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  1. China creates so much synthetic diamonds that are identical to real diamonds that prices of diamonds are being driven down and De Beers has created a university to study how to identify "natural" and "man made" diamonds because no experts can tell the difference.

  2. How the UK military recruiter mistook "cryptogamist" (algae expert) for "cryptogramist" and sent Geoffrey Tandy to join the code breakers; he wasn't so useful until captured German papers arrived water-logged; with his expertise they salvaged them, cracked the code, and hastened the victory.

  3. In 1992, a man in Texas was sent to death row for murdering his kids by arson. He was executed by lethal injection in 2004. In 2009, through advances in technology, it was found that the fire was likely accidental. According to an expert, "There was no item of evidence that indicated arson."

  4. Thor Heyerdahl, a Norwegian Ethnographer, sailed from Peru to Polynesia on an primitive balsa wood raft to prove that ancient trans-oceanic travel was possible. When experts called it a fluke, he made an Egyptian reed boat and sailed it from Morocco to Central America to prove them wrong.

  5. Mythbuster's Jamie Hyneman ran away from home at age 14 and then hitchhiked all over the United States. Now he is a certified diver,wilderness survival expert, boat captain, linguist, pet shop owner, animal wrangler, machinist, concrete inspector, and chef.

  6. Giorgio A. Tsoukalos, famous meme and 'Ancient Aliens' expert, has no academic background in any field relevant to the show. Instead, he holds a bachelor's degree in sports information and was previously a bodybuilder promoter.

  7. US Army soldier Daniel Pharr was tandem skydiving when his expert instructor became unresponsive. The rookie skydiver steered the pair away from houses and other obstacles, using what he remembered from watching skydiving on TV. After landing he started CPR on his instructor, to no avail.

  8. In 2009 a Man Who Was an Expert on How to Avoid Being Kidnapped in Mexico Was Kidnapped in Mexico After Giving a Lecture On "How To Not Be Kidnapped in Mexico"

  9. In 2000 Portugal decriminalized ALL drugs. If police find someone w/a supply larger than 10 days worth of personal use they aren’t arrested but brought before a “dissuasion panel” made up of experts who evaluate the person & prescribe treatment. both HIV infections & deaths by OD have plummeted.

  10. 550 motorcyclists participated in a ride to protest New York State's mandatory helmet law. During the ride, One of the rider's breaks failed and was sent over the handlebars and hit his head on the pavement, killing him. Medical experts said he would have survived if he had worn his helmet.

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experts fact data chart about In order to test my own political and historical biases, I r
In order to test my own political and historical biases, I ranked all of the US presidents from best to worst off the top of my head and then compared those rankings to a list comp

experts fact data chart about Health, Armor, Powerups, and Ammo During an Expert Doom II S
Health, Armor, Powerups, and Ammo During an Expert Doom II Speedrun

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The TV show Mr Robot has a team of hackers and cyber security experts who make sure that the hacking shown on the show is accurate. Hacking scenes are also performed by members of the technical team in real life, then recorded and rebuilt using Flash animation.

The U.S is considered by many military experts to be entirely un-invadable due to country's large size, infrastructure, diverse geography and climate

The gentleman from “it ain’t much but it’s honest work” is an expert in no till farming and has been published many times. No till farming reduces erosion and is more sustainable than traditional farming techniques.

Julie D'Aubigny, the famous 17th century French opera singer who once took the holy vows to enter a convent so she could have sex with a nun. She also had a habit of seducing women at parties, which led to their husbands challenging her to a duel. An expert duelist, she killed 10 men this way

A drug testing expert was high on cocaine almost every day she went to work, calling into question some 30,000 criminal drug cases she processed over the course of eight years.

School bus yellow was specifically created for use on school buses at a conference in 1939. Attendees at the seven-day conference included paint experts from DuPont and Pittsburgh Paints. The color was chosen because it attracts attention and is noticed quickly in peripheral vision.

In an experiment every one of 54 undergraduates in wine making and tasting thought they were tasting a red wine while it was actually a dyed white wine. Furthermore when comparing identical wine of different prices experts raved about the expensive wine while panning the cheap wine

Many experts regard the United States as entirely uninvadable, because of the country's major industries, reliable and fast supply lines, large geographical size, population size, difficult regional features, armed citizenry, and strong military force.

"the distinctive Australian accent is the result of a 'drunken slur' caused by the heavy drinking of the early settlers, according to a communication expert."

René Carmille, a punched-card computer expert and French double agent who is believed to have saved thousands of lives by sabotaging Nazi efforts to identify Jewish citizens. He eventually was found out, withstood torture, and sent to a concentration camp where he died in January of 1945.

Reading simplified scientific papers makes people overestimate their comprehension and underestimate the importance of experts in that field

When 5 experts were given fingerprints that, unbeknownst to them, they had deemed a “match” earlier in their career, and told that these were from a suspect of the Madrid train bombings, 4 of the 5 experts now said that they didn't match, suggesting their judgement is affected by the context.

In 2006, Pvt. Channing Moss was on patrol when his squad was ambushed and an RPG round got lodged in his abdomen. He was evacuated operated on by two surgeons and an explosive expert who had been watching a Grey's Anatomy episode on removing a live grenade. The round was removed and he survived.

The film Memento is lauded by medical experts for its accurate portrayal of anterograde amnesia and is considered "close to a perfect exploration of the neurobiology of memory"

In France in the 1500s, women could charge their husbands with impotence. He would have to become erect and show he could ejaculate in a courtroom. If he failed, he could demand a Trial by Congress and attempt to have sex with his wife in front of the experts.

6 masterpieces for solo piano were discovered to great excitement, and confirmed by the leading experts to be genuine works by Haydn. They were later proved not to be by him, and are now largely ignored; despite them being genuinely original music which had the aficionados enthralled.

An 18 year old owed $350 for a Scientology course, so the Church threatened his father. A letter from a ‘Minister’ included: I am an expert at harassment, try me and find out. You will be broke, out of a job and broken in health. I have abilities that I will use to crush you to your knees.

Cameron Todd Willingham, who was charged and executed in 2004 for allegedly setting his house on fire to murder his 3 children in 1991. All the evidence against him was debunked by experts in fire investigations 5 years later.

More than 1,000 experts, including Stephen Hawking, Elon Musk and Steve Wozniak, have signed an open letter urging a global ban on AI weapons systems

Nazi official Herbert Backe, who masterminded the WWII program to starve Eastern Europe. After the Allied victory he flew to Eisenhower's headquarters, perceiving himself as a leading expert on solving hunger problems and expecting a discussion with the general. He was imprisoned.

Phrases such as "studies show" or "experts say" are called weasel words

A public speaking expert theorised that the Australian accent sounds slurred because the first colonists were always drunk.

Vegas is running out of water and electricity. After a 14-year drought, experts say that the water level in the reservoir created by the Hoover Dam which provides Vegas with water and power is now well below half full.

Jamie Hyneman has been a certified dive master, wilderness survival expert, boat captain, linguist, pet shop owner, animal wrangler, machinist, concrete inspector, and chef.

Taylor Mitchell, a 19-year old Canadian Country Folk singer who was killed by coyotes while hiking in 2009. She is the only known adult ever killed by coyotes, and her death shocked wildlife experts and forced them to reassess the threat that coyotes pose to people.

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experts fact infographic about In order to test my own political and historical biases, I r
In order to test my own political and historical biases, I ranked all of the US Presidents off the top of my head from best to worst, and then compared those rankings to a list com

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