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  1. In 67 AD, the Roman Emperor Nero participated in the Olympics, bribing the organizers to postpone the games for a year. Nero won every contest, even one which he left the race after being thrown off his chariot. He was removed from the list of winners after his death.

  2. When the Emperor Nero began to go nuts, he would stage long singing performances wherein the audience would not be allowed to leave. Women gave birth during these performances and men would fake their deaths in the hopes of being carried out just so they could get away.

  3. When Roman Emperor Nero's wife died, he found a boy looking like her, removed his testicles and had Him appear in public as his wife.

  4. The Roman emperor Nero kicked his pregnant wife to death and then felt so bad about it that he found a young boy that looked uncannily like her, had him castrated and married him.

  5. The Roman Emperor Nero did not play the fiddle as he watched the Great Fire burn Rome. When the fire broke out he was at his villa in Antium, 35 miles away. When he received news of the fire he immediately rushed back to Rome to begin relief efforts.

  6. Despite his bad reputation, Emperor Nero was adored by the common people and his policies consistently favored the poor. He lowered taxes, ensured their legal aid and promoted art and culture instead of violent sports. The historians that vilified him were rich senators, his political enemies

  7. Roman emperor Nero paid for a young boy, married him, castrated him and dressed him like a girl at public events.

  8. In 67 AD, Roman Emperor Nero was in such deep mourning over the death of his late wife Poppaea Sabina that he castrated and married a young man who bore an uncanny resemblance to her and even started calling him by his late wife's name.

  9. The Coliseum got its name not because of its massive size, but because its proximity to a colossal 'Statue of Liberty' sized bronze statue of the Emperor Nero.

  10. Emperor Nero competed in the Olympic Games. Nero did terribly and was nearly killed in a chariot race, but was nonetheless declared the winner in every event he competed in.

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The Roman emperor Nero took a liking to a young boy named Sporus, who he had castrated and married because he bore a resemblance to the emperor's former wife, who Nero had allegedly murdered. After Nero's death, Sporus took his own life out of humiliation.

In the Olympics of 67 A.D., Emperor Nero competed in the 4-horse chariot races with a 10-horse team, only to be thrown from his chariot. He didn't finish the race but he was still proclaimed the winner on the grounds that he would have won had he been able to complete the race.

When Emperor Nero sent assassins to murder his mother, Nero's mom became furious and told the assassins to "smite my womb" due to her regret of having birthed Nero.

When the Emperor Nero began to go nuts, he would stage long singing performances wherein the audience would not be allowed to leave. Women gave birth during these performances and men would fake their deaths in the hopes of being carried out just so they could get away.

Roman Emperor Nero had a 30-metre (98 ft) bronze statue of himself built, the proximity of this colossus to the Flavian Amphitheatre led to the amphitheatre eventually becoming known as the Colosseum

When the Roman Emperor Nero (who held a great love for performance) sang at public theaters, he forbade anybody to leave for any reason until he was finished. As a result, some of the audiences pretended to die suddenly, so as to be carried away for burial and thus escape.

Both 666 and 616 refer to the Ancient Roman Emperor Nero who was widely believed to be the Antichrist.

Claudia Octavia, an empress of Ancient Rome. Her father (Emperor Claudius) executed her mother, her step-mother assassinated her father, her step-brother/husband (Emperor Nero) assassinated her brother and step-mother, and then she was executed by her step-brother/husband.

Roman Emperor Nero ordered a young man named Sporus be castrated so he could marry him because he resembled his dead wife Sabina

Great Roman emperor Nero was also known as "Porophagus" or "leek eater". He regularly consumed this vegetable due to belief that leek improves singing capacities.

The Emperor Nero married a freedman named Pythagoras. At the wedding, Nero took the role of bride, complete with veil.

The "Number of the Beast" likely originated as a stealthy critique of Emperor Nero, who's name translates to "666" in Aramaic and Hebrew numerology.

There seems to be no one clear inventor of ice cream. Ice cream-like dishes existed as early as 54-68 A.D. during Roman Emperor Nero’s time.

Emperor Nero planned to kill his mother by having her ship sunk so that he could spend his time cultivating his artistic talent. But she survived the shipwreck (and had to be killed by sword).

After Roman Emperor Nero (68AD) committed suicide, there was a brief period of civil war. In the year 69AD, four emperors ruled in succession: Galba, Otho, Vitellius, and Vespasian.

Roman Emperor Nero married and castrated a young boy to act as his wife

It is believed that the Roman emperor Nero may have invented the first ice dessert when he ordered slaves to bring him ice from mountain tops so that he could enjoy it with honey and fruit.

That, due to the killing of many rival fans at a gladiatorial competition, the City of Pompeii was banned from hosting competitions for ten years under the Emperor Nero

Romans used lead for plumbings, which caused lead poisoning, which affects the nervous system. This has been theorized to be the cause of Emperors' Caligula and Nero madness.

Tyrian purple, a dye that comes from a sea snail of which it takes 12,000 snails to produce 1.4g of dye, and when Nero was emperor would have people executed for wearing the color

A Claque is a group of people hired to applaud a performer. When the Emperor Nero acted, he had his performance greeted by an encomium chanted by five thousand of his soldiers.

Roman Emperor Nero was rumored to have captured Christians, dipped them in oil, and set them on fire to illuminate his garden at night.

The Roman Emperor Nero burned a years worth of the city's Cinnamon supply at his second wife's funeral

Nero, the ancient emperor of Rome, is believed to have played the bagpipes while Ancient Rome burned.

In Roman times, urine tax was imposed by Emperor Nero under the name of “vectigal urinae” in the 1st century AD. However the tax was removed after a while, it was re-enacted by Vespasian around 70 AD in order to fill the treasury. The Urine was used for mouthwashes and more up until the 1700's