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  1. In 2017, a dog named Odin refused to leave his flock of goats behind during the California Tubbs Fire as his owners fled to safety. Days later, the owners came back to their property to find Odin survived and managed to keep all the goats alive.

  2. Some free range turkey farms use alpacas to guard their flocks from foxes, since alpacas are extremely territorial and will accept the turkeys as part of their herd, defending them by chasing off predators

  3. President Woodrow Wilson allowed a flock of sheep to graze on the White House lawn. They saved manpower by not having to mow the lawn, and also raised $52,823 for the Red Cross by auctioning wool.

  4. The New Zealand town of Brightwater had 5 electric street lights in 1911 powered by a hydroelectric generator which was auto-controlled by a flock of chickens. At night, the chickens would go inside their coop and their weight would close an electric circuit, turning on the street lights.

  5. Honeybees can be trained to locate landmines due to their acute sense of smell. Croatian scientists mixed a sugar solution with a small amount of TNT — and after about five minutes of hunting for this doped sugar solution, the honeybees are trained to flock to the smell of TNT.

  6. In 2016, Shabani, a male Gorilla at a Japanese zoo received worldwide attention when women started flocking to see him as they thought him to be extremely handsome and manly. The crowds of women yelling his name made him so uncomfortable, zoo staff had to put up signs telling them to stop

  7. Pigeons can understand when a flock leader is doing a poor job and course correct. The poor leader will also spend less time as head bird and lose flock mates due to poor performance.

  8. A flock of passenger pigeons 1 mi (1.5 km) wide and 300 mi (500 km) long was once spotted in southern Ontario. The flock took 14 hours to pass overhead and held in excess of 3.5 billion birds.

  9. Golden Retrievers are the closest descendants of the now extinct Russian Tracker, a breed reportedly so intelligent it kept flocks of sheep alive for months, with no human help.

  10. A species of bird called the Passenger Pigeon once numbered in the billions in the US, and flocks passing overhead would blot out the sun sometimes for hours or days. They were hunted to extinction for their meat by 1900.

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I've been tracking Slack usage at our company for the last 2 1/2 years. At no point did the company tell us we had to use Slack -- people just flocked their on their own.

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2001: A Space Odyssey" was initially very poorly received by audiences due to it's slow place and ambiguous plot. The movie became more successful when masses of people began flocking to watch the movie while stoned, with MGM even advertising it as "The ultimate trip".

Every autumn Black-capped Chickadees allow brain neurons containing old information to die, replacing them with new neurons so they can adapt to changes in their social flocks and environment even with their tiny brains.

Mosh pits rotate in a counterclockwise fashion because they follow rules of collective motion much in the same way you see murmuration with a flock of birds

King Mithradates of Pontus had a flock of ducks who consumed poisonous plants and didn't die (thus making them useful for creating antidotes); however their blood, meat, and eggs could kill you if you ingested them

A flock of birds in Austria got drunk off fermented berries and caused a freeway pile up by dive-bombing cars

The Utah state bird is actually the California Gull because in 1848 the gulls flew in flocks from California to the Salt Lake Valley and consumed tens of thousands of "Mormon Crickets" that were devouring the crops, saving the harvest. It's called 'The miracle of the gulls'.

During WWI, Woodrow Wilson kept a flock of 48 sheep on the White House lawn to save money on groundskeepers. The sheep also earned $52,823 for the Red Cross through auction of their wool.

When a flock of starlings are murmurating (flying in those shape-shifting patterns) Each individual birds' movements are copied by 7 of its closest neighbours, and each of those neighbours' movements affect 7 more and so on through the flock.

There's a full-time position at the Tower of London called the "Ravenmaster" that is the caretaker for the flocks of Ravens that inhabit the grounds there

The name of a flock of ravens is "an unkindness of ravens" or a "Conspiracy of ravens".

After the "Miracle on the Hudson", where an Airbus A320 ditched into the Hudson River after colliding with a flock of geese, the US Department of Agriculture and Wildlife services gassed 1,235 Canadian Geese and coated 1,739 of their eggs in corn oil to suffocate the offspring.

Former NASCAR Driver Tim Flock had a Monkey Co-pilot named "Jocko Flocko". He is recognized as the only winning Monkey in NASCAR History

The Carolina Parakeet, a neotropical parrot that was native to much of the United States up until they were driven extinct by deforestation, hunting, and possibly disease in 1910. They lived in huge flocks of up to 300 birds and were likely poisonous to eat.

There was once a flock of Passenger Pigeons 300 miles long, and over a mile wide. It took 14 hours to pass over Southern Ontario.

About the Kentucky meat shower of 1876, where pieces of meat appeared to fall on Bath County. One theory is that a flock of vultures vomited in the area; the meat was said to taste like lamb or deer. Another is that the meat was a cyanobacteria which expands to a jelly-like mass when wet.

Aviation experts say African airlines have a terrible safety record but Ethiopian Airlines has always been considered an exception with a solid history. The previous fatal crash was in 1988 when a domestic flight hit a flock of pigeons and crashed, killing 31 people

St. Fiarce is a patron saint of hemorrhoids. He miraculously cured his inflamed anus by placing it upon a blessed rock. The stone survives to this day, imprinted with his holy hole, and many still flock to it hoping to cure themselves.

After the US Airways flight collided with a flock of Canada geese (forcing it to land in the Hudson river), officials in New York captured and gassed 1200 Canada geese and destroyed 1700 eggs in an effort to prevent similar accidents

A flock of peace doves got incinerated at the 1988 Olympics opening ceremony in Seoul

When the Mona Lisa was stolen in 1911, crowds of people still flocked to see the empty wall space where it had hung.

Telegraph Hill is known for supporting a flock of feral parrots, primarily Red-masked Parakeets (Aratinga erythrogenys), descended from escaped or released pets

Northern population of brown-headed cowbirds migrate to the south during the autumn. They travel back toward their breeding grounds in the spring. Brown-headed cowbirds form large roosting groups with several blackbird species. Created flocks can consist of 100.000 to 5 million birds.

Clark's nutcrackers are gregarious birds. They travel in large flocks and produce rolling calls for the communication.

Woodrow Wilson’s sheep flock had a ram named Old Ike who would chew tobacco people threw on the lawn

Finches are gregarious birds that often live in large flocks, also known as charms. They communicate through various songs.