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  1. There is a long-term care facility in the Netherlands that allows college students to stay for free in exchange for 30 hours of volunteer per month. When students come home from a class, concert, or party, they share those experiences with their elderly neighbors, some of whom are over 90

  2. In 2008, high school football coach Kris Hogan got many of the fans of his team to cheer for and support the other team because the other team was from a maximum-security juvenile correctional facility and did not have fans of their own

  3. Actor Martin Sheen has been arrested a total of 66 times for protesting and acts of civil disobedience - most recently in 2007 for trespassing at a Nevada nuclear test facility.

  4. Target has 2 U.S. based forensic labs where they solve retail crimes, felonies, homicides, and special circumstances cases for law bureaus that need the extra manpower, facilities, resources and time – free of charge.

  5. About Nellie Bly who had herself purposely committed to an insane asylum in 1887 by feigning insanity so that she could investigate the abuse happening in the facility.

  6. Killer Whales are able to learn to speak Dolphin. When killer whales were socialized with bottlenose dolphins at a water facility, they changed the types of sounds they made to resemble those of their social partners

  7. The Boeing factory in Seattle is so massive that rain clouds began to form inside the facility until a state-of-the-art air circulation system was installed

  8. Burmese pythons have overrun the Florida Everglades partly as a result of Hurricane Andrew destroying a breeding facility in 1992, which released hundreds of snakes.

  9. Up until the 1960's, black Americans with cars could purchase a "Green Book" that would tell them which towns across America had colored facilities, which towns didn't accept black people out after dark, and which places to avoid visiting if they wanted to survive their trip.

  10. The actor who played Anakin in The Phantom Menace is currently in a psychiatric facility with schizophrenia.

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Target has a top rated forensic lab in Las Vegas and Minneapolis used to solve retail crimes committed at Target stores. They also tackle felony, homicide and special circumstances cases for law bureaus that need the extra manpower, facilities, resources and time free of charge.

A high school football coach got half the fans of his own team to cheer for the other team, because the other team was from a maximum-security juvenile correctional facility and didn't have any fans of their own.

The Pentagon was constructed with twice the number of bathrooms needed for the number of employees because segregated Virginia at the time required separate facilities for "white" and "colored" persons.

In Denmark there are facilities called "fix rooms" letting addicts inject certain type of drugs under supervision.

In 2013, California shut down an elder care facility but didn't relocate the residents before the owners stopped operations. The janitor and cook stayed behind, unpaid, to give around-the-clock care to 16 patients for two days.

Dr. Dre is donating all of his artist royalties earned from Compton, his first album in 16 years, to help fund a new performing arts and entertainment facility in Compton.

In France, it is illegal for grocery stores to throw away edible food. Stores must donate edible, unused food to charity or facilities that process it into animal feed or compost.

There is a non-profit organization called "House With A Heart" that takes in and cares for senior dogs, many with special needs, that have been abandoned by their owners. The facility operates as a hospice, seeing to it that older dogs are not consigned to dying in shelters, or worse.

The Hole. A facility owned and operated by the Church of Scientology that held executives against their will for months at a time. Abuse and humiliation tactics were used to force confessions from members who were believed to have counter intentions from the church and its leader

When the NFL football team Seattle Seahawks invited a retired 4 star general to their facility, Seattles head coach Pete Carroll blitzed him with questions about whether the 9/11 attacks “had been planned or faked” by the government.

In 2000, a Wild Turkey whiskey storage facility caught fire, spilling 17,000 barrels of flaming whiskey into the surrounding woods, catching them ablaze. Twenty percent of the whiskey flowed into the Kentucky River, disrupting its oxygen supply, killing 228,000 fish along 66 miles of the river.

During the Fukushima nuclear disaster, more than 200 retirees volunteered to replace younger workers at the facility. The volunteer group figures they have less than 20 years to live and will be dead before any radiation induced cancer develops.

Coca-Cola bottling facilities in Mexico never made the switch from glass to plastic bottles. Coca-Cola opened it's first Mexican bottling facility in the 1920's.

When a mental health facility in New Jersey caught fire, a newspaper ran the headline "Roasted Nuts"

The Pentagon has twice as many toilet facilities needed for a building of its size because it had to conform with the Commonwealth of Virginia's racial segregation laws during construction.

When USSR premier Nikita Khrushchev visited IBM's Silicon Valley research facility in 1959 he showed indifference to computing technology, but he was so impressed by their buffet style cafeteria that he instructed factories across the Soviet Union to implement the self service dining concept.

When the second plane hit the WTC on 9/11, NYC TV station WPIX's transmission facility was destroyed in the explosion. As a result the channel was stuck showing the exact moment the plane hit the South Tower for the whole day.

Entrepreneur George F. Johnson pioneered 40 hour workweeks, paid industry-leading wages, sold homes to employees at a loss, built parks, pools, medical facilities, etc. and still turned a profit with his 10,000 employee company.

The actress who played Laurie on that 70's show died in her sleep at a rehab facility from "multiple drug intoxication" in 2013

About Operation Looking Glass - a 24-hour a day, continuously airborne command center capable of directing all of the United States' nuclear assets as backup, should SAC's ground facilities be destroyed. Taking turns, the airplanes stayed continuously staffed for 29 years.

In 1950 all Northrop Corporations Flying Wing aircraft contracts were canceled abruptly without explanation. Shortly thereafter, also without explanation, the Air Force smelted down all prototypes using portable smelters brought to Northrop's facility, in plain sight of its employees.

Tires in Australia will soon have barcodes that would help the government track if they are disposed of properly. If a tyre doesn't reach the proper waste facility, they can find it and penalize whoever is keeping it.

A theme park in Transylvania that's 400 feet below ground. Once a salt mine and cheese storing facility, visitors can ride a Ferris wheel, row around a lake, play mini golf, and more.

The FBI and EPA suspected a nuclear weapons facility was illegally leaking radioactive materials but were unable to investigate due to substantial security, they asked for a meeting with top officials regarding a "terrorist threat". Once inside they immediately served a search warrant.

San Diego Zoo maintains a so-called "frozen zoo", a facility in which they preserve DNA from rare and near-extinct species

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