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  1. When Lawrence Anthony, known as "The Elephant Whisperer", passed away. A herd of elephants arrived at his house in South Africa to mourn him. Although the elephants were not alerted to the event, they travelled to his house and stood around for two days, and then dispersed.

  2. Some free range turkey farms use alpacas to guard their flocks from foxes, since alpacas are extremely territorial and will accept the turkeys as part of their herd, defending them by chasing off predators

  3. In 2003 a herd of wild elephants released a group of captive antelopes from a game reserve in Southeast Africa. The matriarch of the herd undid all of the gate's metal latches with her trunk & then pushed it open. The antelope took their chance & ran into the bush followed by the elephants.

  4. Miniature Australian Shepherds have such a strong herding tendency that they'll try to herd little children

  5. In 1862 President Lincoln had to politely decline an offer from the king of Siam to send the United States a herd of elephants for use in the Civil War against the Confederacy.

  6. Khutulun, the great-great-great granddaughter of Genghis Khan, was a fearsome warrior and a superb wrestler. It was said that she insisted on only marrying a man who could defeat her in wrestling, and that if she won, she would gain a horse from the loser. She accumulated a herd of 10,000.

  7. The US government imposed a livestock reduction on the Navajo in the 1930s. They bulldozed trenches,herded sheep and goats into them, coated them in flammable liquid, and burned them alive. They were promised land expansion that never materialized. From the memoir of Chester Nez, Code Talker.

  8. The collective nouns we use for animals (gaggle of geese, herd of deer etc.) mostly come from the Book of St Alban's published in 1486. It also included terms for professions such as a melody of harpists, a sentence of judges and a superfluity of nuns.

  9. Whalers had an agreement called "The Law of the Tongue" with a pod of killer whales, where the killer whales herded Baleen whales in exchange for tongues and lips. The leader of the pod was believed to be 80 years old when he died.

  10. A Pizza Hut manager during the Joplin tornado saved many lives by herding customers into a walk in freezer and bungee cording his arm to the freezer door before being sucked into the tornado and killed.

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Guard llamas. Guard llamas are used in the protection of livestock like sheep and goats. They may make an alarm call that sound like a rusty hinge, or herd their charges into a tight group. They have been know to kill coyotes and other predators.

When Steven Spielberg first saw a CGI animatic of the T. rex chasing a herd of Gallimimus, he told the go motion creator on set "you're out of a job", who in turn replied "don't you mean extinct?" The dialogue was later written into the script as a conversation between Malcolm and Grant.

African buffalo herds display "voting behavior" to indicate their travel preferences by standing up, staring in one direction and then lying back down. Only adult females vote.

The near-extinction bison hunting in the 1800s was not to gain food, but to restrict the American Indians' dominant food supply; herds were shot from trains and left to rot where they died

In the town of Laguna, Brazil a pod of Bottlenose Dolphin cooperatively fish with fishermen. The dolphin herd mullet toward the shore and signal the fishermen to cast their nets. They do this everyday! Town records say that the dolphins and fishermen have been cooperating since 1847.

In 2014 Namibia raised over $350k by auctioning off the right to hunt one endangered black rhino. The rhino was past breeding age and detrimental to the rest of the herd. The money was used to protect endangered animals.

Two rescued elephant herds gathered to the funeral of the conservationist who saved their life. It took them 12 hours to get there, without any sign or contact with them to "announce" his death. They hadn't visited the home in over 3 years, and left after 2 nights and 2 days of grieving.

Male Dolphins have lifelong "bromances" and team up to herd an attractive and fertile female for one of the males. "Instead of using a wingman, dolphins use a 'finman'."

When an Army depot was built in 1941, a herd of white deer with a recessive gene were trapped inside. This created a whole heard of the rare deer to flourish inside.

Baboons were employed as goatherds by the Namaqua people in the 1800s right through till the 1960s. They would protect the herd and lead them back at dusk, often whilst riding one of the larger goats like a horse.

The term 'Herd' refers to large groups of herbivores, if they are carnivores its a 'Pack.'

Ants herd and domesticate aphids, including 'milking' them for honeydew nectar, moving them to sweeter plants, and protecting them from ladybugs.

The Yellowstone Park bison herd (approx. 5,500) is descended from a remnant population of 23 individual bison that survived a mass slaughter in the 19th century by hiding out in the Pelican Valley of Yellowstone Park.

A Herd of Elephants Spontaneously Walked To the Home of the Man Who Rescued Them After He Died, Holding a Vigil

Namibia auctioned off the rights to kill a rare black rhino for $350,000; the rhino was too old to breed and could've endangered other members of the herd.

In 2013, a scientific experiment at Hebrew University of Jerusalem found the evidence for something called "Herding effect" - that on sites like Reddit, 1 early upvote would boost the final comment score by an average of 25 Percent by changing perception of how people look at it

70% of Mongolian nomads have solar power since 2013. The sun shines 250 days on average each year in Mongolia. It shines, even during the frigid winter days, on the hundreds of thousands of nomads who still roam the steppes, herding animals and living in dome-like tents calling gers.

Emily, a three-year-old cow, escaped from a slaughterhouse in 1995 and wandered the backyards and woods of Boston's suburbs for 40 days. She ran with herds of deer and was given help from residents to evade capture. She was eventually purchased by a "Peace Abbey" on Christmas Eve.

If you are granted "Freedom of the City" in the City of London, you have the right to a silken rope, if hanged, and if found drunk, a policeman will put you in a cab or escort you home. You also have the right to herd sheep over London Bridge, a right used as recently as 2013.

All domestic cattle on Earth originated from one single herd of about 80 animals 10,500 years ago

Certain dogs will nip at your heel due to its built in herding traits to bring your group together

The term "counting sheep" probably originated when early sheep herders couldn't get to sleep at night because they were worried about all of the sheep in their field. So they'd soothe themselves by counting the herd up to make sure they were all there.

Rumblestrutting is a guinea pig behavior in which they strut around each other shaking their butts low to emit a rumbling sound. It can sound a lot like purring, but it's part of their herd rituals to determine dominance

The origins of all cows can be traced back to a single herd

When the Ottoman empire attacked Skenderbeg's town (1450), he put candles on the horns of goats and sent them into the mountains at night. As the Ottomen attacked a herd of goats, Skenderbeg defeated their massive army from by a rear attack.