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  1. On July 27, 2007, 2 News Helicopters collided while live on the air and covering a police chase. Despite the best efforts of the stations, one of the audio feeds from a helicopter continued to broadcast the screams of a crew as they plummeted to their deaths.

  2. On July 27, 1934 von Braun received his PhD with a thesis entitled Construction, Theoretical and Experimental Solution to the Problem of the Liquid Propellant Rocket.

  3. Amy Winehouse died on July 23rd, 2011 at the age of 27. She had suffered an accidental alcohol poisoning.

  4. Bill Gates did not create PC-DOS/MS-DOS from scratch. The the software rights for 86-DOS/QDOS, which became IBM PC-DOS, was bought from Tim Paterson of Seattle Computer Products for a mere total of $75,000, on July 27, 1981. It was then licensed to IBM after tweaking the operating system.

  5. A billionaire hedge fund manager had to go to court to prove to New York City that he didn't spend the night in the city on July 23, 2000 to avoid a $27 million tax bill

  6. As of July 5th, 2016 there are at least 27 Americans born under a 45 star US flag.

  7. A large amount of 'degenerate art' by Picasso, Dalí, Ernst, Klee, Léger and Miró was destroyed by the Nazi party in a bonfire on the night of July 27, 1942, in Paris.