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  1. On June 23, 1823 he received his PhD.

  2. A leap second is added every few years due to Earth's irregular rate of rotation. The time is displayed as 23:59:60 and the next one will occur June 30, 2015.

  3. Adult froghoppers and nymphs can be seen in the wild from June to September. Adult insects live around 23 days.

  4. The longest professional baseball game was a 1981 minor league game between the Pawtucket Red Sox and the Rochester Red Wings. It lasted 33 innings. The first 32 were played April 18-19, and the final inning was played June 23. Pawtucket won 3-2.

  5. The biggest tank battle of all time took place in Ukraine on June 23, 1941. It swallowed 2,648 Soviet tanks out of a total force of 5,000 versus some 1,000 German tanks.

  6. The traditional horoscope dates are wrong - over thousands of years the true dates have changed by about a month: Capr: Jan. 20, Aqu: Feb. 16, Pisc: March 11, Aries: Apr 18; Taur: May 13; Gem, June 21; Cancer: July 20; Leo, Aug. 10; Vir: Sept. 16; Lib, Oct. 30; Scor: Nov. 23; Sag: Dec. 17.

  7. Detroit Tiger coach Billy Martin visited Jackson State Prison on May 23, 1973, to watch Ron LeFlore play baseball. Martin got LeFlore permission for day-parole and a tryout at Tiger Stadium in June. By 1976 Ron LeFlore was an American League All-Star

  8. The Chinese ran an entire province of more than 5 million citizens on completely renewable energy for 7 days in 2017. Between June 17 and 23, the Chinese province of Qinghai survived entirely on 100% renewable energy, incuding solar, wind and hydro power.

  9. Prior to June 2015 only two YouTube videos ('Gangnam Style' and 'Baby') had over 1 billion views each. There are now currently 23 videos with over 1 billion views, only 2 of which aren't music videos.

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