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  1. When Robert Ballard (professor of oceanography) announced a mission to find the Titanic, it was a cover story for a classified mission to search for lost nuclear submarines. They finished before they were due back, so the team spent the extra time looking for the Titanic and actually found it.

  2. A man was once sued by United Airlines for making a site which helps people find cheaper flight tickets

  3. Prohibition agent Izzy Einstein bragged that he could find liquor in any city in under 30 minutes. In Chicago it took him 21 min. In Atlanta 17, and Pittsburgh just 11. But New Orleans set the record: 35 seconds. Einstein asked his taxi driver where to get a drink, and the driver handed him one.

  4. In 2017, a dog named Odin refused to leave his flock of goats behind during the California Tubbs Fire as his owners fled to safety. Days later, the owners came back to their property to find Odin survived and managed to keep all the goats alive.

  5. Tom Cruise is obsessed with sending his co-stars cakes, even ones he worked with decades ago. Louis Theroux, documentary maker, even went to his grandmother's 100th Birthday Party to find 100 cupcakes from Tom Cruise, after Tom worked with his cousin.

  6. When a bee hive becomes too full, bees will form a "Senate" comprised of older, more experienced bees to seek a new location. When a bee finds a good spot, it begins dancing to motion other bees toward it. Then, they vote on it by dancing as a collective until a consensus is reached.

  7. While filming Predator, Jesse Ventura was delighted to find out from the wardrobe department that his arms were 1” bigger than Arnold Schwarzenegger’s. He suggested to Arnold they measure arms, winner gets a bottle of champagne. Ventura lost, as Arnold set this up with the wardrobe department

  8. Nicolas Cage once outbid Leonardo DiCaprio for a 70 million year old dinosaur skull paying $276,000 for it. After later finding out that the skull was stolen he agreed to return it to the Mongolian authorities.

  9. Trader Joe's hides a stuffed animal in a majority of their stores and if your child finds it they get a prize

  10. There was a global search to find a mate for Jeremy, a rare left-coiling snail. Because his shell coiled counterclockwise, the opposite direction of typical snails, his sex organs could not align with others. Two candidates were found but they proceeded to mate with each other instead of Jeremy.

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Using over 250 interviews and debates, I find no evidence of a decline in Donald Trump's vocabulary between 1980 and 2018. However, he has a notably lower diversity of words than a

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William Wrigley Jr. began by selling soap and offered baking powder as an incentive to buy it. Finding the baking powder more popular, he switched to selling it instead and gave his customers gum as incentive. Again, he found that the gum was more popular and began to sell it instead.

Reggie Miller, NBA Hall of Famer, couldn't escape his older sister Cheryl's shadow while in high school. On January 26, 1982, he scored a career high 40 points. He tried bragging about it on the car ride home, only to find out Cheryl scored 105 points and broken 8 national records!

17-year-old Kenny Loggins wasn't going to be able to record his song "House at Pooh Corner" because Disney was enforcing their copyright to Winnie the Pooh. Upset, he mentioned this to his girlfriend, only to find out her dad was the president of Disney– he soon got permission.

On a 1995 visit to Washington D.C., Russian President Boris Yeltsin was found on Pennsylvania Avenue, drunk, in his underwear and trying to hail a cab in order to find pizza.

Costco purposefully designed their store without signs to force people to wander through all the aisles and find things to buy.

Anna Ayala, the lady who tried to fraudulently sue Wendy's for finding a human finger in her chili, was sentenced to 9 years in prison for this stunt.

The common English-speaker has roughly 50,000 words within their mind and generally finds the correct one in approximately 600 milliseconds.

The Etoro people of New Guinea believe that in order for a boy to achieve manhood they must first ingest the semen of their elders through fellatio. The nearby Kaluli tribe find this barbaric, and instead believe that the semen should be delivered to the boys in the anus.

The guy who managed Guinness Breweries in the 1950s went to a shooting party, where he missed his shot at a golden plover. In his defence, he argued it was the fastest game bird in Europe, but couldn't find a reference book that proved it. That's why he created the Guinness Book of Records.

After leaving for a trip and returning to find his pregnant wife had died and been burried, Samuel Morse spent the next 45 years of his life inventing the telegraph; trying to make sure no one felt the way he did that night.

you can’t find broccoli in the wild since it was created by humans by breeding it from wild cabbage.

India's army reportedly spent six months watching "Chinese spy drones" violating its air space, only to find out they were actually Jupiter and Venus.

FDR founded an organization to find a cure for polio, and believed that if everyone gave only a dime, polio would be eradicated. Because of this motto, after his death in 1945, FDR's face was put on the dime, and his organization was renamed "The March of Dimes."

AT&T only put the * and # buttons on the phone keypad because they had extra space, and they figured maybe someone someday will find some use for them.

When a poacher’s snare killed one of their own, two young gorillas teamed up to find and dismantle traps in their Rwandan forest home. They saw what they had to do, they did it then moved to dismantle next trap.

A single Wolverine crossed the ice of Lake Huron into Michigan, where it lived out its days as the only one in the entire state. A local science teacher followed and studied her closely for years until her death. Upon finding her dead he said, "I feel like I lost a member of my family."

Paris holds an annual contest to find the city’s best baguette. Around 200 bakers each submit two baguettes (must be eligible) to be graded on quality, look, smell, taste, and crunch. The winner wins €4000 and a contract to supply the French president fresh baguettes every day for 1 year.

In 2010, a Canadian man rescued a newborn baby from a dumpster, only to find out he was the father.

In 2000 Portugal decriminalized ALL drugs. If police find someone w/a supply larger than 10 days worth of personal use they aren’t arrested but brought before a “dissuasion panel” made up of experts who evaluate the person & prescribe treatment. both HIV infections & deaths by OD have plummeted.

Puyi, the last Emperor of China, spent his last years as a commoner in Beijing under the communist regime. On his first day of work as a street sweeper, he was lost and told passersby, "I'm Puyi, the last Emperor of the Qing dynasty. I'm staying with relatives and can't find my way home."

Honey Bees make decisions collectively--and democratically. Every year, faced with the life-or-death problem of choosing and traveling to a new home, honeybees stake everything on a process that includes collective fact-finding, vigorous debate, and consensus building, literally

After his crimes were discovered, serial killer Marcel Petiot grew a beard and joined the police using the alias Captain Valeri. "Valeri" was assigned to find Petiot until someone recognized him, months later.

The Crips main founder was appalled to find his organization escalating from fist-fights of his era to gun fights, and hoped to build a truce with the Bloods before distancing himself and ultimately dying in a drive-by.

Scientists used $666,000 in federal research money to examine whether distant prayer could heal AIDS, finding it could not

Stephen Hawking once sent his PhD student away with a very hard problem – finding exact rotating black hole solutions of Einstein’s equations with a cosmological constant – and was stunned when he came back a few days later with the solution

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