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  1. Easter and April Fool’s Day have not fallen on the same day since 1956, but it will happen again in 11 years.

  2. When Ready Player One was released, there was an easter egg in the book that lead readers to three challenges, including playing a new Richard Garriott game and setting a world record on a game for the Atari 2600. The winner of the challenges was awarded a vintage DeLorean.

  3. Around 80% of rabbits purchased as Easter gifts are abandoned and end up in shelters or dying in the wild. Pet rabbits can live for 10-12 years, and aren't a good impulsive gift for children.

  4. During the filming of The Rocky Horror Picture Show the crew held an easter egg hunt on set. Some of the eggs that weren't found can actually be seen in the film. This is suggested as the origin of the term.

  5. Rapper Coolio's cameo in Batman & Robin was an Easter Egg setting up a fifth movie in the series. Coolio is uncredited as playing Dr. Jonathan Crane aka The Scarcrow who would've been the main villain in Batman Unchained.

  6. Hampshire college students spend the morning of Easter Sunday hunting for (and drinking) kegs of beer hidden in woods near the campus. It's called the Easter Keg Hunt.

  7. Japan celebrates Easter, but with no Christian connotations, as a spring family holiday

  8. Easter will be on April Fool's Day in 2018

  9. Easter Sunday will coincide with April Fools' day in 2018 for the first time since 1956

  10. There is a massive Easter Egg involving a hex code and a cypher hidden in the show Archer that hasn't even come close to being cracked yet.

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Color Distribution of Easter Eggs Found by 2yo during city-wide egg hunt

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Heat map of dates that Easter has fallen on 1500-2018

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The Bible contains a passage where it says it became dark in daytime during the crucifixion of Jesus. NASA discovered a total eclipse did actually occur in Jerusalem on 24 November 29 CE at around 11AM. This fact got dismissed by the Church because the date is not in accordance with Easter.

The term "Easter Egg" (referring to hidden secrets in movies, music, or video games) probably comes from The Rocky Horror Picture Show. While filming, the cast had an Easter egg hunt and apparently didn't find a few of them, which found there way into shots used in the final film.

The first known Easter egg in a video game was a secret room in Atari Adventure (1979) that credited the game's developer, Warren Robinett. Atari did not allow their developers to be credited at the time so Robinett added the feature, told no one, and quit before anything could be done about it.

A certain easter egg in Batman: Arkham Asylum went unfound for so long that the creators went and announced it themselves.

Atari didn't allow designers to receive credit on their games, and so Warren Robinett placed a secret object in the game which allowed the players to see a hidden screen displaying "Created by Warren Robinett", one of the earliest Easter eggs to be created

The film "Jeepers Creepers" was based on an actual unsolved murder: Easter Sunday 1990 outside of Coldwater, MI, Ray & Marie Thorton were chased & tormented on Snowperry RD, by a strange masked man in a blood-soaked Chevy van, after witnessing him dump a body by an abandoned school.

Two rival churches in Greece hold a 'rocket war' annually during Easter, where tens of thousands of home-made rockets are fired at each other. This event was originally held with real cannons, until their use was prohibited in 1889.

Easter is really the celebration of the fertility goddess Eostre and that eggs and bunnies are her symbols.

The Easter Bunny originated among German Lutherans in 1682 and originally played the role of a judge, evaluating whether children were good or disobedient in behavior at the start of the season of Eastertide. He then would proceed with bringing colored eggs for the children.

The TV series "Psych" once made a remake of there own episode from 2006 filling it with past guest stars, Easter eggs, and a overall parody of remakes.

In 1919 after becoming an officially secular country, Uruguay renamed the holidays of Christmas Day to "Family Day", Holy Easter Week to "Tourism Week", and Epiphany to "Children's Day"

A prankster, who, in 1976 used curtains to cover up the letters in "Hollywood" to "Hollyweed," the day the state's relaxed marijuana law took effect. Also, that Easter he made the sign into "Holywood," and in 1990 made it to "Oilwar," to make a political statement against the Gulf War.

In 2018 Ash Wednesday will be on Valentine's Day and Easter will be on April Fool's Day

In Norway Easter is known for “Påskekrim” (Easter Crime), when just about everyone in Norway reads crime novels, television and radio stations run crime serials, and newspapers publish special crime related literary supplements.

Eamon de Valera was imprisoned for leading the Easter Rising. While inside, he took the chaplain’s key and melted candles to make a copy and sent it to his friends. They made a real key and put it in a cake. Valera was able to walk out scot-free. He went on to serve as the President of Ireland.

In the add-on 'Lonesome Road' for the game 'Fallout: New Vegas' there's a fossilized dog statue that you can pick up named "Seymour". It's an Easter Egg to Fry's dog of the episode 'Jurassic Bark' in Futurama.

The first ever video game easter egg was created by Warren Robinett in Adventure released during 1979, which featured a gray dot which, when brought back to the beginning, would display Warren Robinett's name as a way to give him credit since Atari only paid him a small amount of money.

The 2007 Will Smith movie "I Am Legend" included as an Easter Egg a poster for "Batman vs Superman" a movie that came out nine years later

Prior to the discovery of Easter Island in 1772, the native people of Rapa Nui, for 500 years, believed they were they only people on earth.

In 2011 best selling author Ernest Cline hid an easter egg in his book "Ready Player One". It required the reader to discover a hidden url somewhere within the book and the go on to complete three different videogame challenges. The winner received a DeLorean.

About the alive and well easter tradition in slovakia for men to get day drunk, throw buckets of water on women, and spank them with willow whips.

Andrea Bocelli gave a concert in Milan's empty cathedral on Easter 12 April 2020 as people across the world were locked down in their homes due to coronavirus / covid 19 quarantine.

For Easter in the Czech Republic, men use braided willows to whip women's buttocks. Said women then thank the men for ensuring their beauty and vitality, and reward them with chocolate or a shot of plum brandy.

Sweden has the Easter Wizard and not the Easter Bunny, due to a language misunderstanding

Oxford University is 200 years older than the Aztecs, 300 years older than Machu Picchu, and 150 years older than the Easter Island heads

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Picture graph of Easter eggs found by my 2yo son, arranged by color

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Happy Easter! April, 21 is among the 10% latest possible dates for this Christian holiday