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  1. Harold von Braunhut. A con artist, talent agent and the inventer of Sea Monkeys, X-Ray goggles and the dolls that eyes shut when laid down. He supported White Supremacists despite being Jewish. His greatest invention: an invisible goldfish when you got a bowl and fish food but no goldfish

  2. Harold Von Braunhut The man that invented sea monkeys, invented other hit toys and was considered a genius. He also funded a local Aryan Nations group and was a White Supremacist Nazi who was actually born Jewish.

  3. Harold von Braunhut, the inventor of "Sea Monkeys" and "X-Ray Specs," also invented "Invisible Goldfish," which was just a bowl, with non-existent "goldfish" inside.

  4. Harold von Braunhut, the inventor of novelty x-ray specs, also was the inventor of the original sea-monkeys.

  5. The creator and seller of the mail-order Sea monkeys, Harold Von Braunhut, was a noted anti-Semite and KKK member. He was also himself Jewish.

  6. The creator of Sea Monkeys, Harold von Braunhut, despite being Jewish by birth, was a white supremacist and an anti-Semite, publishing Anti-Zionist newsletters and donating money to the Aryan Nations

  7. The man who invented Sea-Monkeys, Harold von Braunhut, also invented the X-Ray Specs, and the Invisible Goldfish. He was also a white nationalist and a Nazi.

  8. Harold von Braunhut, the inventor of Sea Monkeys, X-Ray Specs, Balderdash, and more who was a member of the White Nationalist group “Aryan Nations” and lent the Grand Dragon of the KKK $12,000 to buy 83 firearms. He was also Jewish and respected his parents’ traditional Jewish lifestyle

  9. Harold von Braunhut, the inventor of the original novelty x-ray specs, also invented the first novelty sea-monkeys.

  10. The inventor of Sea Monkeys, Harold von Braunhut, was a member of the white supremacist Aryan Nation who published his own racist newsletter and even used profits from one of his inventions to help bail the Aryan Nation's leader out of jail

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About Harold von Braunhut, the man behind memorable toys like Sea Monkeys, X-Ray Glasses and Invisible Goldfish was also a Hitler supporter and even helped the KKK to buy firearms. Even sold one of his inventions to the Aryan Nations

Harold von Braunhut, Inventor of the Sea Monkeys, also invented the Invisible Goldfish, marketing it with "You will never see the goldfish". Customers who bought it would receive an empty fish bowl and fish food.

The inventor of Sea Monkeys, Harold von Braunhut, was a Jewish neo-Nazi.

Harold von Braunhut, inventor of Sea Monkeys, was born Jewish but died a white supremacist and funded firearms for a Ku Klux Klan faction

The inventor of Sea Monkeys, Harold Von Braunhut, had a close association with white supremacist groups, despite his Jewish ethnicity.

About Harold Braunhut AKA Harold Braunhut AKA Hendrik Von Braun. The Jewish-Born American who 'invented' the Sea-Monkeys scam, funded arms for the KKK and was a member of the Aryan Nation. (wikipedia link - youtube in comments)

The inventor of the popular children's toy "Sea Monkeys", Harold von Braunhut, was a very active white supremacist who was quoted as saying "Hitler wasn't a bad guy; he just got bad press."

Harold von Braunhut, the creator of Sea Monkeys ordered from the back of comic books. He also invented X-Ray Specs, sleepy eyes for dolls and the game Balderdash. He was also a suspected white supremacist supporter though he was a Jew from New York.

Harold von braunhut the creator of sea monkeys and x-ray specs bought gu nd from and regularly attended KKK rallies even lighting crosses despite being jewish.

Sea Monkeys are just well-marketed brine shrimp and profits made by their Jewish creator, Harold von Braunhut, may have supported the Nazis

The man that created Sea Monkeys- Harold von Braunhut- was a white supremacist and was even apparently quoted saying "Hitler wasn't a bad guy. He just got bad press."