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  1. The seven sins according to Gandhi: "Wealth without work. Pleasure without conscience. Knowledge without character. Commerce without morality. Science without humanity. Religion without sacrifice. Politics without principle."

  2. Following the 1960 Chilean Earthquake, A 5 year old boy was killed as a human sacrifice ritual. The men who murdered him were released from jail after 2 years. A judge ruled that those involved had "acted without free will, driven by an irresistible natural force of ancestral tradition."

  3. The traditional meat in Aztec Pozole was the flesh of a human sacrifice. Modern Pozole typically contains pork.

  4. 17 Mexican-Americans were tried for a murder and convicted without evidence or due process. L. A. sheriff testified, "Mexicans as a community had a "blood thirst" and a "biological predisposition" to crime and killing, citing the culture of human sacrifice practiced by their Aztec ancestors."

  5. The Disappearance of Mark Kilroy in Matamoros, Mexico in 1989 led to a partnered investigation between the US and Mexico in which an underground drug chain controlled partly by a cult group was uncovered. This cult group used human sacrifices as a means for protection from law enforcement.

  6. In 1989 a US student on spring break in Mexico was kidnapped and used as a human sacrifice by a drug cartel / cult. This is the inspiration for the 2007 movie Borderland.

  7. An independent Mayan city, complete with pyramids and human sacrifice, resisted the Spanish until 1697

  8. Herbert Mullin was a serial killer who believed he needed to sacrifice humans to prevent earthquakes.

  9. In 60AD a Roman army that landed on the shores of Anglesey unknowingly and unwillingly participated in a massive human sacrifice.

  10. The seven sins according to Gandhi: "Wealth without work. Pleasure without conscience. Knowledge without character. Commerce without morality. Science without humanity. Religion without sacrifice. Politics without principle."

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The Aztecs performed more human sacrifice than any other Mesoamerican culture. In 1475, the Aztecs conducted the "Victory Feast," where they sacrificed more than 20,000 victims in one month on top their pyramids in their capital city of Tenochtitlan.

In 1962 a pair of con artists tried to convince a Mexican village they were Incan gods. They hired a prostitute to impersonate an Incan goddess as part of the scam. The prostitute took over the now-growing cult, and intiated a series of grisly murders and human sacrifices

A 2005 German law, which would have allowed the military to shoot down airplanes in 9/11-type attacks, was ruled unconstitutional because the sacrifice of innocent lives to the benefit of another group violated the unconditionally protected human dignity under Art 1 of the German Constitution.

Christmas started out as a violent holiday including human sacrifice, and was only adopted by Christians as Jesus's birthday to gain more followers.

In March 1989 an American college student went bar hopping in Mexico, where he was kidnapped by a satanic cult who believed human sacrifice would magically prevent them from arrest and bullets. The student was found dead with 12 others on a ranch owned by a marijuana smuggler.

The soapmaker Correggio. Believing that human sacrifices would protect her son's life during WWII, she lured three women into her home under the guise of a fortune teller and murdered them. She used the bodies to make soap and teacakes, which she then gave out to friends and family.

The Aztecs associate chocolate with Quetzalcoatl, who, according to legend, was cast away by the other gods for sharing chocolate with humans, and likened its removal from the pod with the removal of the human heart in sacrifice.

Mayans used to practice human sacrifice but today it is limited to chickens.

In Japan starting in 323 AD they would bury human beings alive as human sacrifice to the deitys to protect the castles, bridges, and walls they built along the river. This practice became known a hatobashira and they buried people underneath structures or inside the pillars holding them up.

The state of Tlaxcala was involved in a long, ongoing war with the Aztec Empire beginning in the fifteenth century. The Aztecs engaged Tlaxcala in a number of "Flower Wars," which were designed to capture live warriors in order to claim human sacrifice victims and to boost the prestige of the warriors who captured them.

Adolfo Constanzo, a not-particularly-well-known cult leader and serial killer, would perform ritual sacrifices on humans that involved boiling brains and bones in cauldrons full of blood.

One of these sink holes was thought to have been used as a place of human sacrifice. These sacrifices were made in times of drought, and men, women and children would be thrown in the well as a sacrifice to the Chac God. The Chac God is the Maya God of rain and lightning and these sacrifices were done to end drought.

Templo Mayor was often used as a place to perform human sacrifice. According to historical accounts these rituals were often very barbaric.

The site for Tenochtitlan was chosen, according to legend, by the god of war, sun, and human sacrifice - Huitzilopochtli. There they were to construct a temple in his honor.

In traditional Austronesian cultures "human sacrifice tended to come before strict class systems and helped to build them. What's more, human sacrifice made it difficult for cultures to become egalitarian again" providing "strong support for the Social Control Hypothesis of human sacrifice."

The Mayans killed their human sacrifices by ripping out the still beating heart

There is a man from Liberia known as "General Butt Naked" who regularly liked to partake in human sacrifice and cannibalism but later repented his sins, becoming an evangelical preacher.

In rural Chile in 1960 a 5 year old boy was dismembered in a traditional act of human sacrifice by shamans of the Mapuche tribe to attempt to stop rising flood waters

Some of the more common theories about Stonehenge include: it was a religious place to worship; it was used for human sacrifice; it was a place of burial and cremation.

The monks of the Shingon school of Buddhism practiced the art of self-mummification in order to access Tusita Heaven. The monks believed their sacrifice would allow them to live in the Tusita Heaven for 1.6 million years, with the power to grant requests and protect the humans on Earth.

In ancient Maya society, there was a form of human sacrifice known as the arrow sacrifice, in which the victim was painted blue, and tied to a stake while dancers took turns trying to pierce the victim's heart.

Machu Picchu was built more than 300 years after Notre Dame by a people whose religion included human sacrifice.

About the Flower Wars, fought between the Aztec Alliance and its enemies. The wars were fought with a set of conventional rules and the purpose was to capture human sacrifices and combat training.

In The Maldives lore, Islam was introduced by a royal Somali sheikh after he exorcised a water demon that demanded human sacrifices. The sheikh converted the King and the rest of the islands and Somalia later instilled a ruling dynasty and colonized The Maldives.

The Children of Llullaillaco. The best preserved Incan mummies who were once used as human sacrifice.