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  1. In 2006 a woman farted on a plane and tried to cover up the smell by lighting matches. When passengers alerted crew they could smell burning the flight made an emergency landing and the FBI were called in to conduct an investigation

  2. An Air Canada flight was asked by Australian authorities to investigate an emergency beacon. The plane, with 270 people, flew at 4000 feet as crew and passengers used binoculars to locate a stranded sailor, who was later rescued by police. The flight landed safely in Sydney, 90 minutes delayed.

  3. In 2006, a woman farted on an American Airlines plane and attempted to cover up her farts by burning matches. When the passengers reported the smell of burning matches to the crew, the flight made an emergency landing in Nashville, and the FBI was called in to conduct an investigation.

  4. I learned that Hazel Ying-Lee, the first Chinese-American woman to fly for the US military during WWII, once had to make an emergency landing in a field in Kansas. A nearby farmer chased Hazel around her plane with a pitchfork, screaming to his neighbors that the Japanese were invading.

  5. A woman was permanently banned from American Airlines after she lit matches mid flight to cover her farts, causing the crew to panic and order an emergency landing.

  6. About 1st Lt. Mary Louise Hawkins who assisted with the evacuation of patients in WWII. Her plane was forced to make an emergency landing and a patient's trachea was severed by debris. Mary went full MacGyver and managed to keep the man alive with found items for 19 hrs until help arrived.

  7. A New York bound flight from LA was forced to make an emergency landing when a woman would not stop singing Whitney Houston's "I will always love you" in midair

  8. In 1975 $10 million worth of Huey helicopters had to be pushed off the flight deck of the USS Midway and into the sea to make way for the emergency landing of an aircraft with Vietnamese evacuees on board

  9. On April 1st, 1993 a San Diego Radio station reported that the space shuttle Discovery had to make an emergency landing at the local airport at 8:30 am. Over 1000 people headed for the landing site to catch a glimpse, crowding the airport and causing traffic jams. It was an April Fools hoax.

  10. After making an emergency landing in China in 2001, the crew of a US Spy Plane were asked by their Chinese captors to recite the lyrics to "Hotel California" to prove their nationality.

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Rudyard, Montana is the only town in the contiguous United States in which you could dig a hole through the center of the earth and emerge from the other side on dry land.

In 2006, a woman farted on a plane and tried to cover up the smell by lighting matches, causing an emergency landing.

Paricutín. A volcano that emerged suddenly on 1943 from a farmer's land in a matter of day. Now peaking at 9200ft, it's still the first ever volcano whose birth has been witnessed by human eyes.

If a Helicopter's engines fail midair they use a state of flight called 'autorotate', which allows them to land safely. This system uses air going up towards the main rotors as the chopper is falling; causing the main rotors to spin and generate enough lift for a controlled emergency descent.

The War of the Worlds was re-broadcast in 1949 in Quito, Ecuador. It was fully believed, emergency vehicles drove to the landing site to fight/help, and people started fleeing in panic. When it was revealed as a hoax, the city rioted, and burned the radio station down (killing ~6 people).

In 2017 a Qatar Airways plane had to make an emergency landing after a woman used her sleeping husband's thumb to unlock his phone and discovered he was cheating on her.

American Musician Meat Loaf has survived a serious car wreck, breaking both legs after jumping off-stage, being struck on the head with a shot during a shot-put event, the emergency landing of a jet with a faulty landing gear, severe dehydration and a heart condition.

In 1965 a Boeing 707 had an engine blow up during flight and take 25 feet of wing with it. The plane made a safe emergency landing. Boeing then sent a second plane to pick up the stranded passengers and the front landing gear of that plane collapsed on the runway.

In 1982 a British Airways 747 had all 4 of its engines flame out after flying through a cloud of volcanic ash over Indonesia. The crew managed to maneuver the powerless plane through the cloud, restart all 4 engines in mid-air, and then safely make an emergency landing in Jakarta.

The American village of Hyder, Alaska is unique in that it is only accessible by land from Canada, and uses Canadian public utility services, border security, emergency services, telephone area code, and time zone.

A species of vulture has been found to fly at 37,000 feet (almost 2 miles higher than Mt. Everest). This was discovered in 1973 when a jet struck a bird at cruising altitude and had to make an emergency landing.

After a plane made an emergency landing on the Hudson River on a freezing January day, the pilots were asked what they thought of the 'perfect conditions' that allowed them to land and have all 155 people on board survive. Co-pilot Jeffrey Skiles quipped "I would rather have done it in July"

Allegiant Airlines planes are 4x as likely to have in-flight failures, and at one point 46 of their 86 planes had to make emergency landings.

During WW2 five Boeing B-29 Superfortresses made emergency landings in Soviet territory after bombing raids on Japan. Rather than return the aircraft, the Soviets reverse engineered the American B-29s and used them as a pattern for the Tupolev Tu-4.

In 2008, a plane was forced to make an emergency landing after the crew was overwhelmed by the fumes of 10,000 lbs of minced onions.

During a training exercise, two aircraft collided mid air and remained connected. The one pilot was able to perform an emergency landing with no fatalities.

In 1983 a Boeing 767 made an unpowered emergency landing on a decommissioned runaway turned kart/drag track at Gimli, after gliding for 14 minutes with no fuel. Despite an event happening at the tracks, there were no victims. The plane were nicknamed "The Gimli Glider" and returned to service.

Because helicopters are capable of vertical take-off and landing they are ideal for accessing difficult to reach locations in emergency situations.

Air Transat Flight 236 lost both engines over the Atlantic, and set a glide record for a commercial airliner of 120km as the pilot successfully made an emergency landing at Lajes Air Base in the Azores.

In August of 1980, Saudi Air Flight 163 carrying 301 people onboard caught fire shortly after taking off from Riyadh International Airport. The aircraft made a successful emergency landing back at Riyadh but when the rescue crew opened the doors all 287 passengers and 14 crew members were dead

In 2015, a Singapore Airlines plane had to make an emergency landing because its cargo of farting sheep set off the smoke alarm.

At one time the land at Skaftafell National Park was used for grazing sheep but since this practice stopped there is an abundance of vegetation emerging. This vegetation includes wild angelica, sea pea, arctic river beauty, garden angelica, and willow.

A woman once farted on a plane; lit matches to try and hide the smell, which then forced an emergency landing

Passengers aboard JetBlue Airways Flight 292 were able to watch their own malfunctioning aircraft circle Los Angeles International Airport on the satellite television screens at each seat until the flight crew disabled the system in preparation for the aircraft's successful emergency landing.

An American Airlines flight was forced to make an emergency landing when a passenger refused to stop singing Whitney Houston's I Will Always Love You

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