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  1. In WW1 The Salvation Army sent 'donut lassies' to soldiers on the front lines of France to make them donuts. They could fry up to 7 donuts at a time in a battle worn helmet. This is why we celebrate national donut day in June and another Nov 5th since it's close to Remembrance/Veterans Day.

  2. In June 2001 the longest train in the world set out across Western Australia. It was over 7 kilometres long and weighed nearly 100,000 tons.

  3. During the June 3 assault alone, Union forces suffered 7,000 casualties and the Confederates 1,500

  4. Hazelnut is wind-pollinated plant. Wind carries pollen to the female flowers during the winter. Pollen remains dormant 7 to 8 months (until the May or June), when fruit starts to develop.

  5. Mangosteen tree starts to bear fruit 7 to 10 years after planting. It produces fruit two times per year. Depending on the age of tree, mangosteen can produce from 200 to 3.000 fruit per season (older trees produce more fruit). Mangosteen is available in the supermarkets around the world from June to October.

  6. The amphibious Marine landings began on the west side of the island on June 15 at 7:00 am. By 9:00 am there were 8,000 Marines on the island.

  7. During WWII the British Army set off 19 massive mines underneath the German front lines at the Battle of Messines. The Messines mines' combined explosion at once on 7 June 1917 killed more people than any other non-nuclear man-made explosion in history: 10,000 German soldiers.

  8. The Arctic woolly bear caterpillar spends 90% of it's life frozen solid in ice, coming back to life only in June to feed and taking it 7 years to become a moth.

  9. As of June 2014 there are still more than 7,500 Americans who fought in the Korean War that are unaccounted for.

  10. Bessie Smith married Jack Gee on June 7, 1923. He was a security guard. Her first record was being released at the time.

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The largest feet on a living person (as of June 2018) belong to Jeison Orlando Rodriguez Hernandez from Venezuela. His right foot measures 40.55 cm (1 ft 3.96 in) and the left 40.47 cm (1 ft 3.93 in). Jeison, who is 7 ft 2.6 in (220 cm) tall, has shoes custom made for him in Germany.

The opera ain't over until the fat lady sings" became a thing on this date (June 7, 1978) -- thanks to NBA coach Dick Motta

Justice moved extremely swift at that time. Surratt was found guilty on June 29, sentenced to death on June 30, and executed by hanging on July 7. She was hung in a gallows with Lewis Powell, David Herold, and Georg Atzerodt.

Confederate forces led by Brigadier General Henry E. McCulloch attempted to disrupt the Union supply lines about fifteen miles north of Vicksburg, resulting in the Battle of Milliken's Bend on June 7, 1863. The Confederates were repulsed by two Union gunboats, The 23rd Iowa, two companies of the 10th Illinois Cavalry, and the newly formed colored African Brigade.

On June 7, 1971, Jerome Rodale, a health expert, died while filming an episode of The Dick Cavett Show. Many people swear they've seen the clip, but according to Dick Cavett himself, that is impossible.

The Chinese ran an entire province of more than 5 million citizens on completely renewable energy for 7 days in 2017. Between June 17 and 23, the Chinese province of Qinghai survived entirely on 100% renewable energy, incuding solar, wind and hydro power.

The first Royal Air Force ace of World War Two, New Zealand Hurricane pilot Edgar "Cobber" Kain, died in a crash while doing barrel rolls over his aerodrome, 7 June 1940.

The Three Emperors Dinner was held in Paris on June 7, 1867 for King William I of Prussia, Tsar Alexander II of Russia, future Tsar Alexander III & Prince Otto von Bismarck. The banquet had 16 courses & 8 wines served over 8 hours. Cost: 400 francs per person or €9,000 in 2015 prices.

The longest marathon playing a board game is 61 hours and 2 minutes, achieved by Brett Carow and Sam Hennemann in New York, USA. They played Strat-O-Matic Baseball. During the attempt 116 games were played. They began at 9 am on 7 June 2012 and ended at 10.02 pm on 9 June 2012.

There are acidic hot springs in Yellowstone National Park's "Thermal Area" that will dissolve a body completely. 23 yr old Colin Scott died Tues. June 7, 2016 by falling into one, the search for remains was called off today.

On June 4, 2004, Marvin Heemeyer modified his own bulldozer and went on a rampage in his town by destroying 13 buildings and damages of over $7 million. His creation was called Killdozer.

The Mayerthorpe tragedy of 2005 was worst one-day loss of life for the RCMP since five officers drowned on June 7, 1958, and the worst multiple-officer killing in contemporary Canadian history. The attack occurred during a search for stolen property and a marijuana-growing operation.

On 7 June, about 100% of Kenya (over 40 million people) went without power for over 4 hours. The nationwide blackout was caused after a rogue monkey got into a power station and triggered a nationwide blackout.

It's possible for a human to dissolve in Yellowstone's hot springs. On June 7, 2016, Colin Scott slipped and tumbled into the acidic boiling waters of the Norris Geyser while looking for a hot spot to soak in. Scott had illegally ventured off the boardwalk and within 24hrs he dissolved.

The Three Emperors Dinner was held at Café Anglais in Paris on June 7, 1867.

Bob Dylan has been on the same tour since June 7, 1988. The "Never Ending Tour" has led him to perform over two thousand times eight hundred times, in five continents, and is still ongoing.

Bob Dylan has technically been on tour since June 7, 1988 playing almost 3000 shows

Dean Martin (born June 7, 2017)had a severe case of claustrophobia. He was absolutely terrified of close spaces. He almost always refused to ride in elevators (“It's a like a coffin in there,” he said). Reputedly, Dean once walked 18 flights of stairs to avoid riding the elevator.

On June 29, 2002, Vice President Dick Cheney became Acting President from 7:09 to 9:24, while President George W. Bush underwent a sedated colonoscopy.

Hafþór Júlíus Björnsson (The Mountain, born Nov. 26, 1988) is 5 months younger than Michael Cera(born June 7, 1988)...

About The Japanese Invasion of America On June 7, 1942, Japanese forces moved onto the Alaskan territorial island of Attu—an Aleutian Island closer to Japan than to mainland Alaska, setting the stage for the only land battle in World War II that would take place on U.S. soil.

On June 7, 1942, Japanese forces moved onto the Alaskan territorial island of Attu—an Aleutian Island closer to Japan than to mainland Alaska, setting the stage for the only land battle in World War II that would take place on U.S. soil.

June 7-July 4, 1776, In these copious notes, Thomas Jefferson includes objections to many of the 39 changes to the Declaration draft. Most significant are deletion of arguments holding George III responsible for slave trade in the colonies.

After the outbreak of WWII the BBC stopped service abruptly after playing a Mickey Mouse cartoon. The service resumed again on June 7 1946 with the message "Good afternoon everybody. How are you? Do you remember me Jasmine Bligh?" followed by the same Mickey Mouse cartoon.

On June 6 2009, two men in China picked the same 7 digit winning lottery numbers. Though they were hundreds of miles away, they brought their tickets at the same time, down to the second.