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What is Eye Socket?
  1. Owls don't have eyeballs. The eyes are long and shaped more like a tube. Owl eyes can't turn in their sockets because of this shape.

  2. It has been theorised that the myth of the Cyclops came about when Greeks discovered dwarf elephant skulls and misinterpreted the trunk cavity as a single eye socket.

  3. Penguins and other marine birds have a supraorbital gland above their eye socket that breaks down sodium in their bloodstream. Which allows them to remove salt from saltwater and make it fresh water for them to survive.

  4. Owls can’t move their eyes in their sockets making their 180 degree neck turning necessary to see around them

  5. A nuclear test so devastating that it killed sea life miles away. The shockwave crushed skulls, eyes were blown out of their sockets or when their lungs ruptured. Thousands of birds also perished, their spines snapped and their legs pushed through their bodies.

  6. In 1990, during an exchange of punches in a wrestling match between Vader and Stan Hansen, Stan poked Vader's right eye, which caused it to pop out of its socket. After pushing the eye back into its socket and holding it in place with his eyelid, Vader continued until the match was called off.

  7. The reason owls can't turn their eyes is because they don't have eyeballs - their eyes are tube shaped which prohibits them from being able to turn in sockets like ours.

  8. In the 1982 Rome Olympics, a fencer from the USSR named Vladimir Smirnov was killed when his opponents' snapped blade broke and went through his eye socket.

  9. The Greek cyclops myth may have originated from the skulls of dwarf elephants, which appear to have a large central eye socket where a trunk would have been

  10. In the past, high-end monocles had frames custom-made to fit the wearer's eye socket. The frame was a flattened wire supported by posts. The ends were pulled together, the monocle was placed in the eye orbit, and the ends released, causing the frame to spring out and hold the monocle in place.

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The skulls of Dwarf Elephants found around the Mediterranean Sea are the likely origins of the mythical Cyclops due to the nasal cavity appearing like a singular eye socket.

The original inspiration behind graham crackers was to help adolescents curb masturbation. Reverend Sylvester Graham believed in eating only the ‘pure’ foods from the Garden of Eden, excluding meats and alcohol as those could lead to “sexual excesses” wherein “your eyes fall from their sockets.”

The legend of cyclopes likely began when ancient people mistook the nasal cavities in elephant skulls for eye sockets

The human eye's lens is made of long fibers held together with ball-and-socket joints

When you hum, your eyes vibrate in their sockets, and this can create a stroboscopic effect.

2 Rockfish at the Vancouver Aquarium were each given 1 prosthetic eye to replace the ones lost after a cataract rupture. The purpose of the fake eye was to stop them from being harassed by other fish, who viewed the empty eye socket as a sign of weakness & would attack them, tattering their fins

In an attempt to control his imagination, Isaac Newton conducted many experiments where he stuck "bodkin" needles between his eyelid and eyeball and pushed it as far in as possible into the eye socket to try and control his vision.

Sauroniops, a massive predatory dinosaur named after Sauron from The Lord Of The Rings because it's only known from a single bone above its eye-socket.

Vladimir Smirnov, a foil fencing world champion who died in an fencing accident, involving a broken blade impaling his eye socket and thrusting into his brain

Tarantulas fling their needlelike hair at predators as a defensive mechanism. These hairs can not only get inside the skin, but are also known for entering eye sockets and digestive systems where they can cause major problems.

A gruesome surgery was invented in 1946 by Dr. Walter Freeman who thought that the best cure for mental ill health was to take an ice pick, jam it into a patient's eye socket, and move it sideways to sever the "emotional areas" from the rest of the brain. - fact check

Walter Freeman performed about 2,400 lobotomies 1946--67, 10 minutes each, using an ice pick to enter the brain thru the eye socket. Rosemary Kennedy was one of his patients.

It's not uncommon for Pugs' eyes to pop out of their sockets. - fact check

Two things. First, it's possible to cause an Orbital Blowout Fracture in your eye socket by blowing your nose too hard. Second, blowing your nose without a tissue by closing one nostril with your finger while blowing mucous out the other is called the "Bushman's Hankey Maneuver".

Certain breeds of dogs (Shih Tzus, pugs, Boston Terriers) with shallow eye sockets are more likely to suffer from proptosis - when the eyeball pops out of its socket.

Walter Freeman is known in history as the father of the lobotomy, an infamous procedure that involved hammering an ice pick-like instrument into a patient's brain through their eye sockets.

Actor Norman Reedus was in a car accident involving an 18 wheeler. He was thrown through the windshield, and required surgery, which resulted in a titanium eye socket and four screws in his nose.

Scallops have up to 100 eyes set in separate sockets, each with a lens, a retina and an optic nerve like the human eye.

Sharks can heat their eyes using a special organ next to a muscle in their eye socket, allowing them to continue hunting in frigid waters.

.. A 16 year old Florida Teen fended off an alligator that pulled him under the water by jamming his thumb in his eye socket, a defensive move he had recently learned from s t.v. show.

Vodka eyeballing, the practice of getting inebriated by pouring vodka through the eye socket. - fact check

Cyclopia, a disease where the eye sockets form into one. - fact check

The MMA let a transgender woman fight another women in a sanctioned match. She defeated her opponent in the first round giving her a concussion and breaking her eye socket resulting in a damaged orbital bone that required seven staples.

About exophtalmos, aka "globe luxation", or when your eye(s) pops out of its socket.

The German word "äugeln" means to f*ck somebody with a glass eye in the empty eye socket.