat a demon by solving a riddle and weighing his heart

The Demon Core was a piece of plutonium intended to be used in a third atomic bomb to drop on Japan... due to lax saftely standards, its criticality was being regulated with just a screwdriver, and two physicists were killed maintaining it

Jehovah's Witnesses teach that Satan and his demons were cast down to earth from heaven after October 1, 1914, at which point the end times began.

About the "Demon Core', a 6.2 kg subcritical mass of plutonium that briefly went critical during two separate experiments, killing two members of the Manhattan Project

The gothic rock band Theatre of Ice decided to break up after they were kidnapped by a group of fans who believed the band could help them summon demons

A man that killed his estranged wife, her daughter who was 14 months old & their son who was 4 with separate knives to not “cross contaminate” their blood & “allow demons inside them to live” & then plucked out his own eyeballs & ate them in prison was declared sane.

The son of the voice actor who played the demon in 'The Exorcist' killed his entire family and then himself

The word "nightmare" is derived from the Old English "mare", a mythological demon that rides on people's chests while they sleep, causing bad dreams. - fact check

One of the seven princes of hell - Belphegor - who tempt people to make discoveries and inventions with the temptation of becoming rich off them is also the chief demon of laziness.

Elon Musk of Tesla Motors on being asked to comment on Artificial Intelligence said that it was humans greatest existential threat and was like summoning a Demon

Maleo lay their eggs underground near active volcanoes. Some say it's a demon bird that escaped the fiery pits of hell itself.It even has a horn on its head and its chicks can fly the second they hatch from their eggs.

The meaning of the word "Demon" acquired its negative connotations from the Hebrew Bible and consequently the New Testament. Originally from the Greek word δαίμων (daimōn), it denotes a benevolent spirit or divine power.

Louis Slotin, a scientist who died while working on the Manhattan Project. He accidentally dropped a hemisphere of beryllium on a plutonium core; witnesses saw glowing blue light and felt a heat wave. He died nine days later. The plutonium core was later nicknamed the "demon core".

Australia was once home to a flightless bird known as the Demon-Duck of Doom - fact check

In some cultures children were intentionally given names with unfavourable meanings like 'ugly' and 'crippled', as it was thought that this would make them less desirable to child-stealing demons.

In Japan, a festival called Kanamara Matsuri, or 'Festival of the Steel Phallus' celebrates the defeat of a vagina demon by an iron penis.

A nightmare refers to a literal night mare: a "mare" is a demon which gives you bad dreams.

The Denver International Airport is guarded by a 32-foot-tall demon horse. "Blue Mustang" (or as locals like to call it, "Blucifer") is thought to be cursed largely because the sculptor, Luis Jiménez, was killed when a 9000 pound piece of the sculpture fell on him during construction. - fact check

There was an ancient relative of the Duck nicknamed the "Demon-Duck of Doom" which was, in fact, horse sized.

About 8% of the population suffer Sleep Paralysis. Which is a phenomenon in which an individual, either during falling asleep or awakening, briefly experiences an inability to move, speak, or react and some experience hallucinations of shadowy figures or demons.

There is a statue of a giant, blue demonic horse named “Blucifer” outside Denver International Airport that is infamous for killing the artist that created it. Luis Jiménez’s artery was severed when the 4,100kg stallion’s head came loose and fell on the 65-year-old during construction.

Obsession" used to refer to being controlled by demons outside your body (whereas possession was being controlled by demons inside the body)