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  1. When his eight years as President of the United States ended on January 20, 1953, private citizen Harry Truman took the train home to Independence, Missouri, mingling with other passengers along the way. He had no secret service protection. His only income was an Army pension.

  2. In 1915, San Diego hired a "rain maker" who used a secret mix of chemicals to "attract rain" for $10,000, payable if he filled their reservoir. It rained for most of January, destroying bridges, dams, and causing 20 deaths.

  3. On January 1 2019, all works published in 1923 enter the public domain. This is the first public domain entrance of copyrighted material in 20 years.

  4. In 1720, stock speculation caused the value of shares for the South Sea Company to jump from£128 in January to £1000 in August. When the bubble burst, it financially ruined their investors. One investor, Sir Isaac Newton lost £20,000, equivalent to about £268 million in present day value.

  5. In January 2011, a homemade catapult was discovered that was used to smuggle marijuana into the United States from Mexico. The machine was found 20 feet from the border fence with 4.4 pounds (2.0 kg) bales of cannabis ready to launch.

  6. Sir Hans Sloane bequeathed his collection to King George II for £20,000, upon his death in January 1753.

  7. George is an American lobster owned briefly by the City Crab and Seafood restaurant in New York City. Captured in December 2008, he was released back into the wild in January 2009. George weighed 20 pounds (9.1 kg), and has an estimated age of 140 years.

  8. That, from January 20 to June 6, 2001, a 98-year-old was third in line to the U.S. presidency (Strom Thurmond, by virtue of his position as President pro tempore of the Senate).

  9. Condoleezza Rice served as the U.S. Secretary of State from January 28, 2005 to January 20, 2009.

  10. The US has had no Ambassador to South Korea since January 20, 2017

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Year 2038 will face the same issue as the Y2K problem on digital systems. The latest time it can represent is 03:14:07 on Tuesday, 19 January 2038 and will follow by 13 December 1901 at 20:45:52

On January 20, 1985 (the day that President Ronald Reagan was sworn-in for his second term) a man gained access to the White House and was able to wander around for 14 minutes before being apprehended by Secret Service agents.

The temperature at Yoho National Park can vary from -35 degrees Celsius to 20 degrees Celsius depending on the time of year. The coldest months are December and January.

Robert Gates, 36th President of the Boy Scouts of America since May 22, 2014 was Director of Central Intelligence Agency from November 6, 1991 – January 20, 1993.

The fate of the world's largest exchange traded fund rests on the health of 11, essentially random people, born between May 1990 and January 1993. The 240 billion fund is a type of trust fund that will expire in 125 tears after it's creation or 20 years after the last death of these 11 people.

If parents of a child born in January 1981 had instead invested in Apple, they would be worth about $20 million