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  1. Nearly 8% of the human genome is virus DNA. Meaning some of our ancestors survived a virus but still carry the DNA it inserted.

  2. Scientists can use a person's own stem cells to make male eggs and female sperm. They have also successfully fertilized a male mouse with an egg cell made of its own cells, producing healthy offspring only from a single mouse's genome. So far, this has not been tested with humans.

  3. A 2010 Study Found Ozzy Osbourne to Carry "Several Hundred Thousand" Genome Variants that Have Never Been Seen by Scientists, that of Which Make Him Less Susceptible to the Harms of Drugs and Alcohol - and Ultimately a Mutant

  4. July 21, 2014, Research was published that showed how scientists from Temple University were able to permanently delete the HIV virus from human DNA—snipping out the gene, and allowing the cell’s repair machinery to take over, soldering the genome back together—resulting in virus-free cells.

  5. Dexter Holland, lead singer of The Offspring, is a doctoral student and has co-authored a paper on microRNA in HIV genomes.

  6. Ozzy Osbourne's DNA has been sequenced to see how he's still alive after a life of hard drug use and drinking. His full genome was sequenced and analysed by American researchers, who uncovered mutations related to addiction, metabolism, and Osbourne's Neanderthal ancestors.

  7. UCSC grad student Jim Kent who wrote a program to allow the Human Genome Project to assemble and publish the genome. The research was largely motivated by concerns that Celera Genomics, working on a parallel project, would patent the data. Kent's results were released first by 3 days.

  8. Ozzy Osborne had his genome sequenced to better understand how he's still alive after years of hard drug and alcohol abuse. "There's really no plausible medical reason why I should still be alive. Maybe my DNA could say why".

  9. Ozzy Osbourne's entire genome was once analyzed by scientists to determine how his body survived decades of drug abuse.

  10. There are 45 genes which the human species has likely 'stolen' from other species, such as worms, fruit flies and bacteria. They have not simply been passed on from our primitive ancestors. Instead they have jumped directly into the human genome in the last couple of million years.

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Mapping Ebola spread through West Africa using virus genome sequences

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PCA of Gene Expression from Normal and Cancer Tissue from The Cancer Genome Atlas (2228 patients total)

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The axolotl can regenerate its limbs and parts of its brain. Its genome is also 10 times larger than the human genome. Today, scientists study the axolotl as a model of limb regeneration in vertebrates. There are only about 1,000 left in the wild.

Dexter Holland, the lead singer, rhythm guitarist and songwriter of The Offspring has an MS in molecular biology, and in 2013 co-authored a paper on microRNA in HIV genomes. He owns a hot sauce company, and is a licensed flight instructor who has flown around the world on his own, in ten days.

Among the first people to have their genome sequenced were two white American scientists and one Korean. Surprisingly, the two whites were found to be closer genetically to the Korean than to each other.

The Canine Genome project revealed that the Pekingese, Shiba Inu, Shih Tzu & Basengi are among the ancient breeds least genetically diverged from Gray Wolves

Anyone in the US, UK or Canada can get their entire genome sequenced for free

Martine Rothblatt, a lawyer and Ph.D in medical ethics who founded Sirius XM satellite radio, worked on the Human Genome Project, designed an electric helicopter for organ delivery, is a licensed pilot, and is transgender.

The lightest touch from a human, animal, insect, or even plants touching, triggers a huge gene response in plants. Within 30 mins of being touched, 10% of the plant's genome is altered. This is a huge expenditure of energy. If the touching is repeated, then plant growth is reduced by up to 30%

Genome maps show that cats are only really semi-domesticated, even after sharing homes with humans for over 9000 years.

The human genome is comprised of 5% - 8% viral DNA, which can be traced back to 30 - 35 separate viral invasions in human history.

Scientist Craig Venter created a cell with the smallest genome of any known (independent) organism. With 473 genes, the cell is a milestone to reduce life to its bare essentials and to design life from scratch.

The size of the human genome is 3.2GB. The smallest known vertebrate genome is that of puffer fish (390MB), the largest is that of the lungfish (130GB).

IBM Watson has identified therapies for 323 cancer patients that went overlooked by a molecular tumor board. Researchers said next-generation genomic sequencing is "evolving too rapidly to rely solely on human curation" when it comes to targeting treatments.

The human genome consists of DNA representing 800 MB of data. The parts that differentiate one person from another can be compressed to 4 MB.

One of the leaders of the Human Genome Project teaches a free, online MIT course of introductiry biological titled: The Secret of Life

We are not truly 99% Chimps. The 99% similarity is arrived at after excluding 18% of chimp genome and 25% human genome.

5-8% of the modern human genome came from ancient viruses.

China has been running the world's largest eugenics program for more than thirty years. The BGI Cognitive Genomics Project is currently doing research which has the potential to allow the IQ within every Chinese family to increase by 5 to 15 IQ points per generation.

Almost everyone born outside of Africa are descendants of the ancient Neanderthals, and "some spots in our genome are more Neanderthal than Human"

The Amish and Mennonite communities in Lancaster, PA embrace genomic medicine and tech because they suffer from genetic diseases way higher than the general population due to inbreeding.

In 2001 it cost $100million to sequence a genome - now it costs $1000

Recent DNA analysis suggests that genome of coywolf also contains traces of grey wolf and domestic dog. All in all, coywolf is roughly 1/4 wolf, 2/3 coyote, while the remaining genes belong to wild dog.

All humans share a 99.9% identical genome making us all only 0.01% unique.

Californian scientists have spent a decade tweaking an algae genome so that it produces more than twice as much fat than wild versions of the same species. They believe that fattened, genetically engineered algae could one day become the world's most efficient source of fuel.

Apples have the largest genome of the Kingdom Plantae and they have more genes than humans.

The HIV virus only has 9 genes. These are used to accomplish the vast feat of breaking into our cells and implanting DNA into a human genome without being detected... then replicating. In contrast, the human genome has approximately 100,000 genes.

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A genome firework plot, showing all the complex branched contig links identified after a genome assembly by Canu