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  1. Wendy's chocolate Frosty is actually half chocolate and half vanilla because owner Dave Thomas thought full chocolate would be too overpowering a flavor paired with their burger and fries meal.

  2. 7 Up launched a variation called "dnL" (the 7up logo turned upside down) and was basically the opposite of 7 Up: instead of a caffiene-free clear soda in a green bottle, it was a caffienated green soda in a clear bottle, and instead of lemon-lime the flavor was lime-lemon.

  3. Honeycrisp apples have much larger cells than other apples, giving them extra flavor and crunch.

  4. Mayonnaise does not need to be refrigerated. Putting mayo in the fridge extends its flavor shelf life but it is safe at room temperature because it is so acidic; food bacteria can't grow in it.

  5. Apple seeds do not produce the same apples as their parent. To keep the same flavor, apple trees must be grafted. Every Honeycrisp apple you have ever eaten has come from the same tree, just split apart.

  6. The 3 Musketeers bar was originally split into three pieces with three different flavors: vanilla, chocolate and strawberry. When the other flavors became harder to come by during World War II, Mars decided to go all chocolate.

  7. Kit Kat is so popular in Japan that it is sold at high-end department stores, Kit Kat only specialty shops, and post offices. Nearly every region has a signature flavor sold only in that part of the country, and there are nearly 300 flavors of Kit Kat.

  8. In 1984 a group of paleontologists ate a buffalo stew that had been frozen for 30,000 years. The flavor was reported as tough with an earthy mushroom smell.

  9. Banana candy doesn't taste like banana because the flavoring was invented while an old species of banana was popular, the Gros Michel, which tastes different to the currently popular banana, the Cavendish. Panama disease wiped out the Gros Michel but the artificial flavour never changed.

  10. It was "Flavor Aid," not "Kool-Aid" that poisoned the suicidal members of the Jonestown Massacre, an incident which gave us the phrase "don't drink the Kool-Aid."

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The amount of skittles left in the bag (clustered by colors and flavors)

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The number of flavors of Oreos over time

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Watermelons originated in Africa and were first cultivated solely for their water content; their flavor was very bitter.

A 'bad' Bean Boozle flavor is made by super-heating the actual disgusting item, putting it through a "gas chromotograph," isolating the chemical makeup, and converting it into "flavor markers" for the jelly bean.

Blackcurrant fruit was banned in the United States in 1911 because the plant carries a disease that affects native White Pine trees. Whole forests were wiped out due to the disease. Because of the ban, not lifted until 2003, the flavor is relatively unknown in the US.

Apples originated in Kazakhstan and wild apples can taste like roses, strawberries, popcorn, anise, and many other flavors. 90% of modern apples can be traced back to 2 trees.

Strawberries and cream oatmeal doesn't have real dried strawberries...they are apple pieces dyed and flavored to taste like strawberries. The blueberries and cream are dyed and flavored figs.

In countries that don't have "ranch" dressing, that flavor is often described as "American flavor" when used in snack foods.

The 3 Musketeers bar originally had 3 flavored bars in one package (Chocolate, Strawberry, and Vanilla) hence the name, 3 Musketeers.

The airheads white mystery flavor is just the leftover flavorings that couldn't make a full batch

Researchers played nonstop loops of Led Zeppelin, A Tribe Called Quest and Mozart to cheese wheels to find out how sound waves impacted flavor. Cheese wheels that were exposed to hip hop music had the strongest flavor.

Coke Freestyle machines send daily feedback on the drink combinations dispensed to help product designers find the "next big flavor".

Wendy's Frosty is actually a mixture of chocolate and vanilla flavors. This was because Dave Thomas thought that 100% chocolate would be too overpowering a flavor when paired with a Wendy's burger and fries meal.

The gene that was bred into tomatoes by commercial farmers to give them a uniform color had the unintended result of preventing internal sugar reactions that give tomatoes flavor. This mutation (and lack of flavor) has been bred into almost all commercial American tomatoes.

Porsche once made a gasoline powered tractor specifically for coffee farmers. Diesel fumes could change the flavor, so a rare gasoline powered industrial tractor was built.

There's a fruit called "Miracle Berry" that, when eaten, causes your taste buds to not detect sour flavor for about half an hour, causing sour foods to taste sweet.

Ben & Jerry's has a "flavor graveyard" where there are tombstones for earlier flavors that are no longer sold

Mexican Coke is actually brewed, with cane sugar, in mexico with the intention to be exported. However, Mexicans still consume corn syrup flavored coke, also brewed in Mexico.

Regularly drinking excessive amounts of Mountain Dew (2-8L/day) can cause a rare neurological disorder with symptoms of memory loss, fatigue, headache & involuntary movements. The disorder is due to bromine accumulating from the brominated vegetable oils used in some citrus-flavored drinks.

A pair of soft drinks were sold in Singapore called Anything and Whatever. While each offered six flavors, the cans were identical, so you didn't know what flavor you were going to get.

Grapple is simply just an apple soaked in Methyl Anthranilate (artifical grape flavoring).

Upscale steakhouses use dry-aged beef where the beef is hung on a rack to dry for several weeks. This process evaporates moisture in the muscles and promotes enzymatic breakdown of connective tissue which together yields very flavorful meat.

Linje Akvavit, a flavored liquor from Norway, is shipped from Norway to Australia and back before being bottled. The sloshing and temperature changes the liquor experiences on the ship imparts certain flavors to the beverage. Akvavit is traditionally served as a holiday drink.

The "Blue Java" banana, a hardy, cold-tolerant banana said to have a consistency like ice cream and a flavor similar to vanilla.

Hershey's chocolate is flavored with sour-tasting butyric acid, which also gives vomit its aroma. This is why people unaccustomed to American chocolate sometimes compare it to vomit.

In the Middle Ages warmed bread was placed in drinks to add flavor. By the 1700s, dunking toasted bread in a drink became a sign of respect. In Modern times, only the term "toast" remains when everyone raising a glass in salute.

Peanut butter in a plastic jar at the supermarket usually has a sell-by date of about 18 months after it hits the shelf. Past this date, if it’s unopened it’s still perfectly good. Opened, peanut butter will slowly develop off-flavors of rancid nuts over the next five or so years.

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