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  1. November 5th 1999 was "Burn All GIFs" Day, when the internet banded together to put an end to the GIF once and for all. It didn't work.

  2. H&R Block owns the trademark for the GIF file format.

  3. The person from the "blinking white guy" gif is bicycling from San Francisco to northern California's wine country in order to raise money for MS. He will be bicycling about 120 miles and has almost reached his goal of raising $25,000.

  4. GIF files were originally not as widely used as they required royalties to be paid until the patent expired in 2003 (2004 worldwide)

  5. The "APNG" animated .png format has smaller avg filesizes than comparable gifs, and support for true color+translucency.

  6. The famous head explosion gif, that came from the 1981 movie Scanners, was made by shooting a gelatin cast of Louie Del Grande filled with latex scraps and leftover burgers in the back of the head with a shotgun

  7. In 1994, the company who had a patent on GIFs tried to charge a fee for using GIFS. The PNG was invented as an alternative, and the company backed down.

  8. A bunch of hackers compromised an epileptic support forum and placed seizure inducing gifs on the site for the fun of it.

  9. When receiving a lifetime achievement award at the 2013 Webby Awards, the creator of the GIF format rejected the pronunciation of GIF with a hard G (instead opting for "JIF"), this prompted a large debate that even included input from Jeopardy and The White House

  10. Scientists at Harvard have stored a GIF animation of a galloping horse in the DNA of bacteria

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gifs fact data chart about This gif follows the evolution of 529984 double-pendulums (o
This gif follows the evolution of 529984 double-pendulums (one for each pixel) of varying starting positions. Details in the comments

gifs fact data chart about (GIF) 2017 US National Park Visitor Trends by Month[1920x116
(GIF) 2017 US National Park Visitor Trends by Month[1920x1166]

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Scientists have successfully stored a GIF animation in the DNA of bacteria.

The creator of the GIF says it is pronounced "Jif"

You can turn any YouTube video into a gif by adding the word "gif" before YouTube in the url

The guy in the infamous 'Jaguars fan WTF' reaction .gif survived the columbine massacre and is actually in the center of the class photo featuring the murderers.

As an April Fool's joke, Google introduced "Mic Drop," which enabled Gmail users to send emails with a gif of a minion dropping a mic. The prank backfired when people accidentally clicked on the button and sent business emails with the whimsical animation. The feature was quickly removed.

There's an actual fish that can live up to hours on land, and a style of jumping that's gif worthy

A Finnish museum is displaying a 1,000 year long GIF until 3017

The presidential campaign websites from 1996 are still around, and have advanced features like personal voice messages from each of the candidates and gifs showing what you can do to help the campaign

The Graphics Interchange Format (GIF) turns 30 years old in 2017

The first image ever posted to the World Wide Web was a promotional GIF for the science-themed mid-century girl-group Les Horribles Cernettes.

There is a robot that speaks through videos and GIFs

The sad racoon cotton candy gif has a happy ending

Google's very first April Fools' Day hoax inserted into their search engine, the MentalPlex hoax, invited users to project a mental image of what they wanted to find whilst staring at an animated gif

gifs were first developed in 1987

You can turn any youtube video into a gif by simply adding "gif" to the URL

Adding "gif" before the word "Youtube" in the URL allows you to create your own gif with the video.

They use a car-jack-like "calf puller" when Cows have difficult births to pull the calf out. Gif of use in comments.

All modern GIFs contain a reference to Netscape 2.0

Bucket Guy' (from the gif) was Russian dissident artist Leonid Nikolayev. He was once bailed out of jail by Banksy after overturning a police car. He passed away last week.

Gyfcat's GIFs and "GIFs with sound" are actually WebM or MP4 not true GIFs.

The snake known as the Spider-tailed horned viper. Its tail tip is waved around to lure insectivorous birds within striking range. (GIF from other post in comments)

The famous gif of the black man laughing on a boat is actually a gif of the former president of Uganda laughing when asked by an interviewer if it's true that he once said that Hitler didn't kill enough Jews during WW2.

An animated loading gif is called a "throbber"

A gif file that will play for 1000 years

The creators of the .GIF file explicitly stated it was not intended as a platform for animation, even though it was possible.

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gifs fact infographic about The geography of terrorism - monthly deaths between 2012 and
The geography of terrorism - monthly deaths between 2012 and 2016 (animated gif)

gifs fact infographic about Number of babies born vs. Income across time - Animated Gif
Number of babies born vs. Income across time - Animated Gif