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  1. The sound Hypnotoad from Futurama makes is a recording of a turbine engine played backwards.

  2. There is a full episode of "Everybody Loves Hypnotoad"

  3. The makers of Futurama created a 22 minute episode of "everybody loves hypnotoad" and put it in the special features disk of "Bender's big score"

  4. There exists an episode of the Futurama spinoff "Everybody Loves Hypnotoad". It is pretty much what you would expect.

  5. There is a Futurama episode, called "Everybody loves Hypnotoad" that consists entirely of Hypnotoad. It's 22 minutes long and ends with a voiceover saying "The audience will wake up remembering nothing and feeling refreshed."

  6. A Futurama fan named Azuzu is using a Hypnotoad to raise funds for college.

  7. The minds behind Futurama made a 22 minute episode of "everybody loves hypnotoad" which was put on the special features disk of "Bender's big score"

  8. Futurama made an entire episode on Hypnotoad.