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  1. After Michael Jordan dunked over 6-foot-1 guard John Stockton, an angry fan yelled at him to “Pick on someone your own size”. The next play he dunked over 6-foot-11 Mel Turpin. As he ran back down the floor, Jordan turned to the heckler and said, “Was he big enough?”

  2. The potato was popularized in France largely by one man who placed guards around his potato field and instructed them to "accept any and all bribes from civilians".

  3. The food in Alcatraz Prison was so good that the guards and prison staff ate the same exact meals as the prisoners. This was because the warden believed most trouble in prison is caused by bad food.

  4. In June 2017, a tire shop in Fort Worth, Texas, was robbed so often that the owner bought a guard dog. The next time the shop was robbed, the intruders stole the dog.

  5. On 12th September 2001, the day after 9/11, The Queen ordered her Royal Guards to break protocol and play the USA's National Anthem for stranded Americans in London

  6. In the ancient epic Mahabharata (c.a 400 BCE), the King Yudisthira reaches paradise but is told his dog is not allowed in. Shocked that his dog could not be allowed in, the King choses to return to Earth or go to Hell. The guard then reveals it was only a test of his virtue, and allows both in.

  7. The British are often referred to as “Limey” because of their army’s use of lime to prevent scurvy when at sea. The use of citrus was initially a closely guarded military secret as it gave them the ability to remain at sea for lengthy periods without contracting the disorder.

  8. Steve Irwin paid for one of his security guards to go and train MMA in the USA, that security guard, Kyle Noke, would go on to fight in the UFC and credits Irwin as a major reason why he achieved his dreams.

  9. Builders of Japan's Nijō castle created squeaky floors to prevent ninja assassins from sneaking in. The floors were designed so that just the lightest step produced a clearly audible sound, warning guards that danger is approaching and forcing a ninja to abandon his plots for the night.

  10. Charles Rigoulot, a French weightlifter, was jailed for hitting a Nazi guard, but broke out of his jail cell by bending the bars. He allowed other prisoners to escape as well.

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guarded fact data chart about Summary of the result of the 10-man elite force of the US Ar
Summary of the result of the 10-man elite force of the US Army sent to rescue Sergeant Four Leaf Tayback from a heavily guarded NVA prison camp in the winter of 1969

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Some free range turkey farms use alpacas to guard their flocks from foxes, since alpacas are extremely territorial and will accept the turkeys as part of their herd, defending them by chasing off predators

There was a man so dedicated to April Fools, he flew hundreds of tires into a dormant volcano in Alaska and set them on fire, fooling the locals and coast guard into thinking the volcano was active

Prisoners in Auschwitz concentration camp attacked the SS guards with stones, axes, and makeshift hand grenades and killed 3 Nazi SS guards, one of whom was burned alive by the prisoners in the oven of Crematorium II.

Honeybees sleep between five and eight hours a day, some bees hold each other's legs as they sleep. Colonies are divided into different sectors of work. There are cleaners, nurses, security guards, also collection bees whose sole job is to cache nectar in comb. Promotions happen as well.

Steve Irwin paid for one of his security guards to go and train MMA at one of the best gyms in the USA, that security guard, Kyle Noke, would go on to fight in the UFC and credits Irwin as a major reason why he achieved his dreams.

The day after 9-11, the Queen broke a 200 year old tradition and ordered the US National Anthem to be played during the changing of the guards at Buckingham Palace.

Guards at the Tomb of the Unknown Soldier take an average of six hours to prepare their uniform. They are also required to memorize 35 pages of information about Arlington National Cemetery and the Tomb of the Unknown Soldier, including the locations of 300 graves and who is buried in each one.

Judy, a purebred English pointer who would often jump in to protect prisoners from beatings in a POW camp during WW2. A British Naval pilot bargained to have her officially considered a POW so the guards could not kill her.

Whenever we sleep in unfamiliar surroundings, only half your brain is getting a good night's rest while the other half stands guard.

About an unnamed Viking warrior who was tasked with guarding a narrow (4 person wide) bridge against the Saxons in 1066. He survived constant attack for 1 hour until a clever Saxon floated down the river in a barrel and piked him in the groin from under the bridge.

Elephants are highly empathetic and generous even towards other species. Once an elephant found a rancher with a broken leg and dragged him under the shade of a tree, guarding him and gently touching him with her trunk

The Queen of England has only ever broken protocol for The Changing Of The Guard once. On 9/12/2001, the day after The September 11th attacks on The World Trade Center in The United States. Instead of The English National Anthem being played during the change, it was the US National Anthem.

King Frederick II used reverse psychology on his peasants who refused to eat potatoes because they tasted horrible. To stop the food famine he sent his guards to guard fields of potatoes and the peasants started stealing them and growing their own.

In 1947, the Superman radio show did a series called "Clan of the Fiery Cross" in which they exposed many of the KKK's most guarded secrets. Within two weeks of the broadcast, KKK recruitment was down to zero. And by 1948, people were showing up to Klan rallies just to mock them.

To lick a wound is an instinctive response in humans and many other animals. It is because saliva contains a substance that promotes blood clotting and the enzyme lysozyme, which attacks the cell walls of bacteria, to guard against infection.

Because of their naturally friendly dispositions Samoyeds usually make for terrible guard dogs. They don't attack threats; just kind of smile and bark at them.

One of Frank Abagnale's first cons included, disguising as a security guard, hanging a sign above a bank drop box that read, "Out of service, leave deposit with security guard". Later he commented how he could not believe it worked, "How can a drop box be out of service?"

In Auschwitz, there was an SS guard who fell in love with a Jewish prisoner after hearing her sing at a dinner, he help saved her life and she help testified on his behalf during his post-war trial.

In 1975, Joel Kaplan escaped from a prison in Mexico without breaking a single law. He didn't bribe or assault the guards since they were on a break, the helicopter and plane used in his breakout were bought legally, his flight followed FAA guidelines, and he entered the US with his real name.

Originally (up until 1804) electors could cast two votes for two different U.S. candidates for President, and the first runner-up presidential candidate became Vice President to guard against electoral gamesmanship.

A British POW started a hobby of stitching while in captivity. His work was so good it was hung on the wall by the German guards, not realising the secret message stitched on it. The message 'God Save The King' and 'F--- Hitler' was stitched in Morse code.

In the first half of 2012 the National Guard spent $26,000,000 sponsoring NASCAR. This lead to 24,800 "prospects", 20 "qualified candidates", and no new guardsmen.

In Halden prison in Norway, guards are encouraged to interact, play sports, and eat with the inmates. This is to prevent aggression and create a sense of family. Despite being a maximum security prison, every cell has a flatscreen TV, an en-suite shower and fluffy, white towels.

Dirk Willems, jailed for his devotion to being an Anabaptist, escaped from prison. But when the guard pursuing him fell through the ice, Willems turned around to save the guard. He was then recaptured, tortured, and killed.

When billionaire Steve Fossett went missing during a solo plane flight where it was ultimately discovered he perished, the CAP, National Guard, and thousand of AMT volunteers found many other plane crash sites lost to time. Most (at the time) were not investigated further.