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  1. Bill Gates predicts that the growth of instructional software will replace textbooks. However, in a 2018 survey of college students, the trade publication Library Journal found that 75 percent say that reading print books is easier than e-books

  2. Maize, beans and squash, the three main agricultural crops of Native Americans were named Three Sisters by them for their symbiotic relationship when grown together. Maize gives structure for the beans to climb, beans provides nitrogen to the soil and squash spread-grows preventing weed growth.

  3. Squirrels forget where they've hidden 50% of the nuts they bury resulting in the growth of thousands of trees annually

  4. The company that makes Listerine marketed it as a cure for gonorrhea in the late 1800s; however, no one scientifically tested this claim until now. Lab studies show Listerine inhibits bacterial growth and that infected men are less likely to test positive for gonorrhea after gargling with it.

  5. Radiotrophic fungi were discovered in 1991 growing inside and around the Chernobyl Nuclear Power Plant in an environment in which the radiation level was 500x higher than in the normal environment. The fungi converts gamma radiation into chemical energy for growth.

  6. Peppermint oil promotes hair growth more than hair growth medication

  7. A Canadian university student wore the same pair of $165 Levi jeans for 330 days straight, without washing them. He and his professor found no measurable difference in bacterial growth on the jeans from wearing them for 15+ months straight compared to just 13 days.

  8. Bacteria will feed on a decaying body underwater and create gas, which causes the body to float to the surface. However, Lake Superior's cold temperatures inhibit bacterial growth and the bodies tend to sink and never resurfaced.

  9. Trees in forests have an underground communication and interaction system driven by fungal networks. “Mother trees” pass on information for best growth patterns and can divert nutrients to trees in need, and they are more likely to pass them on to trees of their own species.

  10. Forest growth in the US has exceeded harvest since the 1940s, and that the US has more trees now than at any time in the past 100 years.

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The growth of reddit (Interactive Demo in Comments)

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U.S. Population Growth Rate (Per State)

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We typically do not start to think of foods as "too sweet" until our bone growth stops. Younger children have virtually no limit to the amount of sugar they find palatable.

Eggs are naturally safe to store without refridgeration. U.S. shoppers refridgerate them because North American egg cleaning procedures erode the egg's cuticle, a protective layer preventing bacteria growth, thereby necessitating refridgeration.

On May 1, 1969, Fred Rogers appeared before the U.S Senate Commerce Committee requesting funds to help support the growth of a new concept. National Public Television.

A paedophile had a brain tumor removed and with it, his paedophillic tendencies. When the tumor grew again in the same spot, his paedophile urges grew once more, and disappeared once again after the second growth was surgically removed.

There’s a Japan indoor vegetable-factory that produces 10,000 heads of lettuce a day while using just 1% of the amount of water needed for outdoor fields. LEDs emit light at ideal wavelengths for plant growth, while also optimizing night and day cycles, allowing lettuce to grow 2.5 times faster.

Radiosynthesis, a process like photosynthesis that uses the pigment melanin to convert gamma radiation into chemical energy for growth. Radiotrophic fungi were discovered in 1991 in and around Chernobyl Nuclear Power Plant.

The 13 steps of the pyramid on the back of the dollar bill represent the original 13 colonies. The fact that it's unfinished symbolizes room for future growth

Forrest growth in the US has exceeded harvest since the 1940s, and that the US has more trees now than at any time in the past 100 years.

Rent a Goat, landscaping services whereby goats are used instead of traditional machinery or pesticides in order to curb unwanted invasive plant growth.

Ancient Egyptians had a pregnancy test where potentially pregnant women peed on barley and wheat seeds. Plant growth indicated pregnancy: Barley for boy; wheat for woman. Later tests show urine of pregnant women does cause plant growth 70% of the time, while urine of non-pregnant does not.

Ligers continue growing throughout their entire lives due to a genetic disorder called growth dysplasia. They grow twice the size of their Tiger mama's and Lion papa's. The largest cat in the world is a 922lb Liger.

Goats are immune to poison oak/ivy and are used to control the growth of the toxic plants by grazing. Even better, the toxicants don't pass through their milk.

There was a type of cave goat that were cold blooded, had front facing eyes like a primate unlike other herbivores, and their bone growth was more similar to a crocodile than any other mammal. It went extinct about 5,000 years ago.

The rate of world population growth is now decreasing.

The project aimed at resurrecting the Woolly Mammoth is only three successful mutations away from beginning embryo growth in Asian Elephants.

The Ebony tree will be extinct in 10-15 years unless acted upon, it also has the one of the longest growth rate for trees

The oldest mummies in the world are turning into black slime. Over 100 Chinchorro mummies found near the Atacama Desert in Chile are turning gelatinous due to bacterial growth associated with increasing humidity. The mummies date to ~5000 BC

In 2012, investigators discovered Wal-Mart de Mexico had bribed various government officials in order to increase growth in the country. They found a paper trail of hundreds of suspect payments totaling more than $24 million. Wal-Mart executives in the US tried to bury the matter.

Since being discovered by the timber industry in the 1850s, 96% of the 2,000,000 acres of old-growth Coast Redwood trees in California have been logged.

The world population growth rate is decreasing and total world population could start declining around the year 2100, according to the UN.

Mercury in vaccines is not only not harmful, but is in fact there to make the vaccine safer by preventing the growth of bacteria or fungi that could possibly contaminate the vaccine.

Gold can actually grow on Trees, deep root growth can "strike gold" and absorb it through a bio-chemical process and in turn deposit the mineral into the tree's bark and leaves.

Antler growth tissue if surgically removed and grafted to another part of the deer’s body, an antler will grow there.

Tim Berners-Lee the inventor of the internet, made the decision not to patent the World Wide Web to protect it's growth. He currently lives a modest life, while avoiding both fame and fortune.

A bacteria, Paracoccus denitrificans, not only survived in an ultracentrifuge with high speeds corresponding to 403,627 g, but actually had robust cellular growth. Hyperaccelerations like this are found on very massive stars and the shockwaves of super novas.

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