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  1. There is an island which changes sovereignty every 6 months. Less than 7000 sq metres, in a river on the Spain-France border, Pheasant Island is ceremonially exchanged between the two countries every February and July, according to a peace treaty which was signed on the island in 1659

  2. Groundhogs are used to predict weather in Pennsylvania since 1800s. If groundhog leaves its burrow on the February 2nd, spring will come early. If groundhog sees its own shadow and returns back to burrow, winter will last for another 6 weeks.

  3. Chipmunks gather during the mating season that takes place from February to April. Female gives birth to 2 to 6 babies. Chipmunks are sized like a bumblebee at birth. They are blind, naked and helpless.

  4. Billy Idol was James Cameron's first choice for the role of the T-1000 in Terminator 2: Judgment Day, but after a motorcycle accident 6 February 1990 that nearly cost Idol his leg, the role was recast entirely.

  5. The battle occurred on February 6, 1862.

  6. General Ulysses S. Grant planned to attack Fort Henry in Tennessee on February 6 while it was being attacked the U.S. Navy. However, Grant's troops were not needed.

  7. February and March both having a Friday the 13th happens in a pattern every 6 or 11 years

  8. World's first official airmail flight was piloted by Henri Pequet, who flew with 6,500 letters a distance of 13 km (8.1 mi) from Allahabad to Naini - the nearest station on the Bombay-Calcutta line, on February 18, 1911

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