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  1. There have been no beehive losses in Cuba. Unable to import pesticides due to the embargo, the island now exports valuable organic honey.

  2. France generates roughly 73% of it's electricity from Nuclear Power, is one of the world's largest exporters of power, and has not had a single nuclear related fatality.

  3. That, despite being 10 times smaller than California, The Netherlands is the world's second largest exporter of agricultural and food products: In addition, Dutch farms are some of the most water-efficient in the world

  4. The Netherlands, which fits into the U.S. more than 200 times and has a population density higher than Rhode Island, is the world's second largest food exporter.

  5. One of North Korea's largest exports is giant statues of foreign dictators.

  6. 53 percent of the people who live in Fiji don't have access to clean, safe water yet Fiji water is the nation's largest export

  7. Despite being a small and densely populated country, the Netherlands is the world's second biggest exporter of food. More than half of its land is used for agriculture and horticulture.

  8. Finland has a 20-year plan for its country brand. The 365-page government report includes plans to become a silicon valley of social innovations, a land where the lakes are drinkable, and a country that has managed to export its unbeatable education.

  9. The wealthiest self-made woman in the world is a Chinese woman who had the foresight to export US waste paper, recycle it to China to make boxes and packing materials, which will be sent back to the US creating a never ending cycle.

  10. During the Great Famine, Ireland continued to export enormous quantities of food to England. This kept food prices far too high for the average Irish peasant to afford and was a major contributing factor in the large death toll from the famine.

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exporting fact data chart about The balance between countries' import and export of goods an
The balance between countries' import and export of goods and services 1960-2016

exporting fact data chart about Canada's rank as a trade export partner for each US state
Canada's rank as a trade export partner for each US state

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Mexican Coke is actually brewed, with cane sugar, in mexico with the intention to be exported. However, Mexicans still consume corn syrup flavored coke, also brewed in Mexico.

During WWII the Russians had their own independently developed "Jeep", but because the Americans sent so many Jeeps to help, the Russians turned their own Jeeps into thousands of little armored cars. They were surprisingly successful and widely exported after the war.

There is an entire village in India whose main export is muscular men to be bouncers at city nightclubs.

Ireland exported enormous quantities of food during the height of the 1840's Great Famine, "more than enough grain crops to feed the population."

The Netherlands is the world's second-largest exporter of food and agricultural products, after the United States despite having one of the largest population densities of the world.

The company behind ITT Tech was once one of the biggest conglomerates on Earth. They grossed $8 Billion in 1970, were heavily involved in the Brazilian and Chilean coupes, and were recently fined $100 Million for violations of the Arms Export Control Act.

There is a village in India whose main export are men! This village prepares men to become bouncers for nightclubs and bars. They do so by having a 2 hour workout in the morning, followed by a 2 hour workout in the afternoon, in combination with high-protein food.

Ethiopians cannot enjoy the highest quality coffee produced in their own country, which is the birthplace of coffee. The government only allows lower-quality beans to be sold on the domestic market, in order to promote exports and obtain a harder foreign currency.

The fall of Nokia has decimated Finland's economy: "By 2000, Nokia accounted for a mindboggling 4% of Finnish GDP, 70% of Helsinki's stock exchange market capital, 43% of corporate R&D, 21% of total exports and 14% of corporate tax revenues. It was and still is unprecedented."

That, due to the extreme amount of red tape involved in exporting animals, Game of Thrones moves production to the home country of the dogs who portray the Starks' direwolves to film their scenes, rather than attempt transporting them to Ireland.

Kobe beef was not legally exported out of Japan until January of 2012. If you ate Japanese Kobe Beef outside of Japan before this date, you were duped. - fact check

Firestone funded and aided a violent, vicious, and rapacious warlord to overthrow the Liberian government to keep their rubber plantation secure and the export taxes low.

Canada still exports mass amounts of Asbestos to developing countries with no safety regulations, and prevents safety regulations being put into place

"Banana Republic" was coined as a political term referring to a country(s) (Honduras and neighbors) that were exploited by a corporation (United Fruit Co.) for specific exports (yes, bananas). It is typically ruled by plutocracy and has a large poor working class that is also exploited.

During WW II Britain stopped selling food to Ireland in order to persuade them to drop neutrality and enter the war. Ireland responded by cutting off all exports of Guinness. The supplying of food was resumed.

The first settler to successfully grow commercial Tobacco was John Rolfe in Jamestown, in Virginia in 1609. In 1614, the first shipment was sent to England. In 1638, 3,000,000 pounds was being sent annually. By the 1680s, Jamestown was producing over 25,000,000 pounds for export to Europe.

In the 19th century, America was notorious for exporting adulterated food and counterfeiting European products, similar to how China is regarded by the West today.

K-pop is subsidized by the South Korean government, because every $100 in music sales increases exports of Korean manufacturing by $412

To circumvent US laws banning the export of cryptography software as "ammunition", PGP inventor Phill Zimmermann published the entire sourcecode in a hardcover book. The export of books is fully legal.

Nearly all the bread clips - those flat, U-shaped pieces of plastic - are produced by one family-owned company in Yakima, Washington. The first one was carved from a credit card, the company exports billions a year, and the Kwik Lok Corporation has an almost complete monopoly.

Cows are considered sacred in Hindu culture, but India is one of the top four exporters of beef in the world. - fact check

The Hindenberg, who's crash heralded the disappearence of the zeppelins, was originally designed to use non-flammable helium (not hydrogen) but the US controlled the only Helium supplies and refused to export them.

The small country of the Netherlands is the 2nd largest exporter of agricultural goods behind the USA, with exports earning $79 billion in 2013. They export two thirds of the world's fresh-cut plants, flowers, and flower bulbs.

90% of Scotch whisky made in Scotland is exported. - fact check

Germany is the third largest exporter on Earth, accounting for nearly as much exports as the entire US, and for $1.5 trillion of the EU's $2.1 trillion in exports.

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