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  1. Kathryn Beaumont, born 27 June 1938, voiced Alice from Alice in Wonderland (1951) and Wendy from Peter Pan (1953). In 2002, almost 50 years later, she again voiced Alice and Wendy in the Kingdom Hearts game.

  2. The Battle of Kennesaw Mountain on June 27 was the only significant frontal assault Sherman ordered during the campaign. The Union Army suffered heavy casualties and had to temporarily retreat.

  3. Although World Health Day is one of the most well-known celebrations meant to draw attention and raise awareness to a particular health cause each year, many other observances occur with the intention of raising awareness about health around the world, including World Leprosy Day (January 27), World Parkinson's Day (April), International Day for Protection of Children (June), World Arthritis Day (October), and World Cancer Day (February).

  4. The Battle of Cold Harbor is sometimes referred to the Second Battle of Cold Harbor: the Battle of Gaine's Mill, fought on June 27, 1862 is considered by some to be the First Battle of Cold Harbor.

  5. During the Battle of Gaines" Mill/First Battle of Cold Harbor in Virginia on June 27, 1862, Pickett was shot in the shoulder: the injury kept him out of combat for several months.

  6. As of 5 June 2017 there have been 148 confirmed and two disputed self-immolations reported in Tibet since 27 February 2009

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Historic cloudiness of the UK and Ireland on June 27

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