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  1. As of 2018 most of the early cryonics companies that froze dead bodies for future revival had gone out of business, and their stored corpses have been thawed and disposed of.

  2. The oldest animal ever was a 507 year old mollusc called Ming. It died because the British researchers who found it didn't realize how old it was, so they froze it for research purposes

  3. During the second northern war, a historically cold winter froze the water in between Sweden and Denmark. Denmark assumed Sweden would wait for spring to attack. Instead, the Swedes marched their army across the frozen ocean and crushed them, taking a lot of land that they still own to this day

  4. The only recorded instance of a cavalry capturing an enemy's ships occurred in the unusually cold winter of 1795, when most of the waterways in Northern Europe froze over and the French cavalry were able to charge out onto a frozen port to capture the Dutch fleet stranded there

  5. Due to having no tools, an Inuit man once shat in his hand, shaped it into a knife as it froze, then used it to kill and skin a dog and make a sled out of its bones. He then strapped another dog to the sled so he could travel through a blizzard.

  6. The founder of the modern frozen food industry, Clarence Birdseye, was inspired when ice fishing in Labrador, Canada, in -40°C weather. He discovered that the fish he caught froze almost instantly and tasted fresh afterwards unlike the slowly frozen seafood sold in New York.

  7. In 1928 two AF officers flew to a record of 38,000 feet in a small biplane. The controls then completely froze in the -78 degree air, and with oxygen depleting, they waited for 20 minutes until the plane ran out of fuel. Now powerless, the pilot glided all the way down for a smooth landing

  8. The founder of the modern frozen food industry, Clarence Birdseye, was inspired after he was taught by the Inuit, indigenous people of Canada, how to ice fish under very thick ice. In -40 °C weather, he discovered that the fish he caught froze almost instantly, and when thawed, tasted fresh

  9. After his friend's eyes froze over from removing fogged goggles during a test flight, John Macready began working with Bausch & Lomb to create goggles better suited for flights into the upper atmosphere. Using his original shape, tint and fit, the design would become the Ray-Ban Aviators.

  10. If Earth's entire atmosphere froze solid and fell to earth, it would form a snowy layer of nitrogen, oxygen, and argon 330 feet (100 m) thick.

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A 20 year old committed suicide and froze to death from hypothermia, with a body temperature dropping as low as 19C. He was subsequently revived several hours later after an hour and a half of CPR and various complex operations. He survived and has since recovered with no major disabilities.

In 2007, the largest Colossal Squid was captured by fishermen. They froze it for preservation, but when scientists decided to dissect it, they considered using a giant microwave to thaw it, since letting it thaw normally would take days and the outside of the squid might rot before the inside.

At the start of the infamous 'Ice Bowl' game, the referee tried to blow his whistle, but it froze to his lips. When he tried to pry the whistle off, he tore the skin off and he started to bleed. Instead of forming a scab, the blood simply froze to his lips.

In 1994, a brewery in Oregon brewed and then froze 300 gallons of barleywine. In 2013, they bottled and sold 12oz. bottles for $2,000 a piece.

In 2014, Russia sent 5 geckos to space. Russia was studying reproduction in space. Complications during the experiment sent the shuttle back to earth early. The geckos froze to death a week prior to the landing. Despite the failure of the gecko experiment, fruit flies on the shuttle reproduced.

WW2 pilot Marine Lieutenant R. R. Klingman, scored a kill with his F4 Corsair by chopping off the tail of a Japanese fighter with his own propeller when his machine guns froze due to high altitude. He landed safely missing 5 inches off of the end of his propeller blades.

His General Seafood Corporation moved to Gloucester, Massachusetts in 1925. There it used Birdseye's newest invention, the double belt freezer, where cold brine chilled a pair of stainless steel belts carrying packaged fish, which froze the fish quickly.

The 1967 Ice Bowl was the coldest title game in NFL history and the coldest New Years Eve in the history of Green Bay. 7 members of the marching band were rushed the hospital for hypothermia, 1 spectator died and when the referee blew his whistle to signal the start of play it froze to his lips.

Some waterfalls freeze. Niagara Falls once froze completely, and the water stopped flowing altogether.

Someone froze to death at a Green Bay Packers game.

There's a group of scientists who claim the earth froze entirely at one point: The Snowball Earth hypothesis. Another group insist the Earth didn't entirely freeze: The Slushball Earth hypothesis.

In 2018 part of Buzzards Bay froze over due to the cold temperatures.

The 1967 NFL Championship, known as the Ice Bowl, had a game-time temperature of −15 °F with a wind chill of −48 °F. It was so cold, the turf became ice, the whistles froze to the referee's lips, members of the halftime marching band were hospitalized, and a spectator died from hypothermia.

During the War of the First Coalition the ocean froze over and a French cavalry regiment walked across the ice and captured an entire Dutch fleet!

Chesapeake Bay once had an island inhabited entirely by black cats, until the bay froze over and they all ran away. Poplar Island is an awesome environmental restoration project with hilarious history.

When Hudson Bay froze over Henry Hudson and his crew were forced to spend the winter at James Bay southern tip.

It was thought that a Japanese woman traveled to North Dakota and froze to death in search of the buried cash from the fictional movie Fargo. Turns out to be an urban legend. She killed herself.

The United Nations Buffer Zone in Cyprus, where a 112 mile demilitarized zone cuts the island in two. The evacuation in the 1970's froze this part of the island in time, providing an untouched time capsule to the era.

A man in Germany gave another man permission to kill him and eat him; As requested, the cannibal gave the man 20 sleeping pills, severed his penis, and ate it with him. After the man bled out, he froze his remains and ate almost 40 lbs of his flesh before being arrested

In 1985, the Chinese press reported a discovery on a strip of land, 1km by 15 metres, in Huanre county, Liaoning province. In winter, when the temp drops to -30C, the strip remained at 17C; in summer, the strip froze. The locals used it as a fridge in summer and for growing vegetables in winter

When Snag, Yukon, hit a record low of -63C in 1947, exposed skin froze in less than three minutes and exhaled breath mist took up to four minutes to dissipate.

Stuart "Slim" Jones, a phenom Negro League pitcher who helped the Philadelphia Stars win their only Negro National League pennant. He unfortunately was a heavy drinker and froze to death at the age of 25.

Rankin Inlet, Nunavut, tried several unsuccessful attempts followed to develop alternate sources of income when its mines closed. A pig ranch and chicken farm were fed local fish, which gave the meat an unpleasant flavour. Many animals also froze to death or were eaten by polar bears

Bernie Madoff donated millions of dollars to charities, including cancer research. After his arrest, the federal government froze or siezed large amounts of the money he donated, including 19 million donated to an organ transplant charity.

In 1994, 'Hair of the Dog' brewery brewed and then froze a batch of barleywine. In 2013, they bottled and sold this beer for $2,000 per 12oz bottle.