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  1. Norman Mineta's baseball bat was confiscated when he was sent to a Japanese American internment camp as a boy. As a Congressman, he was sent a $1500 bat, which he had to send back, as it exceeded a price limit on gifts. He was quoted as saying, "The damn government's taken my bat again."

  2. The writer of the hymn "Amazing Grace" had an incredibly filthy mouth. During his time as a sailor he was: "admonished several times for not only using the worst words the captain had ever heard, but creating new ones to exceed the limits of verbal debauchery"

  3. Victor Hugo wrote the Hunchback of Norte-Dame to inform people of the value of Gothic architecture, which was being neglected and destroyed at the time. This explains the large descriptive sections of the book, which far exceed the requirements of the story.

  4. In 1987 Steven Spielberg made a deal with Universal Studios Florida to licence his films for rides in return for 2% of the gross revenues in perpetuity (including tickets & concession sales). The annual payout exceeds $50M & will keep growing unless he agrees to a multi-billion dollar buyout.

  5. The Onagawa Nuclear Power Plant that was closest to the epicenter of the 2011 tsunami in Japan but was undamaged because it far exceeded the required safety measures due to the stubbornness of one man. Fukushima famously experienced fatal meltdowns because safety measures were inadequate.

  6. Many American public libraries carry video games as an attempt to lure teenagers into a library. The result is more teenagers coming to the library and books are being checked out at a rate that exceeds what it was before the gamers arrived

  7. Forest growth in the US has exceeded harvest since the 1940s, and that the US has more trees now than at any time in the past 100 years.

  8. At $1.5 trillion, the Greater New York area's contribution to the US economy not only outstrips all other regions in the Unites States, it also exceeds the GDP of all but 11 countries.

  9. Forrest growth in the US has exceeded harvest since the 1940s, and that the US has more trees now than at any time in the past 100 years.

  10. 1968, Olympic long jumper Bob Beamon's first attempt exceed the limit of the official measuring equipment. It took over 15 minutes before a distance was posted, and only then did he realize he had broken the world record by nearly 2 feet (0.6m).

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exceed fact data chart about Annual mortality from air pollution in China exceeds some co
Annual mortality from air pollution in China exceeds some countries' population count

exceed fact data chart about China's Carbon Dioxide Emissions Exceeds US and EU Combined
China's Carbon Dioxide Emissions Exceeds US and EU Combined

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United States student loan debt exceeds US credit card debt and auto debt

Samuel L. Jackson has been in over 2 films per year since 1987, more often than not, exceeding that number.

The last private owner of Stonehenge, upon gifting it to the public, stipulated that the public should never have to pay "a sum exceeding one shilling" per visit.

Grand Central Station in NYC is radioactive due to the natural radioactive elements found in the granite used in its construction. If Grand Central Station were a nuclear power plant, it would be shut down for exceeding the maximum allowable annual dose of radiation for employees.

The state of Kentucky currently has 4.9 million barrels of bourbon that are aging, which exceeds the state's own population.

The number 2147483647 is the biggest possible number in 32-bit computing. In December 2014, "Gangnam Style" exceeded the 32-bit integer limit for view count, necessitating YouTube to upgrade the variable to a 64-bit integer

A neutron star's gravity is so immense, that the surface of the star is perfectly flat, and any 'protrusions' never exceed 5 mm. Also, neutron stars are usually around 13 km in diameter, yet a sugar cubed sized portion of the star would weigh more than Mt. Everest.

The population of London in 2015 exceeded its 1939 population by only one person.

Migros, Switzerland's largest retail company, gives a share to every Swiss adult for free, allowing them to vote in general assemblies. Furthermore, if the earnings before interest/taxes exceed 5%, the supermarkets are forced to lower their prices

According to the US Bureau of Labor Statistics in 2012 there were 115,000 janitors, 83,000 bartenders, 323,000 restaurant servers, and 80,000 heavy-duty truck drivers with bachelor’s degrees -- a number exceeding that of uniformed personnel in the U.S. Army.

Jif natural peanut butter has to be labeled as "peanut butter spread" because it doesn't meet the FDA requirements for peanut content--its "non-peanut ingredients" exceed 10 percent. - fact check

The Baining people of Papua New Guinea, who are known as the dullest culture on Earth. They abhor the concept of play, have no stories or myths and almost no art. Their lives are exceedingly dull and mundane and centered around work.

The USA space budget exceeds the rest of the world's combined - fact check

A man aspiring to become a lawyer was denied admission to the New York bar because his student debt exceeded $400,000. Five appellate judges concluded his payments had been too meager to date and thus he had not "established the character and general fitness requisite for an attorney".

Thousands of shipping containers are lost to the sea each year, and that if the containers cargo weight does not exceed 80% of the containers rated capacity, they will float.

Michael Dell, founder of Dell Inc., once had a high school summer job selling newspaper subscriptions for the Houston Post. By targeting the demographics of newlyweds and recent home buyers, Dell made $18,000 in one summer, exceeding the yearly payroll of two of his teachers.

Eating late at night won't cause you to gain weight. As long as you're not exceeding your calorie needs for the entire day, it won't affect the scale

Lockheed Martin is currently developing an unmanned aircraft that is capable of reaching speeds exceeding Mach 20. Able to cross the United States in under 12 minutes

Yew trees can exceed 1000 years, are often found in graveyards, and have a long association with death; they're deadly poisonous to humans, with no known antidote. However, the tree is used to make taxanes, which are used to fight cancer.

Years before Kelly Johnson designed the SR-71 Blackbird, he designed an even faster drone called the X-7. It flew over 130 flights and exceeded Mach 4.3, and was developed into the AQM-60 drone. Both were made of Steel.

The U.S. captive tiger population of 5,000 exceeds the total world population of wild tigers. - fact check

Coronavirus US stimulus package will give single taxpayers will receive the full $1,200 with an income up to $75,000. The payment will be subject to a 5% phaseout, in which an $85,000 income will reduce the payment by $500, dropping it down to $700. At $99,000, the payment will completely disappear, as 5% of the $24,000 in excess income will bring the payment to zero.

For married couples filing jointly, the full payment of $2,400 will be paid on combined incomes up to $150,000. The payments will similarly be phased out at a rate of 5% on incomes exceeding that threshold. It will completely disappear with a combined income of $198,000.

After 24 years, scientists had to stop drilling the deepest hole on Earth when at 12.2 km, temperatures exceeded 350F.

Anyone with a grandparent born in Ireland is entitled to claim Irish citizenship, and the numbers entitled to that status in Britain may exceed the entire population of Ireland.

PSY's music video 'Gangnam Style' exceeded the 32-bit integer limit (2,147,483,647) for YouTube view count, necessitating YouTube to upgrade the variable to a 64-bit integer limit at 9 quintilian (9,223,372,036,854,775,808).

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exceed fact infographic about Six? Will the 2019 ICC World Cup be the first to exceed a to
Six? Will the 2019 ICC World Cup be the first to exceed a tournament average of 6 runs per over?

exceed fact infographic about A counterpoint to the recent Tinder visualizations: My excee
A counterpoint to the recent Tinder visualizations: My exceedingly lucky experience