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  1. One nobleman, John William Frisco, Prince of Orange (1687 – 1711), is the ancestor of all European monarchs occupying the throne today.

  2. In 2014 the Dallas suburb of Frisco was unable to prosecute a man holding a sign warning about a speed trap down the road, so the city council made standing in the median illegal.

  3. New Mexico sheriff, Elfego Baca, was unharmed after 40 cowboys missed with 1000 bullets in a 33hr gunfight called the Frisco Shootout.

  4. There is a National Videogame Museum located in Frisco, TX

  5. In 1859, a man called Joshua Norton declared himself "Emperor of the United States." Among his decrees were to abolish Congress, make it illegal to refer to San Francisco as "Frisco", and to build a tunnel or bridge between San Francisco and Oakland, California.

  6. Joshua Norton, a businessman who after losing his fortune declared himself Emperor of the United States. He met with world leaders, positioned himself between rioters and their Chinese targets, issued currency, and declared saying "Frisco" a high misdemeanor

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  8. Joshua Norton, self-proclaimed "Emperor of these United States." Homeless in 1859 San Francisco, his royal decrees in area newspapers incl. abolish Congress, build the Bay Bridge, and make a $25 fine for calling SF 'Frisco' - currency was printed in his name and 10k ppl attended his funeral

  9. South of Frisco Bay exists a triangle of death for sea otters. It has sharks, very little kelp cover, jagged rocks, and T. Gondii. Researchers only discover the bodies of adolescent male otters in this zone. Older males and female stay clear of this place.

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40 cowboys and 1000 bullets couldn't kill New Mexico sheriff, Elfego Baca. The Frisco Shootout lasted 33hrs.

Oklahoma State tops Arkansas at Frisco College Baseball Classic

Del Frisco's steakhouse has a private dining room inside an old bank vault in Philadelphia, Pa.

One nobleman, John William Frisco, Prince of Orange (1687 – 1711), is the ancestor of all European monarchs occupying the throne today.

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There used to be a sports team called the Pekin Chinks, a baseball team called the Black Crackers even a Frisco TX team that until 2002 was called the Fighting Coons