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  1. The ancient greeks used to choose their politicians via a method called "sortition", much like how potential jurors are selected today. And, like jury duty, it was seen as an inconvenience to those selected.

  2. In 2012 a 9-year-old Massachusetts boy was summoned for jury duty. He was encouraged to attend jury selection by his father who assured him "it's a day off from school and you get lunch".

  3. The jury selection process for the 2012 Aurora movie theater shooting lasted three months and summonsed 9,000 candidates, making it the largest jury summons in U.S. history.

  4. In Winona Ryder's shoplifting trial, former Sony Studio boss Peter Guber was a potential juror. He said, "I have about as much chance of getting on this jury as the man in the moon. I only made three pictures with the lady." He was selected.

  5. The German Un-word of the year, a word selected by a jury of linguistic scholars considered to be the year's most offensive new or recently popularized term.

  6. In Athenian Democracy elections were not used to select officials as they were believed to be undemocratic and prone to corruption. Instead they used a lottery process known as Sortition to select representatives, similar to how juries are chosen today.

  7. Phil McGraw (Dr. Phil) used to assist in jury selections and was the inspiration for the TV show Bull.

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