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  1. The Guatemalan government carried out a genocide in the 1980's known as the Silent Holocaust against the Mayan people. Throughout it, the US government under Ronald Reagan gave Guatemala military aid, helping the genocidaires commit their atrocities.

  2. .. In 1954 the CIA deposed a democratically elected Guatemalan president and replaced him with a dictator to save investments in a banana company.

  3. Guatemalans were deliberately infected with STDs between 1945 & 1956 through US government programme. They were kept secret until discovered in 2010 by a college prof. The programme published no findings, did not inform those who were infected nor did it provide them with follow up medical care.

  4. In 1954 the USA overthrew the democratically elected Guatemalan President Jacobo Árbenz and ended the Guatemalan Revolution. It installed the military dictatorship of Carlos Castillo Armas, the first in a series of U.S.-backed dictators who ruled Guatemala.

  5. In 1951 Guatemalan president Jacobo Árbenz carried out an agrarian reform under which uncultivated portions of large land-holdings were expropriated in return for compensation and redistributed to poverty-stricken agricultural laborers. The US disliked this and the CIA engineered a coup d'etat

  6. The Guatemalan Special forces, the Kaibiles, are infamous for forcing recruits to raise a puppy, bonding with it and then killing and eating it. Recruits are also shot and forced to perform field surgery on themselves, and they also have to drink water out of recently fired artillery shells.

  7. Coca-Cola is being blamed for the assassination of several union leaders in their Guatemalan bottling plants

  8. Beginning in 1946, the United States government engaged in research experiments in which more than 5000 uninformed and unconsenting Guatemalan people were intentionally infected with bacteria that cause sexually transmitted diseases. Many have been left untreated to the present day.

  9. in the 1940s, the US funded a study which involved over 1500 Guatemalan men, women and children deliberately being infected by STDs in order to understand how to treat GIs that come back with them.

  10. About Edward Bernays: Freud's nephew, a father of modern advertising, who effectively overthrew the Guatemalan Govt. on behalf of United Fruit

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During the Guatemalan Civil War approximately 200,000 people died and half a million were displaced from their homes.

Edward Bernays, the father of Public Relations. He used propaganda to make women smoke, make bananas popular, make bacon & eggs breakfast foods, and help overthrow a Guatemalan president. His work influenced the Nazis' campaign against the Jews.

Between 1946 and 1948, the US government conducted human experiments on Guatemalan soldiers, prostitutes and prisoners, infecting them with sexually transmitted diseases, killing at least 83. They formally apologised 62 years later.

In 1954, Secretary of State John Dulles lobbied on behalf of the United Fruit Company to instigate a coup by the Guatemalan army via the CIA. He used to represent the company as a lawyer, and remained on its payroll, while his brother, the CIA director, was on the company's board of directors.

Sylvester Stallone believes he has been reincarnated many times. Most notably a victim of the Guillotine in the French Revolution and a Guatemalan monkey

Approximately half of the Guatemalans living today are descendants of the ancient Mayans.

The Great Guatemalan Sinkhole, a 30-story deep hole in the middle of Guatemala City

In 1954 the US aided the Guatemalan Military in overthrowing the democratically elected president of Guatemala and replaced him with a military dictator -- all because the United Fruit Company monopoly made more money when dictators gave them free land

Evidence of human life in the Guatemalan region dates back to 12,000 BC.

The other half of Guatemalans are called Ladinos, who are of Spanish-Mayan ancestry.

Operation PBFORTUNE, organized by the CIA to overthrow the democratically elected Guatemalan President Jacobo Árbenz, was terminated when the coup attempt became too widely known

In the 1940's, the US government infected hundreds of Guatemalans with syphilis in order to test the effectiveness of penicillin

The United States provided training and weapons to the Guatemalan military during their genocide of 200,000+ people in the ‘80s.

Tikal ruins were discovered by an expedition sent out in 1848 by the Guatemalan government.

The Guatemalan currency is the Quetzal, and the U.S. dollar is also used.

From 1946 to 1948, America conducted experiments on Guatemalan prisoners where up to 1,300 people were purposefully infected with syphilis, gonorrhea or chancroid.

In 2009, Guatemalan attorney Rodrigo Rosenberg arranged his own assassination and posthumously tried to frame Álvaro Colom, the president of Guatemala, for the slaying, because he thought Colom had had his (Rosenberg's) girlfriend and her father killed. The frame-up nearly succeeded.

Our favorite supplier of delicious bananas in US, Chiquita, was formally the United Fruit Company that colluded with Eisenhower administration and CIA to train elite military group to overthrow Guatemalan president in 1951 for returning agricultural land to dispossessed indigenous people

Rodrigo Rosenberg Marzano, a Guatemalan lawyer that planned his own assassination in an attempt to frame the President, and other Guatemalan politicians.

About the Belizean–Guatemalan territorial dispute, where Guatemala claims part of Belize as part of its own territory

The 1954 Guatemalan coup d'état was a covert operation carried out by the United States Central Intelligence Agency (CIA) that deposed the democratically elected Guatemalan President Jacobo Árbenz and ended the Guatemalan Revolution

In 1954 the UFC via the CIA/USA overthrew the first Guatemalan democratic government because Guatemala nationalized unused land.

From 1946 through 1948 with the cooperation of the pan American health sanitary organization, the Guatemalan gov't and the US Public Health services many Guatemalans where infected with gonorreah and shypilis

The Guatemalan quentzal (currency) is named after Resplendent quetzal, the National bird of Guatemala b/c the ancient Mayans, used the quetzal bird's tail feathers as currency.

The CIA murdered 83 Guatemalan citizens by intentionally infecting them with syphilis and other diseases, to study their effects.