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  1. The current CEO of YouTube, Susan Wojcicki, is the woman who rented her garage to Larry Page and Sergey Brin in 1998 when they were creating Google.

  2. Google sought out to make the most efficient teams by studying their employees. Named 'Project Aristotle' the research found Psychological Safety to be the most important factor in a successful team. That is an ability to take risk without fear of judgement from peers.

  3. An error of Costa Rica's border on Google Maps led to an invasion of Costa Rica by the army of Nicaragua. Google responded, saying that their Maps "shouldn't be used as a reference to decide military actions between countries".

  4. Google CEO, Larry Page, has a health condition that is slowly removing his ability to speak.

  5. Shaq was one of the original investors in Google and VitaminWater, but passed up on Starbucks because he didn't drink coffee.

  6. The first use of "Google" as a verb in pop culture (TV) happened on Buffy the Vampire Slayer in 2002

  7. AT&T Charges $40-$50 less for gigabit broadband in markets where Google Fiber exists.

  8. When a UK autoshop mechanic saw the Google Street View car coming his way, he staged a murder scene. Police paid the shop a visit a year later after the image was finally spotted on Street View.

  9. A 5 year old boy in India fell asleep on a train and ended up lost and alone in Calcutta. 25 years later he finally found his way home using Google Maps

  10. In 2001, Neopets was the fourth most trafficked website on the internet, 8 spots in front of Google.

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Internet Communities Popularity on Google Trends

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Google search interest follows the path of the August 21, 2017 solar eclipse

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In August 2013, Google went down for 5 minutes and, as a result, took 40% of all internet traffic with it

Google's tagline was "don't be evil" until 2015, when corporate restructuring changed it to "do the right thing."

Google once created an AI and when asked what the meaning of living is it replied "to live forever".

US District Judge William Alsup learnt Java in order to better judge the Oracle vs. Google case

In 1999, an unemployed woman living with her sister ended up taking a job giving massages to workers of a small tech startup named "Google". She was only paid $450 a week, but given stock options. Within 5 years she was worth millions, and the price of her stock has only continued to increase.

Google wraps its undersea fiber optic cables in Kevlar to protect them from shark bites.

On the day of his death, "Heath Ledger" was understandably the number 1 search on Google. Number 2 was "Keith Ledger".

A man named Robert Wiggen, who spent 3 years in prison, started a website that posts mug shots taken from police department websites and makes them easily searchable on sites like Google and then charges money to have the images removed. His own mug shot is absent from the site.

When Michael Jackson died, overall web traffic increased by up to 20%, websites like Twitter and Wikipedia all crashed and Google initially believed they were under DDoS attack. It is seen as an unprecedented moment in the history of the Internet.

In 2013 the Chinese government hacked Google. While many initially believed the hack was targeting the email accounts of activists, it actually targeted and compromised Google's internal warrant tracking system, letting the Chinese know which of their operatives were being monitored.

Google paid a fine of $22.5 million for illegal data collection, $500 million for knowingly allowing fraudulent pharmacies to advertise on their site, and were accused of profiting from women sex trafficking by 38 different anti-trafficking organizations.

Google became more valuable than Russia's entire stock market back in December 2014

Google offered to buy Friendster in 2003 for 30 million dollars. The offer was rejected and is considered to be one of the worst Silicon Valley blunders of all time.

Google will fight to keep sites like The Pirate Bay available in the USA.

When Gmail was introduced with an unbelievable 1GB free storage in 2004, Hotmail only offered 2MB. Google announced Gmail on April 1st, and wrote a punny and unprofessional press release, tricking many into thinking it was an April's fool joke

In 1999 Google brought in 16 students to test out their search engine. Upon reaching the site, they sat still for 45 seconds...just staring. Worried, Google finally asked what was wrong. All 16 responded the same: they were waiting for the rest of the page to load.

When Fiat workers discovered that a Google's street view car was mapping Södertälje, Sweden, they sent a Fiat to tail it for 45 minutes, and have it captured on street view in front of Volkswagen's headquarters.

On August 16, 2013, Google went down for 5 minutes and in that time, the global internet traffic dropped by 40%.

In 2013, Google bought the GPS app "Waze" which resulted in each of the 100 employees receiving an average of $1.2 million.

Google created a kill switch in case it's A.I. project "DeepMind", in case it attempts to resist human modifications to it's learning or tries to create it's own orders.

Because of cold war regulations, every street in China is in slightly the wrong place on Google Maps.

If a Google employee dies, that employee's spouse receives half the employee's salary for 10 years. On top of the half-salary, the spouse will also receive stock benefits and children will receive $1,000 per month until they turn 19.

A small, single story building at 1209 North Orange Street in Wilmington, DE is the registered home of over 6,500 corporations and 200,000 businesses, such as Google, American Airlines, Apple, GM, Coca-Cola, KFC, Verizon Internet Services, and Deutsche Bank

Google wants to stop people using the term "Google" as a verb meaning to search something up with an internet search engine. They believe that due to brand recognition, Google will become a generic term, and hence cost them the legal right to a trademark.

Google hired a Camel to map a desert for Google StreetView

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google fact infographic about Google searches for "how to delete instagram" recently surpa
Google searches for "how to delete instagram" recently surpassed searches for "how to delete facebook"

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The Life and Death of Social Networks - Google Trends