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  1. Sir James Milne Wilson achieved the extremely rare feat of being both born on 29 February and dying on 29 February.

  2. Under Julius Caesar, February had 30 days, but when Caesar Augustus was emperor he was peeved that his month - August - had only 29 days, whereas the month named after his predecessor Julius - July - had 31. He pinched a couple of days for August from February to make it the same as July.

  3. A Utah woman has given birth on February 29 three times (2004, 2008, 2012)

  4. The only notable person known to have both been born and died on February 29 was Sir James Wilson (1812–1880), Premier of Tasmania

  5. Montgomery, Alabama was the first capital of the CSA from February 4, 1861 until May 29, 1861.

  6. There is a popular tradition known as Bachelor's Day in some countries allowing a woman to propose marriage to a man on February 29. If the man refuses, he then is obliged to give the woman money or buy her a dress.

  7. Ash Wednesday will occur on leap year day (February 29) for the first time in 2096, then again in 2468, 2688, 2840 and 2992.

  8. The Action of 29 February 1916 was a naval battle between a cargo ship and an ocean liner.

  9. February 29 is Bachelor's Day - a traditional holiday when women are to propose to men. Scotland began the tradition in 1288 by passing a law permitting women to propose and if the man refuses, he must pay a fine or buy the woman a gift.

  10. Sir James Milne Wilson, premier of the Australian colony of Tasmania, was born and died on the same day - February 29.

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In many European countries, especially in the upper classes of society, tradition dictates that any man who refuses a woman's proposal on February 29 has to buy her 12 pairs of gloves.

Popular Design News of the Week: January 29, 2018 – February 4, 2018

Serial Killer Aileen Wuornos was born on February 29

There are two known cases of families in which three children have each been born four years apart on "Leap Day"--February 29.

Sir James Milne Wilson achieved the extremely rare feat of being both born on 29 February (making him a leapling) and dying on the same date

only 400 out of the 7000 diseases classified as “rare” have an effective treatment. This fact is recognized during Rare Disease Day, which is held every year on the last day of February. This day also holds an extra special meaning on February 29 – the rarest day of the year.

Serial Killer Richard Ramirez was born on February 29

James Milne Wilson was born and died on February 29

The first Rare Disease Day was on Leap Day, February 29, 2008 to raise awareness of rare and otherwise little known diseases.

Saturday Night Live has never broadcast an original episode on February 29. That is scheduled to change this year with John Mulaney and David Byrne.

In some European countries, it was common for women to propose on February 29. If a man refused one such proposal, he had to buy the woman 12 pairs of gloves, supposedly to help her hide the embarrassment of not having an engagement ring.

In many European countries, tradition dictates that any gentleman who refuses a woman’s proposal on February 29 should pay a penalty in the form of a new gown, money, or 12 pairs of gloves for the lady.

On February 25th 1994, in Hebron, Israel, American-Israeli physician and religious extremist Baruch Goldstein committed mass murder in Cave of the Patriarchs, killing 29 people and wounding 125. He was beaten to death by the survivors of the massacre.

The only notable person known to have **both been born and died on February 29** was Sir James Wilson (1812–1880), Premier of Tasmania.

In Scotland and Ireland, 29 February in a leap year is said to be the one day when a woman can propose to her partner. Finland has the same custom, with the addition that a man rejecting such a proposal was expected to buy his suitor enough cloth for a skirt as compensation.

If a woman proposes marriage to a man on february 29., he will have to buy her 12 pairs of gloves, if he refuses the proposal or marry her the same day if he accepts. In Denmark, the tradition dates back to the year 1288.

29 Feb is not a leap day. 24 Feb was the original leap day, that took place after the ancient Roman month of February, which only had 23 days.