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  1. A chicken can be hypnotized by holding its head against the ground and drawing a line along the ground with a stick or finger, starting at the beak and extending straight in front of the chicken. It will remain immobile between 15 seconds and 30 minutes, continuing to stare at the line.

  2. A high school principal in Florida hypnotized dozens of anxious students and athletes to help them relax. When two of those students committed suicide and one died in a car accident, the principal was charged with two misdemeanors and lost his teaching license.

  3. A chicken can be hypnotized by holding its head down and drawing with a stick or a finger a straight line away from its beak on the ground. And it will wake up immediately if the line infront of it is erased.

  4. Count von Count of "Sesame Street" laughed maniacally and used hypnotic stunning powers in the early 1970s, but they softened his act to not scare kids. He still annoys other puppets by interrupting their business to feed his counting addiction. He usually comes on TV at 2:30 PM ("Tooth Hurty").

  5. A 1976 German film was made using entirely hypnotized actors. The director wanted their strange performances to seem like they were under the effects of a magical trance.

  6. Weasles are theorized to hypnotize their prey by doing a strange 'war dance'

  7. Weasels will sometimes do a crazy dance that researchers believe may hypnotize its prey so that it is temporarily off guard.

  8. White noise makes it easier to fall asleep and improves the sleeping quality significantly by promoting decreased arousal and preventing sleep interruption. It may even be an alternative to hypnotic medication in many psychiatric disorders, especially acute PTSD.

  9. Cereal box characters are designed to hypnotizingly stare down at children or up at adults as they pass through the aisle (depending on the target audience)

  10. Hypnotism is banned in all San Diego schools.

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The word "mesmerize" was coined from German physician Franz Anton Mesmer who theorized mesmerism, what we know now as modern hypnotism

The term "mesmerized" stems from the last name of researcher Friedrich Mesmer whom worked on studying the concept of hypnotism.

In Marvel comics, the 1st alien Skrull Invaders were forced to shape-change into cows, hypnotized by Mr.Fantastic to think that they were cows then left to breed with local cows. When they later broke the hypnotism the process was repeated but this time they were dumped in a slaughterhouse.

George Kenney, a former principal in Florida who resigned following the suicides of three students he had hypnotized as part of a larger project to use hypnosis to enhance student performance.

Automatism is a rarely used criminal defence which denies that the accused was criminally responsible for his or her actions. Intoxication generally excludes automatism, even when involuntary. Situations include reflex movements, sleep, hypnotism, concussion, provocation, and sleepwalking

The 1978 World Chess Championship was riddled with bizarre events. One competitor had a hypnotist on their team, the other had locals on bail for attempted murder. The opponents’ chairs were x-rayed. Complaints were lodged over mirrored sunglasses (to repel hypnotism), and blueberry yogurt.

The stoat does a sexy dance to hypnotize a rabbit and when the rabbit is in a trance it attacks it.

Despite the fact cuttlefish use colorful light shows to hypnotize their prey, and excel at camouflaging themselves; they are colorblind.

When a stoat can't catch a rabbit it hypnotizes it by jumping around in circles.

The family of Herb Albert turned down Pfizer who wanted to use the song "Rise" for their Viagra commercial "Get a rise out of Viagra." They did let Notorious B.I.G. use it for "Hypnotize."

Bill Murray hypnotized himself to stop being allergic to cats

While hunting, stoats go crazy jumping, spinning, and twisting to get a rabbits attention. This hypnotizes the rabbit until the stoat gets close enough to attack.

Chickens can be hypnotized by holding their heads down to the ground and drawing a line in front of them.

Samuel Tilden, who was a US presidential candidate in 1876 and also head of his family's pharmaceutical company, which manufactured a popular extract based on medicinal cannabis that was billed as "Phrenic, anæsthetic, anti-spasmodic and hypnotic" and better than opium.

千手观音, aka "Dance of a Thousand Hands", a truly hypnotic Chinese dance performed by dozens of dancers who are all hearing impaired.

Cuttle fish are masters of disguise and can hypnotize their prey by changing their skin color.

A chicken can be hypnotized, or put into a trance, by holding its head down against the ground, and drawing a line along the ground with a stick or a finger, starting at the beak and extending straight outward in front of the chicken.

Bill Murray had himself hypnotized to cure himself of a cat allergy

Chickens can be hypnotized by holding them to the ground and drawing a straight line from their beaks.

Sharks can be placed in Tonic Immobility state (similar to chicken hypnotized by drawing a line) giving scientists the opportunity to study sharks from up close

In the funeral procession of Biggie Smalls through the streets of Brooklyn, somebody broke the silence in the atmosphere by playing his hit song "Hypnotize" that caused the public to dance and sing along.

Samsung developed a video that hypnotizes you to forget a TV series called Unspoil Me, so you can feel like you are watching the series again for the first time.

About Chicken hypnotism. Apparently they are rather easy to put into a trance, and will stay there from 15 seconds to 30 mins

The Texas Rangers (law enforcement) hypnotize people as part of investigations. In 2014 alone they have performed 14 hypnosis sessions. (Read the last sentence on the page linked)

NASA hypnotized an astronaut to keep him from swearing.