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  1. Half of Irish Travellers (i.e. Gypsies) do not live past the age of 39 and unemployment among male Travellers is 73%.

  2. Children from some ethnic groups of southeast Asia (called Sea Gypsies) are capable of seeing clearly underwater and this skill wears off as they grow up. Some suggest that with practice any young person could achieve underwater vision.

  3. The gypsies lost more in percentage terms than the Jews during the holocaust. They don't call it the holocaust, they call it the devouring.

  4. The Nazis forced approximately 90 Gypsy inmates to drink nothing but seawater just to see what would happen. The resulting dehydration was so severe that inmates licked newly mopped floors just to get a single drop of fresh water.

  5. There is a gypsy tribe in India that celebrates death as one of the happiest events in their lives, while treating births as occasions of great grief.

  6. Ben Johnson the Olympic sprinter was robbed of $4900 by a gang of Gypsy children. He gave chase but was unable to catch them.

  7. A gypsy boxer in Nazi Germany was threatened by the Nazis to throw his next match. He came into that match with his hair dyed blonde and with whiteface. He took blows for five rounds like he was asked before collapsing. The boxers name was Johann Trollmann

  8. The parents of murder victim Dee Dee Blanchard flushed her ashes down the toilet, saying she "got what she deserved." Blanchard was murdered in 2015 by her daughter Gypsy Rose (24) who had endured years of unnecessary medical treatments and surgeries due to her mother's Munchausen by proxy

  9. When Leopold Trouvelot was attempting to breed a better silkworm using Gypsy moths, several of the moths escaped from his home, and within ten years, the insect had denuded the vegetation in the neighborhood, and that's how the Gypsy moth infestation across North-Eastern America began.

  10. When Nazis tried to verify Tolkien was Aryan, he snarkily replied "as far as I am aware none of my ancestors spoke Hindustani, Persian, Gypsy, or any related dialects," and as to being Jewish "I regret that I appear to have no ancestors of that gifted people."

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"sea gypsies" who roam the sea most of their lives. Moken children have been demonstrated to be able to see better underwater while members of another group have a number of genetic adaptations for a lifestyle involving extensive freediving.

Bill Cosby wrote and starred in the 1987 movie "Leonard Part 6". He plays a retired CIA spy who comes out of retirement to fight evil vegetarians with his "magic gypsy meat". It was so bad that even Cosby publicly warned people not to waste their money on it shortly after its release.

Gypsies refer to all non-Gypsies disparagingly as "gadje" and consider us impure and fair game for being swindled and scammed

The word "Gypped" meaning "to cheat, swindle", is a racial slur deriving from the word "Gypsy"

Roma Gypsies originated in the Punjab region of Northern India, and were called Gypsies because people thought they were from Egypt.

The Romani people, sometimes called Gypsies, originated from the Indian subcontinent.

Romani/ Gypsies originate from India. This is backtraceable by their genetics and linguistic heritage.

The word "Gypsies" originated because Europeans thought a certain ethnic group of people arrived from Egypt. Although today it's believed they arrived from northern India in the 1,400's.

There were also approximately ten to eleven million more prisoners of war and civilians murdered by the Nazi Party, including Romani, Soviets, Polish, homosexuals, Jehovah's Witnesses, Gypsies, and people with disabilities, to name only a few.

The English term Gypsy (or Gipsy) originates from the Middle English gypcian, short for Egipcien, or Egyptian, though they come from India.

The largest Romani (gypsy) populations in the world are in the US and Brazil. The latter country has twice been led by a president of Roma gypsy origin, one Portuguese and one Czech.

The first Roma (Gypsies) to reach the Americas arrived with Columbus in 1492 as slaves.

Lithuania has a festival where people dress out as gypsies and jews and goes around asking for money

Dee Dee Blanchard's family think that Dee Dee deserved her fate and Gypsy Rose had suffered enough. None of her family wanted to pay for her funeral or pick up her ashes. In the end, they ended up flushing Dee Dee Blanchard's ashes down the toilet.

In 1957 the federal government launched a gypsy moth eradication program which caused Carson to research the effects of widespread pesticide use on the environment.

Roma people (gypsies) tried to sue IBM for their persecution by Nazi's during WW2

Thanks to amateur entomologist Étienne Léopold Trouvelot America has the issue with Gypsy moths, he brought them over from his native France and tried to get them to breed with silk worms, they escaped and now damage trees ever year. After they escaped Trouvelot gave up on entomology.

The words "lollipop", "pal", & "nark" actually originate from the Romani (Gypsy) language.

Romani people(Gypsies) are originally from Northern India, having arrived in Europe 1000 years ago. The Ancestors of modern day Roma were previously Hindu, but adopted Christianity or Islam depending on the regions they migrated through.

"being in the company of Gypsies" was an offence was a crime punishable by death in Victorian England

Chives were used in the past for fortune telling. Romanian gypsies were specialized for this type of divination.

Étienne Léopold Trouvelot, who in the 1860's attempted to cross breed gypsy moths and silk worms in his back yard, causing a veracious invasive species that can not be controlled.

In the 1950s Brazil elected a Czech Gypsy (Juscelino Kubitschek) as president. He founded the nation's ultramodern capital, Brasilia, and eventually became known as one of the country's greatest leaders and the father of modern Brazil.

The Romani people (Gypsies) hold a Romani World Congress event. It occurs every few years and it hosts delegates from Romani communities around the world. Among their goals, furthering Romani civil rights, standardizing their language, and preserving their culture. There have been eight so far.

Rasputin, "The Mad Monk", once became so intoxicated at a restaurant that he pulled down his pants, pulled out his rather large member, and waved it at a group of female gypsy singers.