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What is Jeremy?
  1. There was a global search to find a mate for Jeremy, a rare left-coiling snail. Because his shell coiled counterclockwise, the opposite direction of typical snails, his sex organs could not align with others. Two candidates were found but they proceeded to mate with each other instead of Jeremy.

  2. Pearl Jam's song Jeremy is based on the real-life classroom suicide of Jeremy Wade Delle of Texas, who was released from a mental hospital and sent back to school -- reportedly, once his insurance money ran out he was deemed "cured" .

  3. In 2008, Jeremy Clarkson published his bank details in his Sun newspaper column to prove nobody could take money from his account. Somebody then donated £500 to a Diabetes charity from his account.

  4. Rob Willis who bought a used BMW M3 from a dealer and immediately began having issues with the car, while watching an old episode of Top Gear he noticed he had been sold the car Jeremy Clarkson had been honing on the show.

  5. International Master Jeremy Silman created the Chess puzzle for Harry Potter and the Philosopher's Stone where Ron sacrifices himself, but wasn't credited for his role, while "everyone from the hairdressers to the donut delivery boy" were.

  6. Eddie Vedder wrote the song "Jeremy" because he thought it was important to give meaning to the actions of Jeremy Wade Delle, a high school student who shot himself in front of his English class in 1991.

  7. The world record for the largest number ever counted to belongs to Jeremy Harper. He streamed the entire process online , and raised money for charity. He reached 1,000,000. It took him 3 months.

  8. Jeremy Clarkson (Top Gear) published his bank and acct # in his newspaper column, claiming “worst-case scenario, someone would be able to pay money into my account.” Within a few days, someone set up a direct debit for £500 in favor of a charity, which didn’t require any identification.

  9. Eddie Vedder wrote 'Jeremy' after reading a brief newspaper article about a 15-year-old boy in Texas who brought a gun to class and shot himself, in front of his teacher and thirty students. Vedder wanted to show how even such a dramatic gesture would only get a few words in the daily news.

  10. Ron Jeremy was a teacher before going into Porn, and holds a masters degree in Special Education.

What are some fun facts about jeremy?

Top Gear presenter Jeremy Clarkson once published his bank details in a national newspaper to prove it was safe. Later a large donation was made to animal charity in his name.

The Paddington Bear stuffed toy was created by a business run by Shirley and Eddie Clarkson, Jeremy Clarkson's parents. Jeremy and his sister were given prototypes as Christmas presents. Jeremy later became a salesman for his parents' business, selling the stuffed toys.

In 2007 a man named Jeremy Harper counted to one million. He did not leave his apartment or shave until he finished, and it was all broadcast live on a webcam. It took him 3 months.

US soldier Jeremy Morlock admitted to killing unarmed Afghanistan civilians for sport as a part of 'kill team' while he was deployed overseas

In 2013, Jeremy Runnells, a 6th generation Mormon, compiled a list of concerns he had about Joseph Smith, the Book of Mormon, and church history. The church never responded to his questions, but his research went viral and has caused many to question and subsequently leave the church.

It would take a person 59 days straight to count to one million. A man named Jeremy Harper counted to up to it for charity in 2007. He counted for 16 hours a day and raised $10,000 (one penny per number).

'Jeremy' is the most common first name for a criminal in the US

The first persons to drive a motor vehicle to the North Pole were James May and Jeremy Clarkson of Top Gear

The creator of the Paddington Bear stuffed toy was Jeremy Clarkson's mother

After claiming that discs containing 25 million people’s bank details going missing in the post was a ‘palaver about nothing’, Jeremy Clarkson published his sort code and account number in The Sun. Someone then set up a £500 direct debit to Diabetes UK.

A study conducted by a linguist and a sound engineer concluded the perfect male voice would be a combination of Alan Rickman and Jeremy Irons - fact check

In 1832 after the death of philosopher Jeremy Bentham his body was preserved and displayed in the University College London, however his preserved head was henceforth placed in secure storage after it was stolen by several students and found in a luggage locker at a Scottish railway station.

Nintendo own the rights to two porn movies; Super Hornio Brothers & Super Hornio Brother II. Both star porn industry legend Ron Jeremy.

A man named Jeremy Moody drowned at a lifeguard party in New Orleans. The party was in celebration of a year with no drowning incidents. There were around 100 lifeguards in attendance at this party with 4 actively on duty.

About Jeremy, the snail with a rare genetic mutation which caused its shell to coil counterclockwise. Due to the unique positioning of its reproductive body parts, it couldn't mate with other snails and there was a search to find another 'lefty' snail

The song Jeremy(Pearl Jam) is about Jeremy Wade Delle who walked into class and committed suicide in front of 31 people due to depression.

The first Paddington Bear stuffed toy to be manufactured was created in 1972 by Gabrielle Designs, a small business run by Shirley and Eddie Clarkson, with the prototype made as a Christmas present for their children Joanna and Jeremy Clarkson (later known as a British TV presenter and writer).

Jeremy Piven was diagnosed with mercury poisoning, because he ate sushi at least twice a day for 20 years.

Pearl Jam's song "Jeremy" is based on a true story where a high school student committed suicide in front of his class.

Jeremy Renner, probably best known for playing Hawkeye in the Avengers, also owns a profitable business with his brother where they flip houses. "It's been a great outlet for me creatively... I'd probably still do it if I [just] broke even."

In 2013, Jeremy Runnells, a 6th generation Mormon, compiled a list of concerns about Joseph Smith's 34 wives (as young as 14), anachronisms and 1769 KJV errors in the Book of Mormon and various other issues. After initially vowing to respond to the letter, the Church itself never responded. - fact check

Ron Jeremy competed on the game show Wheel of Fortune as Ron Hyatt (using his real last name). Among his winnings was a trip to Mazatlán.

Jeremy Renner had an app and communication platform developed that was dedicated to discussing Jeremy Renner in which users purchased in-app currency using actual real money and competed for the opportunity to be acknowledged by Jeremy Renner

Jeremy Bentham, a famous ethicist, still attends board meetings at University College of London because the board approved that he could attend every meeting. Disregarding the fact that he has been dead for 83 years now.

On the last flight of the Concorde, Jeremy Clarkson emptied a glass of water on Piers Morgan.