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  1. After Col. Shaw died in battle, Confederates buried him in a mass grave as an insult for leading black soldiers. Union troops tried to recover his body, but his father sent a letter saying "We would not have his body removed from where it lies surrounded by his brave and devoted soldiers."

  2. Real dead bodies were used on the set of “Apocalypse Now.” The man who supplied them turned out to be a grave robber and was arrested.

  3. In old Eastern Europe folklore vampires are obsessed with counting. Millet or poppy seeds were placed on the ground at the grave site of a presumed vampire, in order to keep the vampire occupied all night counting. Hence Count von Count on Sesame Street.

  4. People leave pennies on John Wilkes Booth's grave to give Lincoln the last word

  5. Guards at the Tomb of the Unknown Soldier take an average of six hours to prepare their uniform. They are also required to memorize 35 pages of information about Arlington National Cemetery and the Tomb of the Unknown Soldier, including the locations of 300 graves and who is buried in each one.

  6. Lafayette, a Frenchman from the revolutionary war who later toasted "to the perpetual union of the united states. it has always served us in times of storm. one day it will save the world". American troops sent to France in world war 1 visited the grave and said "Lafayette, we are here"

  7. Casualty or ‘Mercy’ dogs were vital in World War One. They carried supplies so wounded soldiers could help themselves to supplies and tend to their own wounds, whilst other more gravely wounded soldiers would seek the company of a Mercy dog to wait with them whilst they died.

  8. Special care was taken while restoring Shakespeare's grave to ensure that his bones remained untouched as the epitaph on his tombstone reads: "Good friend, for Jesus' sake forbear, to dig the dust enclosed here. Blessed be the man that spares these stones, and cursed be he that moves my bones."

  9. A man drove over 600 miles to listen to the Cubs win the World Series on his fathers grave. Keeping his word on a promise made decades ago

  10. That, when Genghis Khan died in 1227, he ordered his burial site to be kept a secret. To this end, his heirs slaughtered anyone who set eyes on his funeral procession. They buried him in an unmarked grave and to this day no one has found him.

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The largest number of graves of any cemetery for U.S. personnel killed during World War II is located in Manila, Philippines. It has 17,206 graves. 16,636 of which were U.S. personnel. #MemorialDay

A cat named Toldo visited his deceased owner's grave every day for over a year leaving small presents at the grave. The gifts usually consisted of leaves, sticks, twigs, plastic cups or paper towels.

When Nick Diaz (UFC Fighter) was in highschool, his girlfriend committed suicide. Afterwards Nick would "run to her grave just to promise her I would make it as a fighter" Diaz would go on to win world titles and become a UFC star

German archaeologists at Herxheim discovered 7,000 y/o mass graves containing at least 500 people who were ritually butchered and eaten by an unknown cannibalistic culture as part of a "...standard, repetitive, and strongly ritualised practice."

Spartans only allowed marked graves for men who died in battle and women who died in childbirth.

Emily the cow escaped from a slaughterhouse minutes before her turn at the abattoir, wandered for 40 days eluding capture, went on to live for 8 more years before getting a memorial on her grave

There is a species of butterfly that feeds only on specific plant (Artemisia Vulgaris), which happens to like soil above mass graves. Forensic teams followed blue butterflies to help them uncover the mass grave sites.

Following Marilyn Monroe's death, Joe DiMaggio was so devastated he held a private funeral barring all the Hollywood elite, delivered roses to her grave three times a week for over 20 years, never remarried, and his last words were "I'll finally get to see Marilyn."

The world's oldest stash of marijuana was found in a 2,700 grave in western China. It belonged to a blue-eyed Caucasian man who was a local shaman.

In Eastern European folklore, many vampires suffered from OCD, specifically having strong compulsions to count. Bags of rice or seed were often placed at graves to occupy them at night by couting the grains. This is where the inspiration for Count Von Count from Sesame Street came from.

The Satanic Temple held a "Pink Mass" ritual over the grave of the mother of Fred Phelps - the founder of the Westboro Baptist Church. The group said that the mass would turn the dead woman into a posthumous lesbian. - fact check

Nicolas Cage has already bought his grave. It's a 9-foot pyramid in New Orleans.

A cat named Toldo brought gifts of affection to his late owner's grave every day for months

There are over 40,000 unclaimed bodies in morgues across America. Families often don't show up and claim the bodies because they can't afford a funeral for them. They are later buried in mass graves.

In 2013, someone hacked the Emergency Alert System in Montana. They sent out an alert that the "dead bodies are rising from their graves and attacking the living." Several people believed it and called 911.

There is an American military cemetery Margraten, Netherlands. On Memorial Day each year every last grave is "adopted" by a Dutch family that lays flowers over the site.

I learned of the Soldier's Poem, an epitaph often inscribed on falled WWII soldier's graves: "And When he gets to heaven, To Saint Peter he will tell; One more Soldier reporting, sir. I've served my time in Hell!"

When Joseph Stalin's wife died he stated, "This creature softened my heart of stone. She died and with her died my last warm feelings for humanity." He became so distraught during her burial that he threw himself into her open grave and had to be dragged out.

The production of Apocalypse Now had actual dead bodies on set, from someone who supplied bodies to medical schools for autopsies. It turned out he was a grave robber.

Coffin Torpedoes were invented in the 1800s to prevent grave robberies. They fired if the coffin was opened.

Archaeologists had found a ring inside a 9th century Viking grave that is inscribed with the phrase 'for Allah'. - fact check

In a tragic twist of irony, Karl Marx's grave has an entry fee to view - fact check

Elephants bury their dead and will revisit graves generations later. They've even been known to bury humans that have passed away

Mel Blanc's (the voice of almost every Looney Toons character) grave stone in the Hollywood Forever Cemetery has the words "That's All Folks" written on it.

Archeologists in Bulgaria uncovered a grave of a 13th century staked "vampire". At the time of the man's death, vampires were perceived as a real threat in many Eastern European communities.