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What is Humanitarian Aid?
  1. Molotov cocktail was coined by the Finns. Soviet foreign minister Vyacheslav Molotov claimed that bombs used on the Finnish was humanitarian aid, so Finns started calling them "Molotov bread baskets". When using incendiaries to counter Soviet tanks, they called them "a drink to go with the food"

  2. The Molotov cocktail was named in reference to Soviet minister Vyacheslav Molotov, who claimed on state radio that the bombing of Finland was a humanitarian mission to provide food aid to starving Finns. The Finns jokingly dubbed the incendiary device as a drink to go with the food.

  3. 'Operation Christmas Drop' is the longest running United States Department of Defense mission in full operation, and the longest running humanitarian airlift in the world. Every year since 1952, the Air Force drops aid and Christmas presents over Micronesia.

  4. That, as part of a training exercise, the US Air Force annually airdrops Christmas presents and humanitarian aid to isolated island communities in the Pacific. It's called "Operation Christmas Drop".

  5. George Harrison organized the first humanitarian aid concert that raised an estimated 12 million dollars for Bangladesh between 1971 and 1985 thanks to album sales and subsequent film screenings of the event.

  6. Sweden supported the Viet Cong in the Vietnam War, and sent $550,000 worth of medical and humanitarian aid.

  7. The United Nation's (US lead) intervention in 1992-1993, during the Somali Civil War, to deliver humanitarian aide, is estimated to have saved up to 100,000 lives.

  8. After Hurricane Katrina, Kuwait approved $500 million for aid in oil and other humanitarian aid to the USA which is the largest aid package from any country.

  9. The Molotov Cocktail was named after a politician of the invading Soviet Union, derisively, by the defenders of Finland at the start of WWII, who made fun of his claims that bombs dropped over their country were humanitarian aid deliveries. The Molotovs helped destroy thousands of Soviet tanks.

  10. During the Vietnam War Sweden expressed their support for the Viet Cong, and actively provided humanitarian supplies including over $550,000 in medical aid

What are some fun facts about humanitarian aid?

North Korea gave humanitarian aid to South Korea during record flooding in 1987

The province of Nova Scotia sends a big ol' spruce to the city of Boston every December in gratitude for the humanitarian aid Boston extended after a horrible 1917 incident in which a ship carrying munitions exploded in Halifax Harbor

About Earthquake Diplomacy. In 1999 two earthquakes that hit Istanbul and Athens brought newfound cordiality between Turkey and Greece, with citizens and governments aiding humanitarian efforts. One Person speaking to the Greek Ambassador said that he would donate his kidney to a 'Greek in Need'

Measured in US Dollars, Muslims, on average, gave $567, compared to $412 for Jews, $308 for Protestants, $272 for Catholics and $177 for atheists to charity. Estimates of the amount of annual zakat (Muslim charity) is estimated to be 15 times global humanitarian aid contributions.

Despite having been very active in humanitarian aid Bill Gates increased his personal fortune of nearly $13 billions since 2013

The price Facebook paid to buy Whatsapp is higher than the total spend around the world on humanitarian aid in 1 year

In 1845 british diplomats convinced Ottoman emperor to reduce his humanitarian aid to Ireland 10 times in order to avoid embarrassing queen Victoria's aid

In December of 1999 Arkansas National Guard was put on watch as Y2K approached ready to provide humanitarian aid.

Amy Poehler joked on her Howard Stern interview last fall that she has the 'Angelina Jolie' of vaginas, "heavily involved in humanitarian aid all across the world".

The Burmese Freedom Rangers in Thailand have 59 teams that conduct 2-4 missions every year, sneaking medical aid and education into hostile areas through the country of Burma.They are a kick ass humanitarian group helping persecuted people groups taking refuge in mountains and jungles.

The Ottoman Empire helped the Irish during the Great Irish Famine. The Caliph of the the Ottoman Empire, Sultan AbdulMecid I sent humanitarian aid of £10,000 to Ireland during its Great Famine. - fact check

The Sultan of the Ottoman Empire planned to send humanitarian aid of £10,000 to Ireland during its Great Famine, but later agreed to reduce it to £1,000 at the insistence of British diplomats wishing to avoid embarrassing Queen Victoria, who had made a donation of £5,000

After killing 92 people, Reckitt Benckiser "set up a US$ 4.3 million humanitarian fund to aid the afflicted while the claims were making their way through the court system."

Médecins Sans Frontières" (MSF), also known as "Doctors Without Borders", is an international humanitarian NGO best known for its projects in developing countries affected by endemic diseases.It provided medical aid in over 70 countries and received the Nobel Peace Prize in 1999.

In the Texan town of Dickinson, which was devastated by hurricane Harvey last year, the hurricane's victims were asked to sign a pledge not to boycott Israel in exchange for life-saving humanitarian aid.

Herbert Hoover's Presidency has overshadowed his earlier public service career in Belgium, where he was a pioneer of humanitarian aid during World War I and won widespread acclaim for helping to save the country from starvation during the German occupation

American businessman Jon Huntsman Sr. donated over $1.5 billion to charity in his lifetime, championing such causes as cancer research and humanitarian aid to Armenia.

American businessman Jon Huntsman Sr. donated over $1.5 billion to charity over his lifetime, championing such causes as cancer research and humanitarian aid to Armenia.

At least 78% of humanitarian aid intended for Palestinians ends up in Israeli coffers