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  1. During the Holocaust, Polish doctors Eugene Lazowski and Stanisław Matulewicz saved 8,000 Jews by creating a fake Typhus epidemic. The Germans quarantined the area instead of risking outbreaks by sending them to concentration camps.

  2. When Sultan Mohammed V of Morocco was commanded to round up all Moroccan Jews for relocation to Nazi concentration camps, he said "There are no Jews in Morocco. There are only Moroccan subjects." Not a single Moroccan Jew was deported or killed during WWII.

  3. On the DVD release of Borat, there is a language option for Hebrew, but choosing it only results in a warning screen reading "You have been trapped, Jew!"

  4. Albert Göring, brother of Hermann Göring. Unlike his brother, Albert was opposed to Nazism and helped many Jews and other persecuted minorities throughout the war. He was shunned in postwar Germany due to his name, and died without any public recognition for his humanitarian efforts.

  5. Alone among Nazi-occupied nations, Albania's Jewish population actually increased during the Holocaust. The mostly Muslim population sheltered Jews from around Europe, and only five Jews were killed in Albania during the two years of Nazi rule

  6. Oskar Schindler died broke, having spent his entire fortune (equivalent to $14 million) saving Jews from the Nazis. Of the 15 million Jews left alive today, roughly 15,000 of them owe their lives to Schindler. He is the only Nazi buried on Mount Zion.

  7. Master Sergeant Roddie Edwards, the ranking US officer at a Nazi POW camp. When Nazis told him to assemble his Jewish soldiers, he instead assembled all of his soldiers and told the German commandant that "we are all Jews here." He saved up to 200 Jewish soldiers.

  8. Si Kaddour Benghabrit, the rector of the Great Mosque of Paris who helped over 500 Jews disguise themselves as Muslims by making the administrative staff grant them certificates of Muslim identity, which allowed them to avoid arrest and deportation.

  9. Gino Bartali, a cyclist who used his fame as a winner of the Tour de France to smuggle counterfeit documents hidden inside his bicycle through Nazi checkpoints in WWII Italy under the guise of training. These documents allowed as many as 800 Jews to escape persecution by the Nazis.

  10. Japanese diplomat Chiune Sugihara, who signed transit visas in Lithuania for more than 6,000 Jews in 1940. He wrote visas for 18-20 hours every day, continuing to sign them through the window of a train and throw them into the crowd as he fled Lithuania.

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When Sacha Baron Cohen was being threatened by the Kazakhstan government with legal action, he replied as his character, Borat: "I'd like to state that I have no connection with Mr. Cohen and fully support my government decision to sue this Jew."

Polish priest Maximilian Kolbe provided shelter to 2000 Jews during WW2. He was later sent to Auschwitz where he volunteered to sacrifice his life for a stranger.

Doctors in Italy fabricated a fake disease to fool the Nazis into avoiding local Jews. They brought them to the Hospital and called it Syndrome K (named after Nazi commander), warning soldiers that it was extremely contagious.

When nazis demanded a list of Jews living on the island of Zakynthos from the mayor and the bishop, they handed over a list of only their own two names.

According to Josephus (80 AD), a Roman soldier lifted his robe, showed his bare ass to an audience of Jews and farted. This caused a riot. Roman leader Cumunus called in reinforcements. Up to 10,000 people died.

In Russia, Jews were believed to have a a secret vegetable they eat so they don’t become alcoholics. Anti-semitism was justified because they refused to share their magic vegetable

Albert Göring, the younger brother of the head of Luftwaffe Hermann Göring, helped many Jews and dissidents survive in Germany by forging his brother’s signature and falsifying transit documents.

During the Black Plague, the Jewish community had a lower infection risk than other populations. Among the theories, they suggest that Jewish religious practices promoted better health since so many rituals relate to hygiene. It resulted in the Jews being accused of causing the Black Death.

About Cyrus the Great (c. 600–530 BC), who built the Persian empire (c. 550–330 BC) by respecting the people he conquered, putting an end to slavery in all his territory, and allowing all people (including Jews) to worship their own gods.

The Maharaja(Indian King) of Jamnagar took in and agreed to look after 1000 orphaned Polish children — Jews and Catholics alike — who faced an uncertain future during World War II. The Maharaja told the children, “You may not have your parents, but I am your father now.”

Emanuel Bronner of "Dr. Bronner's Soaps" was a German-born Jew who escaped the rise of Nazism. His last correspondence from his parents was a postcard that read "You were right. —Your loving father." They died in the concentration camps.

The nazis tried to hide the fact that the first gasoline car in germany was made by a jew

Coco Chanel sold her perfume recipe to Jews, then got the Nazis to try and help her get it back when it became popular.

Hessy Levinsons Taft who had her picture submitted into a contest to find the "most beautiful Aryan baby." She won. What the Judge, Joseph Goebbels, didnt know was that Hessy was a Jew and the photographer had entered the picture because he "wanted to make the Nazis (look) ridiculous."

Maximilian Kolbe, a Polish friar sent to Auschwitz for hiding jews; offered his life and volunteered to die in the place of another camp inmate who was about to executed, who cried that he had a ‘wife’ and a ‘child’. Maximilian on the other hand, had no family. In 1982 he was made into a Saint.

After WWII some Jews faced fines for not having paid rent on their homes while they were incarcerated in concentration camps.

State Farm paid $145million in punitive damages for having a “Jew list” to discriminate against claimants.

Eduard Bloch the Jewish doctor of the Hitler family who treated Hitler's mother before her death in 1907. Hitler granted him his "everlasting gratitude" and called him "noble Jew". He was put under special protection by the Gestapo until he could move to America in 1940.

The Daily Mirror and Daily Mail vehemently supported Hitler and discouraged allowing Jews fleeing Europe into the UK.

The record for most passengers ever carried by a commercial airliner is 1,088, by an El Al Boeing 747 during Operation Solomon, which involved the evacuation of Ethiopian Jews from Addis Ababa, Ethiopia, and started on 24 May 1991. This figure included two babies born on the flight.

Bishop Chrysostomos of Zakynthos. When ordered by the occupying Nazis to compile a list of Jews resident on the island, he handed over a piece of paper with a single name on it; his own.

The German Army conducted a "Jewish Census" of their soldiers during WWI, designed to prove that Jews were shirking military service. It ended up proving the opposite, so the results were never published.

Saddam Hussein kept a plaque that said "Three Whom God Should Not Have Created: Persians, Jews, and Flies" on his desk.

Pork is popular in Spain because it was used to show that you were not a Jew or Muslim during the Inquisition

After the Crusaders captured Jerusalem, they massacred the Jew and Muslim population, including women and children. The massacre was so large, that the Crusaders were supposedly wading in blood up to their ankles.