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  1. In 1959 a white man from Texas disguised himself as a black man and traveled for six weeks on greyhound buses. After publishing his experiences with racism he was forced to move to Mexico for several years due to death threats.

  2. High priced college textbooks bundled with "access codes" that expire at the end of the semester largely force students to buy books at retail prices at campus bookstores and render the texts worthless in the resale market. Nearly four in 10 college courses bundle their texts with access codes.

  3. In 1981 a man named Roger Fischer had an idea for a volunteer to have ICBM launch codes put in their chest cavity. In the event of an emergency, the volunteer would carry a knife to be killed with. It was meant to force the personal killing of one man to start the impersonal killing of millions.

  4. While filming "Star Wars: The Force Awakens", actor Oscar Isaac specifically requested that his character Poe Dameron be a native of the planet Yavin 4. This is because the scenes on Yavin 4 in the original trilogy were filmed in Guatemala, where Isaac is actually from.

  5. About the Rosenhan experiment, in which a Stanford psychologist and his associates faked hallucinations in order to be admitted to psychiatric hospitals. They then acted normally. All were forced to admit to having a mental illness and agree to take antipsychotic drugs in order to be released.

  6. In 1998 Bill O'Reilly wrote a novel about a tall, bitter, sexually predatory newsman who gets forced out of his job and starts murdering former colleagues who helped to ruin his career.

  7. A hijacked Ethiopian Airlines plane was headed to Switzerland, but had to be intercepted by French/Italian fighter jets because the Swiss Air force doesn't work on nights and weekends.

  8. In California all DUI convicts are made to sign “The Watson Admonishment”, which forces them to acknowledge the danger of DUI. If you are the cause of fatal DUI after signing this you are charged with murder rather than manslaughter.

  9. The current chess grandmaster, Magnus Carlsen, intentionally plays non-book "inaccuracies" during opening (moves he knows aren't the best) to force the game into a non-book position ASAP so his opponents will have to think for themselves instead of going by memorised opening theory

  10. A 3M adhesive tape plant accidentally created a force field of static electricity that was strong enough to prevent humans from passing through. A person near this "wall" was unable to turn, and so had to walk backwards to retreat from it.

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What percentage of people are in the labor force?

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Follow up: Percentage of the population (over 16) in the work force by county

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When France was occupied by the Germans in 1940, Citroen was forced to produce vehicles for the Nazis. They chose to move the fill line on their oil dipsticks lower, causing the trucks to seize under stress from low oil.

A holocaust denial group offered $50,000 to anyone who could prove that gas chambers were used to intentionally kill people at Auschwitz. They were forced by a judge to pay that money, and an additional $40,000, to Auschwitz survivor Mel Mermelstein who provided proof of that very fact.

The first commercial passenger airliner to be shot down by hostile forces was refurbished, returned to service, and later became the third commercial passenger airliner to be shot down by hostile forces.

Marriott was fined $600,000 by the FCC in 2014 for blocking customers' personal Wi-Fi so customers were forced to pay for internet.

Ants will refuse “medical” help from their colony if they know they are mortally wounded. Rather than waste the colony’s resources and energy on futile rehabilitation, the wounded ant flails its legs forcing help to abandon them.

Japan's high schools often have strict standards of conformity regarding hair color. Half of Tokyo's schools require students whose hair is not naturally black to provide baby pictures as proof; in 2017 a Japanese student sued her school after being forced to darken her hair with dye.

Before Japan surrendered to end WW2, the US armed forces ordered over 1 million Purple Heart medals in anticipation of a difficult land invasion. That stock is still being used today.

Mark Zuckerberg bought 700 acres of beachfront land in Hawaii. He built a wall around the property and then tried to force hundreds of Native Hawaiians to forfeit their gathering rights to the land by suing them

Costco purposefully designed their store without signs to force people to wander through all the aisles and find things to buy.

In 2016, a British man crowdfunded a ten hour film of paint drying in order to force the British Board of Film Classification to watch it, as part of a protest against it. This is due to independent filmmakers needing to pay £1,000 per submission in order to be certified. The film received a U.

George H.W. Bush ordered emergency airlifts of food and supplies to Somalia in 1992.“Operation Restore Hope,” to help the starving country by protecting food shipments from the warlords. By helping to end the famine, American forces saved around 100,000 lives

About Dr Denis Mukwege, a congolese gynecologist who specialised in women victims of extreme sexual violence. Threatened, he exiled with his family, but the Congolese women joined forces for him to come back. He now works in Bukavu where he is under constant protection from the UN.

Gay men incarcerated in Nazi concentration camps during World War II were forced back into prison even after the Allied forces won that conflict.

When the Soviet Union was pushing towards Berlin, an SS soldier was forced to play a piano for his captors. They made it clear in sign language that he would be executed the moment he stopped. He played for 22 hours, after which he collapsed in tears. They congratulated him, then shot him.

Though offered a scholarship to Princeton, Ralph Nader's father forced him to decline the offer on the grounds that the family was able to pay Nader's tuition and the funds should go to a student who could not afford it. Nader graduated magna cum laude in 1955.

Hu Yaobang, whose funeral triggered the 1989 Tiananmen Square protests, wanted to have Tibetans and Uyghurs govern themselves, supported improved Sino-Japanese relations, investigated party nepotism/corruption, and was forced to resign as General Secretary for not silencing student protests

Builders of Japan's Nijō castle created squeaky floors to prevent ninja assassins from sneaking in. The floors were designed so that just the lightest step produced a clearly audible sound, warning guards that danger is approaching and forcing a ninja to abandon his plots for the night.

Little Caesars and Detroit Tigers owner Mike Ilitch quietly paid Rosa Park's rent for more than a decade, after she was robbed in her home and forced to move to a safer, but more expensive part of Detroit

The Thud experiment where participants faked hallucinations to be admitted to a psychiatric hospital but then acted normal. They were forced to take antipsychotic drugs to be released.

After losing automatic control of his Mercury capsule, astronaut Gordon Cooper was forced to use his knowledge of constellations, wristwatch, and his eyeballs to manually land his spacecraft. He ended up splashing just 4 miles from his recovery ship, the most accurate landing up to that point.

Despite having a heart condition and arthritis that forced him to use a cane, Theodore Roosevelt Jr. led the first wave of landings at Utah Beach on D-Day, becoming the only general to land with his soldiers that day.

In 1970, a fighter pilot was forced to eject during a training mission. His plane, however, righted itself and continued flying for miles, finally touching down gently in a farmer's field. It earned the nickname "The Cornfield Bomber."

Leonardo DiCaprio and Kate Winslet pledged their financial support the last living Titanic survivor, Millvinia Dean, after it was reported that she’d been forced to sell her mementos from the wreck to pay for nursing home bills.

The US Air Force seriously considered and researched Nuking the Moon as a show of force after Russia launched Sputnik, but scrapped it at the last minute as they felt landing on it would be better received by the public.

The longest kill shot in military history is claimed by an unnamed Canadian soldier from Joint Task Force 2 (JFT2), who hit the target from 3,450 metres. His heartbeat could have made him miss his target. Canadian soldiers currently claim three of the top five longest confirmed shots recorded.

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Trajectory of a Minimum Force Cartpole Swing-Up

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Labor Force Participation by Birth Cohort