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  1. The Gameboy had a sonar add-on for fishermen, that could locate fish up to 65 feet deep. It also included a fishing mini-game

  2. Since the SNES wasn't powerful enough to emulate a GameBoy in software, the Super GameBoy actually contained all the hardware of a regular gameboy except the screen

  3. A time capsule was buried in the old Nickelodeon Studios in 1992 containing items deemed important by kids, such as a Nintendo Gameboy, a Back to the Future VHS, and Michael Jackson CDs

  4. The inventor of the GameBoy and Duck Hunt, Gunpei Yokoi, died in his fifties after rear ending someone and then being hit by a car when he went to check on them.

  5. The NES, SNES, and Gameboy were all discontinued in the same year: 2003

  6. The coverart for Neils Young's album ''Silver & Gold'' is a picture taken by his daughter with her Gameboy camera

  7. There is a Gameboy that survived a barracks bombing during the Gulf War. It stills works to this day.

  8. There's an unreleased GameBoy Color game titled "DynaMike" that accidentally contains the programmers porn history

  9. In 1999, certain Tommy Hilfiger stores sold a limited/special edition Gameboy Color. It was a yellow GBC with the Hilfiger name and logo, and cost $57.50 with a purchase of at least $50 worth of TH clothes.

  10. When the Gameboy Camera was originally released, it was entered into the 1999 Guinness book of records "for being the world's smallest digital camera"

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In the original Pokemon games there's a way to execute machine code by moving your character while having specific Pokemon and items, the movements are executed as machine code essentially "jailbreaking" the original Gameboy

During the gulf war, a charred black gameboy was found in a bombed out US barracks, which worked perfectly and is now in the Nintendo world store in NYC.

About the WideBoy 64, an adapter for the Gameboy/Gameboy color that allowed people to play Gameboy games on their TV screen. However, it was never released to the public, and was only available to press/developers.

The Gameboy Color has an entire internal database to enhance older gameboy games with custom palettes.

The Gameboy colour had 12 additional colour palettes to supplement original Gameboy games that did not have their own palette scheme. Games like Pokemon Yellow had their own colours, but it's predecessors, Pokemon Red and Blue, could use the alternate palettes.

In 1999 Blue Bunny caused the US Federal government to look into new internet privacy laws after they had a contest where children had a chance to win a Nintendo Gameboy game if they entered their personal information into

There was a gameboy accessory that dosed you with nitrous as a reward for in game progress

The first "Killer Apps" were spreadsheet programs for the Apple II (VisiCalc) & IBM PC (Lotus 1-2-3). These "Killer Applications" drove the sales of their respective systems (like how Pokemon drove sales of the GameBoy).

Neil Youngs 2000 album cover Silver and Gold was taken on the Nintendo Gameboy Camera

Neil Young's album cover for Silver & Gold was even created using a Gameboy Camera

There's a Gameboy that survived a bombing in the Gulf War. It now eternally plays Tetris in the Nintendo World Store in New York City.

Gunpei Yoko, a Janitor working at Nintendo who went on to create the Gameboy, Metroid, and helped develop Mario & Donkey Kong.

Pokemon Go was not the first Pokemon game played over a cell network. In Japan, with a special adapter to connect your GameBoy with a cell phone, Pokemon Crystal allowed players to battle and trade Pokemon over a cell network.

"Legend of Zelda: Link's Awakening," A GameBoy Zelda game that had appearances from Yoshi, Kirby, Chomp and Goombas.

The Nintendo Gameboy Advanced SP did not have a headphone jack and instead required you to use an adaptor that had to be connected to the charger port, like most smartphones coming out in recent times.

The Gameboy had a an add-on that was used by doctors to sedate children by pumping nitrous oxide through dorky headgear connected to the Gameboy to reduce their stress of going under the knife.

A Gameboy add on called Pedisedate. It's function was to use the Gameboy as a distraction while sedating gas is pumped into the child's nose

Nintendo was 13 years ahead of Apple removing the headphone jack, doing it on the Gameboy Advance. It was subsequently reintroduced in the Nintendo DS

There was a functional emulator for the Gameboy Advance before the console was released in Japan

The tetris theme song (from the gameboy version) is from an old russian song Korobejniki

A Nintendo Gameboy perphiral called the PediSedate, which would release doses of Nitrous gas to children playing the system.

A series of adaptors known as Wide-Boy64 were developed by Intelligent Systems to play Gameboy, Gameboy Color, and Gameboy Advance games on the N64, but were never released to the public.

The logo shown when booting a GameBoy is a form of basic DRM. The image is loaded from the cartridge, then checked against a copy in the GameBoy's BIOS.

About Pokemon "Cock Edition" a reprogrammed version of the gameboy game with everything replaced by sexual innuendos and whatnot.

The GBC game Dragon Quest Monsters was released in Japan almost a month before the Gameboy Color itself.