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  1. About 2 guys, who, without proper permits, equipment and no food and money, climbed Mt. Everest, and then paraglided and kayaked into the Indian Ocean in one trip

  2. In 2011, two Nepali men climbed Mount Everest and then proceeded to paraglide off of the summit, landing 35 km away. They then hiked and kayaked to the Bay of Bengal, winning the pair National Geographic Adventurers of the Year.

  3. In 2011, NYPD officer Patrick Luca was in a kayaking accident with his son Caden, 5. Caden had a life jacket, but Patrick didn’t. His last words were, “Keep blowing that whistle until someone finds you. Daddy is going to go under water now, and not come back up. Daddy is going to heaven.”

  4. A man kayaked from Germany to Australia between 1932-1939 only to arrive and be detained as a POW due to the outbreak of WW2

  5. A woman made a 3D print of her vagina and made a kayak. She was arrested for obscenity.

  6. While a palindrome reads the same way backwards or forwards (otto, kayak), a semordnilap (itself a semordnilap of “palindromes”) makes a completely different word when spelled backwards.

  7. Jesse Sharp, who died going over Niagra Falls in a kayak, confident enough that he had dinner reservations booked that evening. He refused to wear both a helmet and a life jacket.

  8. The Swedish 'Right to Public Access', a constitutional right protecting Swedish citizens to partake in activities such as taking a walk, go kayaking, climbing a mountain, or just sittimg down on a rock to think.

  9. About Oskar Speck; a German man who paddled by folding kayak from Germany to Australia from 1932-1939 only to be arrested as a POW upon arrival.

  10. Jason Lewis circumnavigated the Earth without using motors or sails. He walked, cycled, & inline skated 5 continents. He kayaked, swam, rowed, & pedalled a boat across the rivers, seas, and oceans. It took him 13 years to complete the 46,505-mile journey.

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German man Oskar Speck kayaked from Germany to Australia over the period 1932-1939. On his arrival in Australia, shortly after the start of WWII, Speck was interned as an enemy foreigner. He remained in prisoner-of-war camps for the duration of the war, but stayed in the country after the war

Australian Phil Baker was walking on the beach while waiting to meet his son, Benji for the first time in 13 years. Phil saw a kayaker in trouble. He dove into the ocean and carried the half-conscious man to shore. The man turned out to be Benji

Visitors to the national park can enjoy fishing, hiking, camping, expert only kayaking, rock climbing, site seeing and wildlife viewing, skiing, snowshoeing, and driving through the park.

Rivers are often used for recreational activities such as swimming, sailing, rafting, canoeing, fishing, water skiing, and kayaking.

Visitors to Waterton Lakes National Park can enjoy hiking, wildlife viewing, biking, fishing, horseback riding, canoeing, kayaking, camping, snowshoeing, ice climbing, tobogganing, skiing, and a variety of other outdoor activities.

Erden Eruç took 5 years and 11.5 days of rowing, kayaking, hiking, and cycling to become the first person in history to complete an entirely solo and entirely human-powered circumnavigation of the globe. The route he followed was 66,299 km (41,196 mi) long.

The guy who started Kayak and built it to a $2 billion company later became an Uber driver with a $100k Tesla S P85D in Boston (for research and for fun, but still)

Visitors to Dartmoor National Park can enjoy a variety of activities including hiking, kayaking, cycling, and sightseeing.

In 1990 a man named Jessie Sharp paddled over the Niagara Falls in a kayak. He intended to paddle on after the fall to a restaurant downstream where he'd made dinner reservations. He didn't wear a life jacket incase it impeded an escape. His body was never found.

Visitors to Congaree National Park can camp, hike, canoe, kayak, and fish, but motorized boats are not allowed within the park.

Activities that tourists in Khao Yai National Park can enjoy include camping, staying in cabins, kayaking, rafting, hiking, wildlife watching at night, bird watching, and site-seeing.

Aleksander Doba currently holds the record for the longest solo kayaking voyage, after traveling 7716 miles across the Atlantic Ocean, he was only meant to do 5400 but wind and equipment failure threw him off course, adding on an additional 1500 miles (also he's 67)

Recreational sailing and kayaking are popular in some parts of Upper New York Bay.

Visitors to the park can enjoy bear watching, bird watching, biking, camping, backpacking, hunting, fishing, canoeing, kayaking, motor boating, and rafting.

Some of the smaller boats used by man today include canoes, kayaks, paddleboats, dinghies, and rowboats. Boats are usually designed for inland waterways such as lakes, rivers, and bays.

Tourists that visit Biscayne National Park can enjoy boating, island trips, snorkelling, canoeing, scuba diving, kayaking, and camping.

Visitors to Khao Sok can enjoy camping, hiking, lake safaris, jungle safaris, kayaking, swimming, guided tours, and staying in cabins and hotels.

Popular warmer weather activities at Jasper National Park include camping, hiking, kayaking, fishing, sight-seeing, rafting in the rivers, and watching for wildlife or birds.

A man once drowned in a pond after a swan knocked him out of his kayak and prevented him from swimming to shore

Visitors to Kanai Fjords National Park can see the park on boat tours, hiking the trails, kayaking, by road, and visitors can stay in cabins or can camp if they wish to stay for longer than a day.

This guy (Jason Lewis) became the 1st person to circumnavigate the Earth without using motors or sails. He walked, cycled, & inline skated 5 continents, & kayaked, swam, rowed, & pedalled a boat across the rivers, seas, and oceans. It took him 13 years to complete, the 46,505-mile journey.

Lake Clark is a 50 mile long lake. It is a popular lake for kayaking, and fishing. Port Alsworth on its shore is a town with lodging and gear.

Roger Courtney, a British commando during WWII, founded the Special Boat Section after proving the raiding ability of kayaks by infiltrating a docked British ship, stealing the cover from one of the deck guns, and displaying it to a group of superiors in a nearby tavern.

In 1928, a German sailor named Franz Romer crossed the Atlantic Ocean from Lisbon, Portugal to the Virgin Islands, a trip lasting 58 days. This is nothing special, even for the early twentieth century, except for the fact that he made this trip by himself in a small kayak

Visitors to Katmai Provincial Park can engage in a variety of activities including boat tours, kayaking, fishing, skiing in the backcountry, hiking, backpacking, and camping.