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  1. Ridley Scott tried to make Gladiator (2000) an authentic representation of Ancient Rome. An early script had Maximus doing a product endorsement for olive oil, which was historically accurate for famous gladiators to do, but the detail was left out in later scripts for being too unbelievable.

  2. Gladiators in Ancient Rome used to carry product placements out in the arena; This was present in an early script for Gladiator (2000), but was removed out of fears that it would be viewed as anachronistic

  3. Russell Crowe commissioned Nick Cave to write a sequel to Gladiator. When Cave asked "didn't you die at the end of gladiator" Crowe responded "yeah, but you sort that out"

  4. A Russell Crowe commissioned script for Gladiator 2 would have seen a resurrected Maximus appearing in World War 2 and the Vietnam War, and would have ended with him in a suit and tie at the modern-day Pentagon.

  5. During filming of the movie Gladiator, Oliver Reed who played Proximo died after getting into a drinking match with sailors in a bar in Malta where Reed is said to have downed 8 pints, 12 double rums, and ½ a bottle of whiskey. In his honor, the bar changed its name to “Ollie's Last Pub”.

  6. One of Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson's first acting roles was playing an alien gladiator champion in an episode of 'Star Trek: Voyager'

  7. A Gladiator sequel script had Maximus reincarnated by the Roman gods and returned to Rome to defend Christians against persecution; then transported to other periods including WWII, the Vietnam War, and finally being a general in the Pentagon. It was rejected for being too far-fetched.

  8. The music commonly associated with clowns in circuses was written by Julius Fucik. It was originally titled *Entrance of the Gladiators* and was meant to represent slaves marching into an arena to fight to the death.

  9. Hans Zimmer, the composer/producer for over 150 movies, including The Lion King, Gladiator, all Pirates of the Caribbean movies, Pearl Harbor, Rush, Inception, the Dark Knight, etc; had only 2 weeks of formal music education (piano lessons as a child).

  10. The Roman Emperor Commodus would fight in the arena as a gladiator. His opponents consisted of giraffes, citizens missing limbs and wounded roman soldiers. For every appearance in the arena he charged the city of Rome 1 million coins.

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Gladiators carried out product endorsements in the arena. Ridley Scott left this tidbit out of the movie "Gladiator" for fear that this would seem anachronistic.

the Retiarius, a type of gladiator who fought with a net and trident while wearing little armour, was considered effeminate for his use of evasion and entrapment. They were the lowest class of gladiator as a result, despite having the advantage in fights.

An FBI informant investigating corruption in LA jail was transferred to different jails, kept in isolation, held under various aliases, and watched around the clock to prevent FBI handlers from finding him. The corruption included brutality and staging "gladiator style fights" between inmates.

In 2011 drug cartel kidnapped hundreds of innocent bus passengers in Mexico and made them fight to death like gladiators. The survivors would be informed of new purpose in life as assassins for gang.

In ancient Rome, famous gladiators endorsed products just like modern athletes do. Some of these endorsements have survived in ancient frescoes. The makers of the film Gladiator downplayed this historical angle on the assumption that modern audiences would not believe it.

An Australian company wants to resurrect gladiator duels with carbon-fiber suits

Gladiator 2 was supposed to be about Maximus being revived by the Gods and is given the quest to murder Jesus Christ and his followers in order to save the Gods who are in heaven. No studio wanted to take on the project.

Actor Oliver Reed died during a break from shooting Gladiator after winning a drinking match with British sailors. He "drank eight pints of German lager, a dozen shots of rum, half a bottle of whiskey and a few shots of Hennessy" and beat five young sailors at arm wrestling before collapsing.

The Gladiator spider does not have Irises, but rather large photosensitive membranes. Consequently, it's eyes are destroyed every day at dawn and must be rebuilt every night. However, this adaption has made it better than cats or owls for night hunts

In 2011 Los Zetas kidnapped hundreds of innocent bus passengers in Mexico and made them fight to death like gladiators. The winners were sent on suicide missions

Bulgaria has a hotel with an ancient Roman gladiator arena in the lobby. The arena was found during construction, so they incorporated it into the hotel.

The classic circus song is called Entry of the Gladiators and is meant to be serious

In ancient Rome, a gladiator was only someone who fought against other men. If you were in the arena facing wild beasts, you were called a bestiarii. There were two types of bestiarii: those condemned to die in such a manner, and those doing it voluntarily, for pay or for glory.

When Claudius Galen wished to be chosen as physician to the High Priest of Asia's gladiators, he eviscerated an ape and challenged other physicians to repair the damage. When they refused, he performed surgery himself and won the High Priest's favour.

Female gladiators (gladiatrices) existed during the Roman Empire.

Gladiators rarely fought to death. While around 1 in 10 did die during battle, most gladiators made money fighting - not killing other people.

Galen of Pergamon was the doctor of emperors and gladiators. One of his many works, "On the Mixtures and Powers of Simple Drugs," the most complete surviving version of the translated manuscript was erased and written over with hymns in the 11th century. Researchers are using X-rays to read it.

In Ancient Rome, besides famous gladiator fights there were so-called Naumachia ‒ naval battles taking place in huge artificial basins with seating tiers surrounding them, similar to amphitheatres.

Roman Emperor Commodus, fought in the gladiator arena, often against animals. He once fought 100 lions in a single day, He killed 3 elephants single handed and was so good with a bow, he could headshot an ostrich at full gallop.

The emperor Commodus frequently entered the arena as a Gladiator... slaying wounded soldiers, amputees, the physically ill, and helpless lions/elephants/giraffes. He would charge the city of Rome 1 million sesterces for each appearance he made, "straining" the economy.

There was a cancelled sequel to the film "Gladiator," written by Nick Cave, where Maximus is reincarnated in Rome, WWII, Vietnam, and the modern day Pentagon.

Legendary Irish actor Richard Harris played Marcus Aurelius in the 2000 blockbuster film, Gladiator.

The Roman Forum was the site where elections, public speeches, gladiator matches, and even trials of accused criminals took place.

Ridley Scott considered a sequel to The Gladiator where Russell Crowe's character Maximus is reincarnated, returns to Rome to defend the Christians, is transported to other important periods (World War II, Vietnam War), and finally ends up as a general in the modern-day Pentagon.

Oliver Reid, who played Proximo in Gladiator, died suddenly during a break in filming. His final scenes were created using CGI.