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  1. The last claim under the 1866 Homestead Act, which entitled a person to free frontier land if they lived on it for five years and built a farm, was made on 80 acres near the Stony River in Alaska in 1979.

  2. During the Civil War, children of fallen soldiers around Gettysburgh were often sent to an orphanage called the Soldier's Orphan Homestead. Here, children suffered many forms of abuse, including being shackled in a room nicknamed "the dungeon" for punishment.

  3. The Spanish arrived in the region of Pinnacles National Park in the 1700s, but it wasn"t until a homesteader from Michigan named Schuyler Hain arrived in 1891 that the area began to become popular as a tourist destination.

  4. In 1878 the Ingalls moved back to Walnut Grove, but left in 1879 for South Dakota, where they became homesteaders in De Smet.

  5. Many of Emily Dickinson's poems were written in the second floor bedroom at the homestead. Some accounts have said that she never wrote anywhere else but they are fictitious rumors.

  6. The Homestead Act became law in 1862. Abraham Lincoln signed it into law. The act provided 160 acres of unoccupied land to settlers if they improved the land and lived there for five years.

  7. One of the most famous book series and eventual TV series Little House on the Prairie was about a family of homesteaders - the Ingalls. The author's name was Laura Ingalls Wilder. In the book her father claimed land in Kansas.

  8. The land was withdrawn from the homesteading claims and mining claims and reverted to the government in 1901.

  9. The Homestead Act provided free land to many people who wanted to move westward.

  10. The Homesteading Act still existed in the U.S. in the lower 48 until 1976, and in Alaska until 1986.

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Descendants of the Native Americans that lived in the Badlands region before it was taken over by homesteaders and later declared a national park live in North Dakota as members of the Three Affiliated Tribes.

A Canadian land artist turned 800 acres of his homestead into a work of installation art, converting it to 'intellectual property' and thus protecting it from government-sanctioned use by corporate interests in the creation of an oil pipeline

The Shawnee Tribe are also referred to as the Loyal Shawnee because they fought for the Union in the American Civil War. When the war was over they returned to Kansas to discover that their land had been taken over by settlers and homesteaders.

William Washington, a cavalry officer of the Continental Army, bluffed 112 Loyalists into surrendering a strongly fortified homestead without firing a shot by use of a "Quaker Gun", mounting a felled tree trunk on wagon axles to resemble a cannon.

The nickname Gotham was taken from the village of Gotham, Nottinghamshire, a place that, according to folklore, was inhabited by fools. The village's name derives from Old English gat 'goat' and ham 'home', literally "homestead where goats are kept", and is pronounced "goat 'em"

It is still possible to see the evidence of Native Americans who once called the land of Voyageurs National Park home. There is also evidence of the fur traders and homesteaders, as well as former logging, fishing, and mining activities.

The homestead of Luke Skywalker featured in the movie "Star Wars Episode IV: A New Hope" was built in Tunisia during filming of the movie and was restored in 2012 by a group of fans funded by donations.

The city of Nottingham used to be called Snotingaham, which literally translates to "the homestead of Snot's people."

Andrew Carnegie established a pension fund in 1901 for his Homestead employees. He established another pension for college professors in the U.S. in 1905.

The last person to receive land under the Homestead Acts was in 1988

Kenneth Deardorff, who got his patent to a piece of land in Alaska in 1988, is America's last homesteader.

The singer Jewel grew up homesteading in Alaska and her family is featured in the show Alaska the last frontier.

The Homestead Act of 1862 led people to isolate themselves and created an affliction called "Prairie madness" causing depression, withdrawal, changes in character and habit, violence and, in extreme cases, suicide.

Emily Dickinson died on May 15th, 1886. She was only 55 when she died. She was buried in a white coffin and the funeral was held at the homestead.

Dickshooter, Idaho -- named after Dick Shooter, the man who 'established a homestead there'

How homesteaders in Montana built the most extensive phone system in the US using barb wire and an farmer with "some electrical training".

The woman in the famous photo of a Kansas prairie wife gather buffalo chips for cooking fuel was actually a photographer. She was reenacting a common prairie homestead scene, and had her mother take the picture.

Napoleon's brother (Joseph), a real jerk of a dictator himself, fled to the USA after the Napoleonic Wars, and his homestead in NJ is where Ocean Spray's (the cranberry people) plant is today

The Homestead Acts gave 10% of all the land in the US to white people *for free.* Racist employers and laws kept most black people from participating. Today 1 in 4 white people owe part of their wealth to this program, the largest handout in history.

Necessary items for the safety and security of Jacob Zuma's Homestead include a "firepool" (aka swimming pool), the new cattle kraal, chicken coop and culvert, as well as the ampitheatre and visitors centre.

The last Washington, D.C., team to win a World Series was the Washington Homestead Grays, which beat the Birmingham Black Barons to win the final Negro World Series in 1948. The Black Barons featured a 17-year-old Willie Mays in his first professional season.

Americas first homesteader was also responsible for ending religious studies in public schools.

The Homestead strike, where Andrew Carnegie gave control of his company to his extremely aggressive partner while he vacationed in scotland

The city of Nottingham used to be called Snotingaham, which literally translates to "the homestead of Snot's people."

The singer Jewel grew up homesteading in Alaska and her family is featured in the show Alaska the last frontier.

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